Slimming Tabatics: Basic Principles

Slimming Tabatics: Basic Principles of

Tabata is a unique technique for performing physical exercises in which intense stress is exerted on all muscle groups. This technique was developed 20 years ago by a Japanese doctor. And only today, at last, it has been recognized all over the world.

The method of Tabat is aimed not only at strengthening muscles, but also on losing weight, because the body during exercise, receives a huge load, which begins to actively expend energy, which he put aside for storage in the form of fat cells.

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Many years of research have proved that the method of Tabata for weight loss forces the body to spend exactly 9 times more energy than in the usual training. In this case, the fatty layer begins to melt as if in the eyes. That is why this system of exercises has gained its popularity among athletes and ordinary people who are trying to deal with obesity.

The basic principles of the method of Tabat for weight loss

Slimming tabat is based on the implementation of exercises on rounds, the number of which depends on physical fitness and endurance rights.

Each round lasts 4 minutes. Of these, for only one exercise, only 20 seconds are allocated, and it must be performed 8 times. After a short ten-second break, the next exercise begins.
Time for a break can not be done any more, otherwise warmed up muscles can "cool down" and the result of doing exercises will be reduced to nothing.

This technique is great for those who want to pump up muscles and transform their figure in a short time. Performing exercises in the system of Tabata is not recommended more than three times a week, because during their carrying out on the muscles is a huge load and they need a certain time to recover.

It is worth noting that the muscles after such training the first week or two hurt very much, even if you already exercise in gyms. Therefore, do not overestimate your strength and do just 10 to 15 rounds. For the first time, 4-5 rounds will be enough, then their number can be gradually increased as the body becomes accustomed to such loads.


Positive side of the technique of Tabata

Slimming tabata reviews are the best, and it's not for nothing. Since it is this system:

  • does not take much time to perform physical exercises;
  • does not require special equipment, so it can be easily used at home;
  • gives a 100% guarantee of positive results;
  • is suitable for both female and male populations.

But most importantly, this technique involves individual selection of exercises, the choice of which directly depends on the existing problems. You must choose the exercises yourself. And to check whether they are suitable for performing them according to the method of Tabata, it is possible in the following way. Set the timer and follow the exercise 8 times at an accelerated pace. If you fit in 20 seconds, then you can easily use this exercise for training on this system. If not, alas, you will have to find other exercises.

The most popular exercises that are easily performed with this technique are:

  • squats;Push-up
  • ;
  • slopes with weight;
  • jumping up;
  • turns;
  • kicks in the legs;
  • reverse push-ups.

Exercises of Tabata


Despite the effectiveness of the method of Tabata, not everyone can exercise in this system. There are contraindications, in which classes become impossible. Rather, contraindication is cardiovascular disease.

If you have this type of disease, it is strictly forbidden to practice this system, as during the exercises there is a huge strain on the heart, which can lead to deterioration of well-being.

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