Ursosan - side effects and medicinal properties

ursosan111 In the human body, the liver plays the role of a kind of laboratory that is constantly engaged in a variety of detoxification activities and the synthesis of substances necessary for the normal functioning of organs. Since the way of life of a modern person is often far from ideal, the liver is constantly affected by negative influences, leading ultimately to the occurrence of serious diseases. The liver is characterized by its ability to regenerate, but its possibilities are far from limitless. Therefore, the need for the administration of drugs belonging to the hepatoprotector group arises quite often.


  • Principle of action of the preparation
  • Its features
  • Ursosan - side effects of

Principle of action of the preparation

To this variety of drugs, Ursosan also belongs, a drug containing bile acid, non-toxic to our body. The drug has a pronounced effect on a number of pathogenetic mechanisms caused by diseases of the bile duct and liver, while ensuring their protection. Nevertheless, before the course of treatment should be clarified exactly how Urosan acts, what side effects it can have.

Hippocrates also made interesting assumptions that bile is one of the four main fluids on which health depends.

ursosan222 Each of the hepatoprotectors has its own peculiarities in the way it affects the body. Of the advantages of Ursosan, in the first place, it should be noted its universality. The effectiveness of the drug is based on the ability of bile acid

  • to displace toxic components,
  • to reduce the concentration of cholesterol,
  • to show immunomodulating activity,
  • to help reduce cholestasis,
  • to provide cytoprotective effect.

Study of the drug's potentials has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of: toxic liver damage, viral hepatitis type B and C, cystic fibrosis, hepatopathy of pregnant women, cholelithiasis, reflux biliary gastritis, biliary dyskinesia.

The drug is also used in the therapeutic treatment of biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis.


ursosan333 Features of mechanisms of action on the human organs provides the ability of Ursosan to exert simultaneous action, including:

  1. be embedded in the cell membrane and promote its recovery,
  2. has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  3. to reduce the concentration of toxins in the hepatocyte,
  4. to block the pathological development of connective tissues.

Statistics of the drug, conducted over a long period, proves its effectiveness in case of use as a therapeutic and preventive agent in the treatment of alcoholic liver damage.

Approximately 92% of patients have a decrease in dyspepsia, a decrease in cholestasis, a decrease in the severity of the asthenic syndrome, taking the drug 3 times accelerates the process of reducing hepatomegaly.

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Ursosan has the following effects:

  • anticholestatic and choleretic, accelerating the process of excretion of toxic bile acids, including through the intestine
  • hepatoprotective, increasing the resistance of the cell membrane to different damaging factors
  • antiapoptotic, reducing the percentage of programmed death of hepatic cells
  • immunomodulating, reducing the production of self-antibodies and reducing immunopathologicals
  • litholytic reaction promoting dissolution of cholesterol stones and the formation of new hypocholesterolemic
  • contributing to reduce the saturation of bile with cholesterol, suppression of its vapor absorption in the intestine, suppression of its synthesis in the liver
  • antifibrotic preventing connective tissue synthesis in the liver.

Ursosan - side effects of

There are almost no side effects to the patient, Ursosan, it can be taken for a long time, and it is allowed to use not only in the treatment of adults, it can be given to children aged 3 years.

The possibility of long-term use is one of the advantages of a medicine that is of particular value. The reason is that patients with primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis need lifelong treatment.

The second essential advantage of the drug is its relatively affordable cost with excellent efficiency and high quality.

Produced by Ursosan in the Czech Republic, has several analogues, domestic and produced in other countries. The drug should be taken only as prescribed by the doctor and in the appropriate dosage.

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