Ways to prevent stress and stress

Certainly, it is necessary to know about methods of getting rid of stress. But any disease, including psychological ones, is easier to prevent. This also applies to stressful action - prevention here comes to the fore, because fighting the consequences is much more difficult than simply protecting yourself from getting into an uncomfortable situation for your own psyche. Tips on how to avoid stress are suggested below.

How to prevent the development of stress: prevention measures

How to prevent the development of stress and resist the negative effects? First of all, do not panic. Chronic stress, neurosis - all this is extremely unpleasant, but not fatal and, as a rule, is amenable to correction. And first of all, your own efforts.

Read the general recommendations on stress prevention and advice on how to avoid a stressful situation.

Often look around, switching your attention. Even if you are in the subway, there, too, you can find something funny( for example, advertising, which is clearly done without thinking);You can see interesting details at the stations, looking at their design;you can accidentally hear someone's interesting conversation or see an unusual person. A good pastime for stress prevention is to look at people who are traveling alongside, trying to present their characters, guessing where they are going, what they think about, who they work for. When you are in a tram or a bus, you can - just for fun - see if you got a "lucky" ticket. Or make a mental bet: whether the running man will have time to get on the bus or wait for the next one.

Another tip for stress: treat yourself at the same time and demanding, and indulgently. Try to make other people comfortable with you, but do not bite yourself for the day that someone has offended - just ask him for forgiveness.

Even if, contrary to expectation, he does not forgive you, you can forgive yourself - you sincerely apologized and wanted to reconcile.

Another recommendation, how to prevent the development of stress, concerns clothing. Wear clothes that are comfortable for you, but do not forget that even if you, for example, love your old sports pants of an indefinite color with outstretched knees, it is unlikely that their appearance will please your colleagues. In a word, treat with care and respect for your surroundings, but do not forget to treat yourself the same way.

Do not eat anything: is eaten on the street with white meat with meat of unknown origin and even more mysterious period of limitation can spoil you not only appetite, but also ensure a long stay in the infectious diseases hospital.

How to avoid stress: advice of psychologists

To prevent stressful situations, try to move more, especially if you have a sedentary job. Find a way that suits you personally. Psychologists advise walking in the park, swimming pool, gym, fitness club, running track at home, chaotic movements to your favorite music, while no one sees. Anything, but - move! Even sitting at the computer you can and need to stretch, turn the body in different directions, tilt and straighten the head, straighten and bend your legs. Movements cause the heart to beat more actively, oxygenate the body, distract you from the continuous mental "chewing gum".If to you because of weak employment of a brain it is not pleasant to simple employment, be engaged in more difficult physical activities. Oriental combat, ballroom dancing, figure skating, capo-air, yoga - there are a lot of techniques that involve not only the body, but also the mind.

Another method of stress prevention is hardening. Temper your body, creating for him not exactly the usual conditions: take a contrast shower, pour cold water - it trains all the systems of your body.

If you do not know how to avoid stress, start by organizing yourself a favorable environment for sleep. And it would be good if you not only properly fell asleep, but also wake up correctly. Do not overeat at night: a full stomach, working all night in the mode of active digestion, is not the best friend for a sound and healthy sleep. But also to go to bed, when it sucks in the pit of a stomach, is also not worth it: instead of relaxing and quietly falling asleep, you will think about food. Ventilate the room before going to bed - fresh air promotes faster falling asleep. Do not look at the night movies that excite the nervous system, and do not drink stimulant drinks before going to bed. Better drink a glass of warm water with honey, or a cup of milk, or soothing herbal tea. Before you go, take a shower or a bath( you can with aromatic oils).When waking up, do not jump dramatically from sleep to wakefulness. Better allow yourself to lie a little with your eyes closed, stretch, think about something pleasant, tune in to good. You can, without getting out of bed, to do an easy exercise.

One of the main methods of prevention of stressful situations is "immersion" in nature. Staying in nature will relieve and calm the nervous system. Even if you work around the clock and without days off, allocate for this half an hour at least a couple of times a week. Listen to the singing of birds, the chirring of grasshoppers, the rustling of leaves, the murmur of a creek or the melodic creaking of snow under your feet. Instead of gray walls, flashing cars and merging faces, admire the perfection of colors or the magical brilliance of snow, the birds hovering in the sky, the unusual silhouettes of trees. Even in the city, try to pay attention to those crumbs of wildlife that meet you on the road.

Recommendations of specialists in the prevention of stress

One of the ways to prevent stress - the organization of proper breathing. In an anxious state, in an attack of panic, an attempt to absorb as much air as possible through deep convulsive sighs, can cause the opposite effect due to the supersaturation of blood by oxygen. Try to breathe smoothly, slowly, calmly and completely, not just the upper part of the lungs. In the eastern practices there is a mass of breathing exercises. The different lengths of inspiration and expiration, delay or increased respiration cause a very different response in the human body. Take at least a couple of breathing techniques - sometimes this alone will help you cope with the difficult situation.

An effective way to prevent stress is an indulgent attitude towards the shortcomings of your loved ones. You after all, most likely, too, not a gift. In addition, you still love your family and friends as they are. And in general, it is much easier to close a tube with toothpaste for a loved one than to get angry about this. You yourself know that these are all small things, and love and support are much more important things than petty nit-picking.

Also, experts advise listening to music that gives you joy. Music that annoys you or makes you worry, for example, crying, remembering irretrievably lost, is not the best way to get rid of stress. Everyone likes his own music, everyone is close to his style. Just remember: first and foremost, music should give you pleasure.

An effective measure of stress prevention is a distraction from reality. For this, more often read interesting books, watch movies that bring you pleasure. Allow yourself to at least sometimes something pleasant: from a glass of ice cream to a massage or horse riding.