How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes

Sometimes you wonder how to stop aging and look young and beautiful. But time does not stand still, but moves relentlessly forward. We can not stop time or turn it back. We are always looking for means that help us to keep our youth longer. We do all kinds of masks, we buy expensive creams. After all, the eyes, as you know, are a "mirror of the soul" and they are the first to give out our age, which the fair sex representatives carefully conceal. We all want to look younger than it really is, with maximum effort. And such a result can be achieved. The most important thing is not to save on your beauty and health. It is not always possible to purchase expensive means of caring for yourself, but it's good that there are good old and proven folk remedies.

There are many popular and proven masks recipes from wrinkles on the face. Wrinkles are one of the signs of skin aging. Around the eyes, wrinkles also form. And the whole point is that in the aging process the condition of our skin worsens, and the skin loses the ability to restore elastin and collagen. These two proteins help maintain skin elasticity.

Also, the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, which is why, as the first sign of skin aging, facial wrinkles are mimic. How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes? After all, this is the inevitable element of skin aging. Wrinkles around the eyes can give out our age.

How to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes

It is very important to monitor food, not to drink alcohol, drink enough pure water a day( 2.5 to 2.5 liters per day is recommended), to observe the regime of the day, while going to bed, to give up cigarettes. Do not forget, in the summer, about sunscreen. It is also necessary to carefully care for the skin around the eyes, to select the cream by age. Now their choice is very huge.

If you follow the rules, you can prevent the appearance of bruises, swelling and facial wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, there are some other folk remedies that help get rid of facial wrinkles.

It is important to use special tools to remove eye make-up. Remove makeup gently, trying not to stretch and not injure the skin. It is very important to pay attention to the shelf life of the cosmetics that you use for the skin around the eyes.

It is important to use high-quality cosmetics to care for the skin around the eyes. The same applies to mascara and shadows. Remember that any remedy has a shelf life.

It is important to take a face cream and eye contour appropriate to your age. There are cosmetics +25, +35, +45, etc. It is not worthwhile in 25 years to buy cosmetics with a mark of +35.It is also important to buy quality cosmetics.

It is very important, before applying this or that remedy, to make sure that you are not allergic to it. Since the presence of unpleasant symptoms, such as rashes, irritations, etc., can spoil not only the mood, but also the appearance of the skin.

There are some folk remedies that help smooth the skin around the eyes. Of course, you can always go to the beauty salon and clean the wrinkles. I sometimes take a price when I do a manicure. There are so many different procedures, but I do not dare. For me, better old, good, proven means.

Eye massage

Before a massage, wash hands with soap and wipe dry. Tap on the ring finger of a drop of coconut oil, if there is no coconut oil, you can use grape seed oil or olive oil. These oils are rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamin E. Oils help restore skin cells and get rid of wrinkles.

Rub the oil between the fingers and massage the area around the eyes for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed into the skin. It is important to do this with light movements, massage the pads of nameless fingers.

It is believed that the ring fingers are "the weakest fingers on the hand" and they will not create unnecessary movement on the very delicate skin, since stretching and rubbing the skin around the eyes is impossible.

Cream for the skin around the eyes is also applied with light movements with pads of ring fingers. The most important thing is that you do not have allergies to oils. This massage improves blood circulation and promotes the inflow of nutrients to the skin cells.

Masks for the skin around the eyes against wrinkles

Mask from egg white. Separate the yolk from the protein. Protein with sponge on the skin around the eyes, leave for 5-7 minutes. The mask can be done once a day. Remove the mask with water. Egg white helps to get rid of wrinkles and strengthens the skin around the eyes.

Potato mask. Raw potatoes peeled, washed, grated on a fine grater, so that a gruel was obtained. Kashitsu apply to the eyelids for five minutes, rinse with water. When dry skin in a potato mask, add a couple drops of olive oil or a spoonful of sour cream.

Oils for the skin around the eyes. The rose hip oil perfectly copes with wrinkles, which helps to remove facial wrinkles around the eyes. And also wheat germ oil, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Oils are applied to the pads of the fingers, always on the pads of ring fingers. We distribute oils with light and driving movements. The procedure should preferably be done before bedtime.

Mask with sea buckthorn oil. For the skin around the eyes, wrinkles are effective mask of sea buckthorn oil, cocoa butter and liquid vitamin E. Cocoa butter must be melt, you need only a tablespoon of butter, which we mix with a tablespoon of vitamin E, and a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil.

All is poured into a jar and put in the refrigerator. Apply this product to the skin around the eyes. My friend uses such a tool. While trying, she also loves experiments. The main thing is that there is no allergy to the components.

Mask of Oriental beauties for the skin around the eyes

To prepare the mask, we need three teaspoons of rose hip oil( it helps to retain moisture in the skin cells, strengthens the skin, supplies useful substances and vitamins), a teaspoon of jojoba oil, one teaspoon of aloe juice andof natural honey.

Add six drops of vitamin Aevit to the mask, you can add three drops of liquid vitamin A and the same amount of liquid vitamin E. All components are mixed until homogeneous. Our mask is ready.

Mask can be used after 25 years. Apply the mask to the cleansed skin. We put a droplet of oil on the fingers and distribute the driving movements. The mask is poured into a jar and stored in the refrigerator. The course is 14 days. A more detailed recipe can be found below in the video material.