Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle joint, folk remedies and prevention

Complex treatment of ankle arthrosis should be aimed at eliminating the causes, negative processes and symptoms accompanying this disease. Arthrosis of the ankle joint, like any arthrosis, is characterized by degenerative-dystrophic processes in the articular surfaces, which are a cartilaginous tissue. Dystrophy of the cartilage leads to structural and functional disorders. These disorders are manifested by an increase in joint volume, local edema of soft tissues, pain and a decrease in the volume of movements. The leading cause of arthrosis changes in the ankle are previously suffered injuries - intraarticular fractures, dislocations, hemorrhages in the joint cavity( hemarthrosis).Often arthrosis in the ankle develops as a complication of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and other systemic lesions of connective tissue.

Types of treatment for

In any case, if ankle arthrosis has developed, treatment should be directed to:

  • Pain relief
  • Removal of local inflammation
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Extension of joint movement
  • Improvement of metabolism in the joint and adjacent anatomical areas( shin and foot).

These tasks are solved by using:

  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy procedures
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Folk medicine
  • Surgical treatment.


Used medications, pills, injections and ointments do not directly affect the expansion of motor activity in arthrosis. Nevertheless, anesthesia, elimination of edema and inflammation leads to relief of movements in the ankle. A good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by NSAIDs - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of them have more pronounced analgesic effect( Analgin, Dexalgin, Renalgan), in others - anti-inflammatory( Diclofenac, Voltaren, Movalis).Since NSAIDs do not affect the gastric mucosa in the best way, it is advisable to use them in ointments( Diclac, Fastum gel) or in injections( Diclofenac, Movalis, Dexalgin).

Drugs can be administered not only intramuscularly and externally, but also directly into the cavity of the affected joint. Basically, these drugs are based on steroid hormones - Diprospan, suspension of Hydrocortisone, Kenalog. However, recently a new direction appeared in the treatment of arthrosis - intraarticular administration of drugs based on hyaluronic acid - Duralan, Fermatron, Ostenil. As is known, hyaluronic acid is part of the intra-articular fluid. Thus, these agents can be considered as synthetic substitutes for intra-articular fluid. After the course of therapy with these drugs, a lasting effect develops. A significant disadvantage of such treatment is high cost.

Less expensive is the combined use of ointment Chondroxide and capsules Chondroitin Complex( chondroitin sulfate + glucosamine).Remove the edema and improve the metabolism in the cartilaginous tissue can be, by strengthening microcirculation and the outflow of venous blood from the ankle. Microcirculation is enhanced by intravenous drip Penoxifylline or Trental. The tone of the veins is increased after long-term use of tablets( Detralex, Flebodia) or ointments( Venoruton, Troxevasin).

Physiotherapy and massage

foot examination If ankle arthrosis develops, physiotherapy procedures must be an obligatory component of the treatment. Although some physicians are rather skeptical about this type of treatment. Nevertheless, the use of magnetotherapy, electrophoresis and phonophoresis with glucocorticoids, paraffin enhances the effect of drugs and relieves swelling and inflammation in the ankle. True, such treatment should be carried out only in the phase of remission( fading) of the arthrosis processes. The effect of physical procedures can be fixed by sanatorium treatment at mud resorts.

Another method that cures arthrosis of the ankle is massage. In this case, not only the joint itself is massaged, but also adjacent areas - the foot, shin, thigh. After strengthening the muscles of the foot and shin strengthens the ligament apparatus of the ankle joint. Massage is carried out in the ascending direction. Starting from the toes, the feet go to the very foot, ankle joint, shin and thigh, while smooth movements knead and rub muscles in these areas. For each massage, approximately 15-20 minutes are taken. To achieve the effect, it is desirable to conduct 3 two-week courses with the same two-week breaks.


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Therapeutic exercise( LFK) is performed with many types of arthrosis. It is especially relevant if posttraumatic arthrosis of the ankle has developed. Post-traumatic arthrosis almost always ends all ankle injuries, especially requiring a long-term immobilization with the imposition of plaster casts, tires, Ilizarov apparatus. The task of exercise therapy in this case is to restore the lost muscle tone and expand the volume of movements in the ankle.

At first the ankle load is minimal. Exercises are performed in the supine position on the back - the reduction-offs and the circular movements in the foot are performed. Later in the sitting position, without lifting the heels off the floor, they make the rolls of foot and movement, reminiscent of walking. The complex of exercises is developed by a specialist of exercise therapy, but they can be done at home, several times a day with interruptions.

Folk remedies and prophylaxis

With ankle arthrosis, folk medicine has proved itself well. Natural remedies( honey, butter, mustard, alcohol, garlic, etc.) are used in various combinations in the form of trays, lotions and compresses. At the same time, one should not forget that traditional medicine only supplements the official medicine, but in no way replaces it. If all the above methods of treatment are ineffective, and the symptoms of arthrosis of the ankle joint( pain, swelling, movement restriction) increase, surgery is indicated. Typically, this is an arthroplasty of the ankle joint.

In conclusion, I should say a few words about the prevention of arthrosis lesions of the ankle. After all, as you know, it will be easier to warn than to cure. In this plan, you should avoid hypothermia, physical exertion and ankle injury. Especially important is the hygiene of shoes. Women should be cautious about shoes with high heels, wearing shoes should not be cold and tight.

arthrosis of the ankle

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