Senapexin for weight loss

Senadixin for weight loss

Laxatives are an easy way to lose a couple of extra pounds, but few know what the consequences could be their uncontrolled reception. The most popular drug with a laxative effect, among people trying to lose extra pounds, is Senadexin. That's about it now and will talk

How does Senadexin affect the body?

Senadexin for weight loss doctors do not recommend taking, as this drug has a slightly different purpose - it was developed specifically to treat constipation. This preparation contains only components of plant origin, one of which is senna - a plant that has long been known for its laxative actions. It stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, gently removing from the body stagnant stool and toxic substances.

How to take Senapexin for weight loss?

This laxative drug helps to rid the body not only of "fresh" stool, but also of those that have long been deposited in the intestines and released toxic substances that poison all internal organs and systems.

It is because of this powerful action, the reception of Senadexin and leads to weight loss. Only here the problem is that this drug does not promote the resorption of fats, which we have on the sides and stomach. Therefore, for more than three days, this remedy does not make sense. After all during this time the intestine can be completely cleared of fecal masses. And after you need to take other drugs, specifically designed to reduce weight.

How to Take Senapexin for Weight Loss

Or you can "sit down" on a low-calorie diet and do sports, which will have a very good effect on your overall health. But here you should not drink laxatives. After all, along with the feces, useful substances are removed from the body, which leads to their deficiency and the appearance of poor health.

How do doctors respond about Senadksin?

Senadoxine is a laxative that gently cleanses the intestines from stool. Doctors do not recommend taking it with the purpose of losing weight, as this can negatively affect the health status.

Here doctors have in mind such violations as the emergence of chronic diarrhea with a metabolic symptom. It is also likely the appearance of digestive disorders and even the appearance of atrophy of the large intestine.

Long-term use of this drug is not safe, and it should be taken into account for those who decided to lose a couple pounds with Senadoxine. After a long reception of this remedy can also lead to hematuria and albuminuria. And these are very serious diseases that can even lead to death if they are not treated in time.

All these consequences of receiving this tool are also described in the instructions that the manufacturer applies to his product. Therefore, it is not worth neglecting the recommendations that are given in it.

Incidentally, such warnings apply not only to these tablets, but also to any other drugs of a relaxing effect. Their reception should occur exclusively strictly according to the instructions, and even better under the supervision of the doctor.

How doctors respond about Senadksin

The cost of the drug

Senadexin is officially sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. It costs a penny, only 25-30 rubles for one blister. There are 10 tablets in it.

You can buy Senadoxine on the Internet, but we do not recommend doing this, as you can not be sure of the quality of the purchased product. It is also worth noting that there are also two other drugs on the market that have the same active ingredient( senna) and also have a low cost. This is Senada and Senadex. The principle of their action on the body is the same.

If you decide to lose weight with Senadoxine, then you should remember that the loss of kilograms in this case is due to the excretion of stool, and not by burning fat. Therefore after its cancellation, the lost kilograms come back again, and very quickly.

We also recommend you to think about proper nutrition and exercise. They most effectively help to fight excess weight, and at the same time do not harm the body at all, but, on the contrary, make it stronger and younger.

Remember that Senadex is a medicinal product that has its contraindications and side effects. Therefore, before using it, consult a specialist. Take Senadex more than 3 days is prohibited!

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