Back pain below the waist, giving in the leg

Pain below the waist


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  • 2 Possible Cause:
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Complete symptoms:

In addition to pain, tingling and numbness are often felt. Symptoms can manifest( or disappear) when coughing, straining the muscles of the press, lifting the straight legs sitting or lying down, and even during head inclinations. With a strong attack of such pain, it is difficult to perform even small movements. The cause of this attack can serve as weight lifting, sudden unplanned movement( for example, during stumbling).

Possible cause:

Lumbosacral sciatica, which is also referred to as sciatica. This is the most common form of sciatica. It arises from the defeat of the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve of the human body, formed as a result of the fusion of the spinal nerves( nerve roots), which are located at the base of the spine( in the waist region and below it).Its length is the main reason for such a large area of ​​pain.

Preliminary diagnosis:

Usually, based on symptoms, the doctor can recognize lumbosacral radiculitis. It's better when this doctor is a neurologist. If the symptoms do not disappear within 2-3 weeks, it is usually recommended that the examinations are similar for problems with degenerative changes of the spine( they can be the cause of nerve compression).In a later period, rehabilitation procedures are sometimes necessary: ​​massage of the paraspinal muscles and limbs, relaxation exercises, stretching. And also the procedures of physiotherapy: warming up, ultrasound, special baths, sanatorium treatment. Usually, a system of regular exercises is recommended to correct and strengthen paraspinal muscles and abdominal muscles, often under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Rarely, however, surgical removal of the sources of sciatica may be required, especially if there are additional symptoms: sagging muscles, paresis( partial paralysis).

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