Bechterew's disease: treatment with folk remedies, drugs and lifestyle

As a rule, with the appearance of low back pain, many people assume the presence of osteochondrosis and do not rush to the doctor to find out the true cause of the painful sensations. In most cases, it is, but there are always exceptions. Symptoms of osteochondrosis are very similar to the initial manifestations of Bechterew's disease, or ankylosing spondylitis.

This is a serious and disabling systemic disease of connective tissue, which affects, in the first place, joints and ligaments of the spine, but it is possible that peripheral articulations and internal organs are involved in the pathological process. Chronic autoimmune inflammation leads to the destruction of vertebral articulations, to a sharp restriction of its mobility and severe deformations, which are the cause of the loss of ability to work.

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not have methods that can cure a person with Bekhterev's disease, but timely and complex therapy with the use of even folk remedies can significantly slow the progression of the ailment. The basic principle is that treatment for Bechterew's disease should be started as soon as possible. In this article, we will look at the basic techniques that are used for this purpose.

The earlier treatment for Bechterew's disease, the greater the chance of avoiding such consequences

Nutrition and lifestyle

Treatment for Bechterew's disease( BB) should begin with proper nutrition, lifestyle modification and elimination of negative factors that can accelerate the course of the disease.

There are no specific recommendations for feeding patients with ankylosing spondylitis. The main principle of the diet is that the food should be balanced in all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements and not promote weight gain, and if such a problem already exists, then it is necessary to switch to low-calorie meals. Excess body weight negatively affects the flow of BB, increases the load on the joints and spine.

Some experts advise to adhere to the Mediterranean diet. The main diet of such nutrition consists of their fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood.

Every morning, patients with Bechterew's disease should begin with

gymnastics. You should constantly monitor your posture, regardless of whether a person is sitting, standing or sleeping. This will prevent the fixation of the spine in the wrong position, which is often accompanied by BB.

Every morning you need to start with medical gymnastics. A suitable set of exercises should be selected by a specialist taking into account the form, stage and variant of the course of the disease.

It's important to take care of your sleeping place. Sleep better on a flat, not very soft mattress. In the initial stages of the disease, a pillow or neck roller is best not to be used at all, so that the deformation in the cervical spine does not develop.

It is forbidden to engage in contact sports, jogging. The best approach is swimming. Also, you can not carry a heavy load, and if limb joints are affected, additional devices should be used to support the movement( walking sticks, crutches).

When driving a car, doctors recommend using a headrest and mirrors for a wide view if a person has limitations in the mobility of the cervical spine.

Women with BB are allowed to have children. Pregnancy does not significantly affect the course of ankylosing spondylitis, although sometimes it leads to an exacerbation of the pathology. Here an important point is medical treatment, because virtually all drugs that are used to treat BB are forbidden for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Therapeutic gymnastics and massage

Many patients who have just been diagnosed with this idea think how to treat Bekhterev's disease and where to start. The initial stage should be therapeutic exercise, which in this pathology is of great importance. Regular physical exercises will help to keep mobility in the joints, slow the progression of the disease, and also prevent severe deformations of the spinal column.

Important! It should be taken into account that the loads with BB should be sparing. Heavy physical efforts can only exacerbate the course of pathology.

Medical gymnastics should become an obligatory habit. You can not miss a day. Only then can you succeed.

Regular massage sessions along with exercise therapy can perfectly eliminate back pain, relieve muscle tension, make the back muscles more elastic and developed. It is important to take into account that the massage movements should be soft, you can not apply rigid techniques. Massage is contraindicated in exacerbation of BB, it can only be started after acute acute pain subsides.
Exemplary set of exercises for patients with Bechterew's Disease:

Medical therapy

Medical methods for treatment of Bechterew's disease are among the main ones. Drug therapy is basic and symptomatic. The main treatment is aimed at reducing and eliminating the inflammatory autoimmune process in the joints and spine, symptomatic drugs are used to eliminate pain.

For the relief of pain, patients are most often prescribed drugs from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in tablets or injections:

  • diclofenac,
  • voltaren,
  • aeralt,
  • movalis,
  • nimesil,
  • celebrex.

