Citratept - the cost and use of the drug

Citrosept - here you will learn everything about this medicine.

Citrosept - here you will learn all about this medicine.

Citrosept is a biologically active substance, which is a grapefruit extract. He is considered a natural antibiotic, because he does not cope worse with antibiotics in the early periods with many infections.


  1. Composition and Form of Release
  2. What is the effect of the preparation
  3. Purpose
  4. Methods of application and dosage
  5. Contraindications

Composition and Form Release

Until 2008 Citrosept was produced by Norway, then by the Polish company Cintomani. Available in the form of droplets for internal and external use. Packed in bottles with a dropper, packed in a cardboard box of green color. Beware of fakes!

In addition to the main component, vegetable glycerin and water are included. In 100 ml of the drug contains: 19.37 g of bioflavonoids and about 5 g of vitamin C.

Can be produced in capsules.

One capsule contains: 50% grapefruit extract, 20% glycerin and 30% silica.

What is the effect of the preparation

Citrosept is a natural remedy against viruses that does not harm your health

Citrosept is a natural remedy against viruses that does not harm your health.

Citratept is a natural remedy, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immunostimulating, disinfectant, etc. properties. Numerous studies have shown that most gram-positive and gram-negative microbes and more than a hundred species of fungi have a high sensitivity to it. Of course, this is not a panacea, but for such microorganisms as staphylococcus, streptococcus, hemophilia, salmonella, isherihia, helikobacter, chlamydia, influenza and herpes viruses, Citrosept acts disastrously. It breaks the process of dividing their cells and destroying their membranes. At the same time, our useful microflora does not suffer and, therefore, does not develop dysbiosis.

The bioflavonoids that go into Citratept regulate the metabolism and cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and hypertension. The drug normalizes blood clotting, thus preventing thrombosis.

Citrosept is a powerful antioxidant. When a person is sick, a lot of toxins are released, and they are neutralized. Due to this property is used in the prevention of cancer.

The drug is highly active, absolutely non-toxic, not addictive. It preserves its own microflora and increases its natural immunity.


The instruction reads: Citrosept can be used to prevent and treat many diseases in parallel with other medicines:

  1. infection of a different nature;
  2. respiratory disease - bronchitis, acute sinusitis, pharyngitis;
  3. diseases of the oral cavity - stomatitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis and the like;
  4. herpes, shingles, candidiasis of nails, skin and mucous membranes;
  5. boils and carbuncles, abscesses, acne, psoriasis, seborrhea of ​​the head;
  6. rash, hives, allergies;
  7. parasitic diseases;
  8. atherosclerosis;
  9. gastrointestinal disorders;
  10. during body cleansing and weight loss.

Methods of administration and dosage of

Citrosept is taken orally in a diluted form with boiled water or juice. Liquid form and especially with juice is well perceived by adults and children and is easily absorbed.

At the beginning of the flu epidemic, it is recommended to take twice a day to 10 drops.

  • For treatment of infections and inflammations at the very beginning of the disease, a shock dose of 50-70 drops is taken twice. In a few days, most of the pathogens will be destroyed. Term treatment is significantly reduced, and the price becomes quite comparable with the effect produced.
From inflammation and infections, two times the shock dose of the drug in 50-70 drops is taken.

From inflammation and infections two times the shock dose of the drug in 50-70 drops is taken.

  • Dosage for children and pregnant women: not more than 20 caps.per day
  • With a cold, make a solution of 3/100 ml of water for instillation into the nose. Undiluted Citratept should not be dripped into the nose!
  • With sore throat - 10 drops dissolve in a glass of warm water for frequent rinses.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system - take 10-30 cap.morning, lunch and evening. Asthma requires a longer period of administration - up to three months.
  • For infections of the digestive tract, fungi and parasites - take a month for 10-15 drops daily.
  • Intoxication, diarrhea - when the pathogen is a virus or bacteria, it is enough to be treated one day, taking 3-4 drops per day for 20-30 drops. At a dysentery it is required not less month, and higher doses.
  • The causative agent of gastric and duodenal ulcer Helicobacter pylori is destroyed by Citrocept. Begin treatment with small doses of 10-15 drops 2-3 times before eating and gradually increase them. The course is not less than two months under the supervision of a doctor.
  • For infections of the genus Candida albicans, the course of treatment looks like this: the first week - taking 10-15 drops of the drug once a day. The second week is the same number twice, and not the third week - drops are taken three times a day.
  • Shingles and scaly lichen, rash, urticaria: 10 drops Citrocept is diluted in 2 tbsp.l.vegetable oil. Lubricate affected areas twice a day. Purulent inflammation and eczema pre-drain.
  • Acne, pimples: Apply to the moist palm of 5 drops of the drug and rub into the skin. If the skin is sensitive, dilute with water.
  • Warts: directly applied to them 2 times a day undiluted Citrosept.
  • Diseases of the scalp, dandruff: in the shampoo add 5-10 drops of the drug.
  • Fungal skin - apply a diluted in oil preparation.
  • With stop fungus, use undiluted Citrecept twice daily for diseased areas. Make a solution: 20 drops of the drug for 0.5 liters of water - irrigate the shoes from the inside and soak the washed socks( 20 minutes).
  • Also citrosepit is used for gingivitis

    Also citrosepit is used for gingivitis.

    Fungus of nails - struck nails with a disinfected nail file first once every three to four days, then - every three weeks. Apply Citratept twice a day to the prepared nail.

  • Stomatitis, gingivitis - 3-5 drops of a substance dissolved in oil, applied to the lips and gums.
  • Varicose veins, trophic ulcers - a solution is prepared: 30/100 ml of water. The gauze is impregnated with the solution and applied to the sore spots.
  • Disinfectant solution: 20 ml Citratept to a glass of water. Compared with other antiseptics, the drug has undeniable advantages: it destroys a larger spectrum of microorganisms, even in a weak concentration, tissue does not burn.

Contraindications to

The only contraindication to Citrocept is its individual intolerance. The first one or two days of taking the drug the condition may worsen - this should not be feared. This short-term discomfort is called the Gerxheimer reaction and is due to the total death of harmful microorganisms. At the same time, toxins are released, they can cause headache, fatigue and poor health. To reduce these unpleasant phenomena, take Citrosept should start with small doses.

Buy Citrosept in pharmacies in Moscow and other major cities. The price of it depends on the packaging. Delivery is made by courier within the city and by mail to all regions of the country.

  1. Price of the bottle Cytracept drops 10 ml - from 305 rubles
  2. bottle 20 ml drops - from 440 rubles
  3. bottle 50 ml drops - from 750 rubles
  4. bottle 100 ml drops - from 1350 rubles.

Although the price of the drug is rather high, its use is beneficial, since it is almost always used in diluted form.

You can easily find out the presence of the drug in pharmacies by writing in the search box: buy Citrosept price.
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