Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Disease

Arthritis is just one of the names of a number of severe joint diseases. Pain, inflammation, swelling, changes in the appearance of the joints are also called arthritis. The most unpleasant feature is that arthritis causes cartilage damage, and this, as is known, interferes with the normal movement of a person. Without the usual amount of cartilage, the bone simply rubs against each other, and this causes pain and swelling.

Causes of arthritis

The causes of arthritis can be disorders of the body's immune system, various infectious diseases, imbalance in metabolism, serious injuries and bruises. The most common cause of arthritis is infection. When the body gets various harmful microorganisms, fungus or viruses, then immunity is included - a special protective mechanism. The immune system produces immune complexes, however, in the case of human immunity, too many protective substances become present in the person, they begin to destroy beneficial bacteria and "attack" the joints, resulting in infectious arthritis.

Traumatic arthritis usually manifests itself in the occurrence of any injury with joint damage, or with excessive physical exertion on the joints that lead to forcible movement in them.

The cause of arthritis can be diseases of the nervous system, disruption of the endocrine system( especially in women in menopause).

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

You should also be alert if you have swelling of wrist joints, that is, those that are at the base of the fingers.

In case of sudden pain and immobility, it is also worthwhile to see a doctor. Pain accompanied by fever may indicate an initial stage of osteoarthritis. Immobility and pain in the hands, feet, back after prolonged sitting or sleeping can also be symptoms of arthritis.

This unpleasant disease is often accompanied by a rise in body temperature, weakness, loss of appetite, a rash on the body.

In some people, arthritis can occur suddenly and gradually develop, many have acute aching or dull pain, which is sometimes comparable to toothache. Usually movement in this joint is disturbed, or there is a blockage in movement.

Prevention of arthritis

The fact is that with age in every person the risk of arthritis is significantly increased, therefore it is necessary to prevent this disease from his youth. The appearance of the disease contributes to improper diet, overweight, frequent injuries, bruises, fractures, a large strain on the joints associated with working conditions.

Therefore, to prevent arthritis and arthrosis, it is necessary to eat fully and correctly, not to allow the appearance of extra pounds, exercise regularly( visit the pool, gym), eat more calcium, magnesium and iron. It is also recommended to minimize the use of sweets, carbonated drinks, fast foods. Try to eat vegetables in raw form, and meat and fish - in cooked, then you do not face arthritis. Fried food, on the contrary, contributes to a number of unpleasant diseases in old age, so it is better to give it up.

If you have to lift weights due to some circumstances, then you need to do this correctly, namely: dropping onto your heels and lifting the weight with all your weight, while many people simply lower the case, tearing your hands and lower back.

Provoking factor is stress, so try not to take to heart different life troubles, and stay calm. Then you will save both your health and your nerves, and at the same time you will be able at the same time to adequately survive the difficult moments of life. If you are too impressionable person, then drink at night with a course of soothing herbs( chamomile, marigold and so on).

Negatively affects the joints state of nicotine and alcohol, so bad habits need to be thrown, after all health is more expensive. At work on the maximum, properly organize the workplace to sit comfortably, the posture was flat, and the computer monitor stood right in front of your eyes. Be sure to take breaks at work, even if they are not provided in such quantity, try to leave the office more often, walk along the corridor, move more and so on. Adhere to these recommendations, be attentive to your own body, and then you will be able to avoid the occurrence of arthritis.