In arthritis of peripheral joints, a good analgesic effect is achieved by intra-articular injections of glucocorticosteroid preparations( Diprospan, Kenalog, Metipred, Hydrocortisone).As a rule, 1-3 injections are sufficient to eliminate pain. With a stable pain syndrome in the spine, the doctor can prescribe blockades using local anesthetics and glucocorticoids.

Blockade of the spine
The blockade of the spine is used to eliminate intense back pain

Muscle relaxants( midolcam, sirdalud) are used to eliminate painful muscle spasms. A good anti-inflammatory effect has systemic enzyme therapy( vobenzim).To improve microcirculation apply courses for 1 month 2 times a year.

Basis therapy involves the constant use of anti-inflammatory drugs. The drug of choice for BB is sulfasalazine. Treatment takes place in 2 stages. First, maximum doses are prescribed to suppress the active phase of inflammation( 4-6 months), then pass to maintenance treatment with minimal doses of the drug. If the patient tolerates sulfasalazine well, then basic therapy is carried out constantly.

With a high degree of activity of inflammation, when the main drug does not cope with its task or there are contraindications to its use, prescribe:

  • methotrexate,
  • azathioprine,
  • chlorobutin
  • prednisolone.

In malignant course of pulmonary embolism, pulse therapy with methylprednisolone is used, which is administered for 3 days in very high doses intravenously.

Sulfasalazine - the main drug for basic therapy BL

Recently, more and more modern drugs of selective immunosuppressants are used. These drugs selectively block the formation of inflammatory cytokines. Popular today is the drug infliximab( Remicade).

To increase the sensitivity to treatment, plasmapheresis is used( 4-6 sessions).

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Almost always therapy is supplemented with physiotherapy. The most commonly prescribed:

  • inductothermy,
  • electrophoresis,
  • ultrasound with hydrocortisone,
  • magnetotherapy,
  • balneotherapy,
  • application of therapeutic mud.

Surgical treatment

Operation with ankylosing spondylitis is not capable of relieving a person from an ailment. It is prescribed as an extreme action, when conservative treatment no longer helps.

Surgical treatment is used in the development of joint ankylosis( perform endoprosthetics), with the development of severe deformities of the spine( various reconstructive operations on the spinal column).

Alternative therapies for

There are many alternative therapies for BB except for all known folk treatments:

  1. Cryotherapy, which can be dry( exposure to cold air on the spine and patient joints) and liquid( irrigation of diseased segments with a stream of liquid nitrogen).The second option is much more effective. It leads to a reduction or complete disappearance of pain in 90% of cases.
  2. X-ray therapy on the spine, which has a good anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Folk methods. There are many recipes of traditional medicine to eliminate pain in the spine with BB.It is important to remember that before using any of them, especially means for internal reception, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician about the possible contraindications to such treatment.
  4. Hirudotherapy, or treatment with leeches, has a good anti-inflammatory effect in ankylosing spondylitis.
  5. Acupuncture.
  6. Apitherapy( treatment with bees and products of their vital activity).
Hirudotherapy in the pathology of the spine
Hirudotherapy is very popular in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Sanatorium treatment

Sanatorium treatment certainly has a positive effect on any person. Patients with Bekhterev's disease are shown a medical rest in the sanatoriums of Sochi, Evpatoria, Pyatigorsk, Odessa and other89 resorts. Suitable for any sanatorium, where there are radon and sulphide baths, ozokerite and mud treatment. It is important to know that courses of sanatorium treatment should be regular and conducted only outside the acute condition.

The prognosis for life with ankylosing spondylitis is favorable, with the exception of cases of internal organ damage. Unfortunately, many such patients sooner or later partially or completely lose their ability to work due to ankylosis of the joints of the lower extremities and the spine. It is important to understand and remember that the earlier the diagnosis is established and the treatment is prescribed, the greater the patient's chances of maintaining the good quality of his life.

The doctor examines the patient
  • Nutrition and lifestyle
  • Therapeutic exercises and massage
  • Medical therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgical treatment
  • Alternative treatment methods
  • Spa treatment