Delicious unloading days on buckwheat

Delicious unloading days on buckwheat

It is difficult to find such a healthy and necessary dietary product as buckwheat. It contains a huge amount of proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, phosphorus, copper and iron.

Accordingly, many nutritionists are prone to this food, and fasting days on buckwheat are quite desirable, and are useful.

How to spend buckwheat fasting day?

Take 800 g of boiled buckwheat or steamed, in a thermos without sugar and oil. Distribute during the day for 5-6 servings and eat, washed down with water or kefir low fat content. You can also drink decoctions of rose hips, herbal infusions.

It is necessary to spend such days not more often than once a week. The effect is lightning fast, you can lose 800-900 grams per day. And also:

  • Purify the intestines from toxins and harmful substances
  • Normalize the microflora of the digestive system
  • Restore the correct metabolism of trace elements in the body
  • Saturate it with vitamins and minerals
  • Get rid of wrinkles and wrinkles on the skin
  • Improve vision
  • Heal obesity.

nuances of buckwheat slimming system

Some nuances of buckwheat slimming system

  1. Buckwheat in combination with kefir gives a laxative effect.
  2. It is very useful for cleansing the body after a feast or New Year's party.
  3. No more than once or twice a week, you can spend unloading days on buckwheat, if you need to lose weight, you should enter into the diet and other low-calorie foods, so that the body does not run out and lose energy.

Advantages of fasting days on buckwheat

Any correct food can not be imagined without buckwheat, it is a full-fledged complex of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary during a limited supply.

  • No feeling of hunger
  • Normalized metabolism
  • Easily tolerated
  • It has no contraindications, even during pregnancy and lactation it is possible to conduct such preventive days.

Of course, if you do not like such cereals, then you should not try diet food based on them.

Buckwheat itself is very nutritious and nourishing, and in combination with a plentiful drink it will not be difficult to transfer such food once a week. But the result is quite high, minus 900 g and lightness in the body for a whole week.

Buckwheat fasting days for weight loss

You can use oranges or grapefruit on time for buckwheat fasting days, it will help to lose weight quickly and reduce the parameters of the figure by several centimeters.

Buckwheat fasting days for weight loss: reviews

Svetlana from Kirovograd.

"In my 25 years I already had a lot of diets and made a weighty conclusion, better than buckwheat system of weight loss in the world can not be found.

  1. Useful
  2. Delicious
  3. Nutritional
  4. Nourishing
  5. Cleansing
  6. Easy

You can say a lot of words about buckwheat porridge, but it's better to give a real example. During the unloading days, I lost 25 kg in weight, stopped suffering with blood pressure, already completely forgot about dizziness and memory loss. She became slender, attractive, strong in spirit and body. And in combination with physical exercises had time to pump up the press, tighten the muscles of the hands, buttocks, hips, abdomen, etc. Many friends envy me, and I am proud of them and enjoy my positive changes in my life! "

Roots from Minsk.

"My wife forced me to spend unloading days. At first I resisted, on the sly from it I ate sausage and buns. But when the deception was discovered, I felt very ashamed before the family, and I decided to prove to everyone that I was worth something in this life. During the year I reincarnated from a grim, often nagging and stout man and a slender athletic sexy young man who loves his family and will do everything to preserve the family hearth safely. My body cleared, a lot of energy and a desire to work, to be on top. Some diseases have completely left my body, I forgot about tingling in the side, burning heartburn. Everything is just great! Love yourself and your life, it is one! "

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