Is sunburn tainted? And if so, to whom?

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  • Is the sunrays good or bad?
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    • The effect of sunlight on the skin. Reminder
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Tanned body It has long been proven that the sun's rays, affecting the skin cells, are vital for our body. But not everyone knows what factors under the influence of ultraviolet radiation the color of the skin changes, what processes occur in this process. But the most important thing: is useful if tan or is harmful in principle?

Is the sun's rays good or bad?

Our body is vitally important ultraviolet radiation, which is in the spectrum of sunlight. In the body of each person there is a wonderful natural pigment - melanin. Under the influence of the sun's rays, it begins to be intensively developed, due to which the skin acquires a brownish hue.

Melanin is produced by special cells - melanocytes. It just creates a kind of shield from harmful ultraviolet radiation. After all, what is harmful tan? If several hours in a row mindlessly stay under the sun, no skin can stand, as a result - a burn. The darkened skin protects the body from burning rays, protecting cells from irreparable harm.

Useful tan


Being an inexhaustible source of biological energy, being under the sun's rays is very useful. Sweating under the sun, a person is sunbathing, his immunity is strengthened, calcium is more easily absorbed, physical and mental activity is increased. Experts say that in the process of sunbathing, ultraviolet helps the body produce endorphins - the so-called hormones of happiness. Together with this, serotonin is destroyed - hormones that produce a feeling of melancholy, synthesized by the pituitary gland.

Rest on the sea

Solar radiation permeates the skin only by 1 mm, but this is enough to make:

  • tissues enriched with oxygen;
  • metabolism was restored;
  • killed pathogenic viruses and bacteria;
  • blood thinning;
  • decreased the level of cholesterol.

Cosmetologists recommend that people who suffer from acne or have problematic skin, sunbathe more. In the process of sunburn, the sun's rays dry out the skin, promote natural exfoliation, and also contribute to the restoration of the function of the sebaceous glands.

It is best to begin to sunbathe in the very beginning of spring, so that by the summer the skin was at least a little tanned. But in this case, too, you need to be cautious, because the body for the winter has lost the habit of ultraviolet. If the skin is very sensitive, it is better to consult a specialist, is it not harmful to you for a tan in May, is it possible to substitute the spring sun with your backs and hands?

Effect of sunlight on the skin. Reminder

Effect of sunlight on the skin

To whom and why it is harmful to sunburn

If you overdo it and take too long to be in the sun, such a tan is harmful to the skin. But not only because of burns. The most dangerous consequence of excess stay under the scorching sun is the formation of melanoma - a dangerous form of cancer. When untimely treatment, it is able to pass and develop lymph nodes, internal organs. Possible the appearance of premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, the formation of such benign forms, as keratomas or seborrheic warts.

For women, excessive solar radiation can adversely affect fertility, that is, the ability to conceive a child, and for men - short-term infertility. Pregnant though it is not forbidden to sunbathe, because ultraviolet radiation does not affect the fetus, but still have to be protected. As a result of the hormonal rearrangement of the body, photosensitivity of the skin is increased, so there is the possibility of hyperpigmentation, which is pronounced in the appearance of unheated areas and uneven skin color.

Solar baths are contraindicated for people with cardiovascular disorders or gynecological problems. This, incidentally, applies to girls who have not yet had a menstrual cycle.

About the benefits of sunburn. The opinion of the doctor

Remember! A beautiful tan is a double-edged sword, it is only useful in reasonable doses. The longer you stay under the sun, the more damage you cause the skin. Do not focus on what should be a tan: is it dangerous or not, the main thing - tan properly! Then you will not only look exotic, but also feel great.

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Published: 03-08-2015