Dupuytren's contracture: treatment at home by folk remedies

  • Baths
  • Rinses
  • Compresses
  • Development of brushes

More details about Dupuytren's contracture are told in this article.

In the early stages of the disease, conservative therapies are prescribed, which can be supplemented with traditional medicine recipes. The initiated clinical cases are subject to surgery. Detailed information about Dupuytren's contracture and official methods of therapy can be found here. In this article, we will consider the treatment of palmar fibromatosis with folk remedies.


Warm baths with the addition of natural ingredients help improve blood circulation in the hands, normalize metabolism, warm palmar fascia, tendons, ligaments and muscles. After the procedures, it is possible to develop the affected joints to improve the motor activity of the fingers. At home, the baths are taken in the morning and before bedtime. After warming up and developing the fingers, the hands are wrapped with a warm scarf or a dense cotton cloth.

Bathtub for hands
Baths for brushes warm up soft tissues and allow painless development of joint contracture

At night, you can soar your hands in the saline broth of chamomile. One liter of water is taken with 40 grams of chamomile and 20 grams of fine sea salt. The ingredients are poured into an enamel saucepan filled with 2 liters of hot water, which is brought to a boil and simmered on low heat for no more than 10 minutes. The solution is cooled to a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, filtered through a sieve and applied to the hands. The procedure is given 20 minutes, the course of treatment is continued for 2 weeks.

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Another recipe for baths consists of rind of vegetables. To prepare the solution, you need to prepare 4 liters of water, cleaning three potatoes, one carrot and beet, two medium bulbs. The ingredients are washed under running water, poured into a saucepan, poured with the necessary volume of water.10 grams of rock salt and 20 drops of alcohol solution of iodine are added to the container.

Raw materials are boiled for 20 minutes, insist until the solution cools( temperature 35-40 degrees), filter through a sieve. In the fluid lower the affected hands and develop inactive joints, knead the palmar part of the hand for 12-20 minutes, gradually increasing the time of the procedure. A course of therapy is usually enough for 10-15 trays.


The palmar part and fingers of the affected brush can be ground with tinctures cooked at home. The most popular is kerosene, vegetable oil and pods of red hot pepper.

Massage of the hands
Raziraka and palms massage normalize the function of palmar aponeurosis

To prepare the tincture take 300 ml of oil and kerosene, poured into a glass container and mix the ingredients. Pods of red pepper in an amount of 7-10 pieces are crushed in a blender or with a meat grinder, add to the resulting oil liquid. The mixture is insisted in a cool place for 12 days, filtered and stored in a refrigerator. Razirayut brush three times a day, after putting on warm gloves or mittens for better warming of soft tissues. Therapy is carried out until the mobility of the fingers is improved.

No less effective tincture of chestnuts. For its preparation at home, it is necessary to collect 12-14 chestnuts, peel them, crush them with a hammer or rolling pin. The chestnut fruits are wrapped with a towel and the nut is broken into small pieces. Raw materials are poured into a half-liter jar, a bottle of vodka is added to the container, shaken and covered with a cap cap. Insist the medicinal product for at least 20 days, then filter and apply as a brush for brushes before bed. The course of therapy is continued for 2 weeks, if necessary, therapy can be repeated.


Effective folk remedies for palmar fibromatosis are compresses. For the application of the Slavic technique take the kidneys of black poplar, seeds of the middling, the root of horseradish, vodka. First, prepare a tincture of 50 grams of kidneys and a bottle of vodka. For this, the ingredients are mixed together and insisted in a glass container for 10 days.

After the tincture is ready, make a decoction of 15 grams of seeds of a marmot and a glass of hot water, which is brought to a boil over low heat. The agent insists for at least an hour. In the meantime, rub on a medium grater 60 grams of horseradish root. Tincture of poplar buds, decoction of the seeds of the pimple, crushed horseradish is mixed on a table spoon of each component and put a compress on the affected brush. Exposure time depends on the individual sensitivity of the skin, on average, no more than half an hour.

The carpal expander helps to develop a painful hand

The medical compression recipe for the treatment of palmar fibromatosis consists of a solution of Dimexide - 60 ml, distilled water - 70 ml, analgin for injection - 2 ampoules of 2 ml, 2% of novocaine - 2 ampoules of 2 ml, hydrocortisone- 1 ampoule of 2 ml. The ingredients are mixed, shaken and stored in a glass bottle in a refrigerator. Prepared bolotushka from medical preparations at home is used for setting compresses every other day. The procedure lasts 40-60 minutes, after that you can not wash your hands for 12 hours. Therefore, it is better to put compresses before going to bed.

Developing brushes

To improve the elasticity of the palmar aponeurosis and improve the motor activity of the joints of the fingers, exercises of therapeutic gymnastics are used. For this, every 2 hours, bend and unbend fingers 10-20 times. Before and after the exercises, massage the hands - first stroking, then rubbing and kneading the palm and the affected fingers. To increase the effectiveness of classes use a rubber expander for the hands. The number of approaches and the duration of training gradually increase. During the training, slight soreness in the trained ligaments and muscles is allowed.

People's treatment of Dupuytren's contracture must be coordinated with the doctor and supplemented with the methods of official medicine. Unconventional prescriptions are effective only at an early stage of the development of the disease with a slight flexion contracture of the fingers.