Mask for hair from mayonnaise

Mask for hair from mayonnaise

Who would have thought that mayonnaise can be used not only as a dressing in salads, but also for healing and restoration of brittle and wilted strands.

Mask for hair mayonnaise and egg

Such a composition will be in favor of all types of hair, this miracle cure will give curls health, natural shine and delightful volume. Why mayonnaise? This product is able to "soothe" damaged bulbs, reduces brittleness and hair loss. In tandem with egg yolk - makes the curls more dense, accelerates their growth, gives the hair a natural shine.

Mask for hair mayonnaise and egg

Recipe for hair mask from mayonnaise

  • For the preparation of mayonnaise you will need: 1 egg, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and sugar. Carefully mix everything with a blender and for a few minutes retracts into the refrigerator to empty the consistency.
  • Before applying the formula to the hair, you must dilute the mixture with lemon juice.
  • Spoon of mustard can speed up hair growth and clear faded bulbs.

Some tips for using the mask

  1. The mixture should be applied to the hair in several layers.
  2. We withstand for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Wash off with a shampoo or rinse aid.
  4. Hair can be too greasy, and therefore it will take several times to wash your head after removing the mask.
  5. The course of hair treatment - 3 times a week, about a month.
  6. There are no special caveats, the main thing is not to overdo the mask if it contains mustard powder.
  7. You can add sliced ​​avocados to the finished mixture, for shine;essential oils, to restore the life of bulbs;garlic, to eliminate brittleness and hair loss.

In any case, you will get only a positive result, and with the regular use of a mayonnaise mask, you will completely forget about brittleness, dryness and damage to the hair.

Mayonnaise Mask for Hair Reviews

Mayonnaise hair mask reviews

Valentine, 34 years old, Moscow.

Hair always requires care, and the use of various paints based on ammonia generally kill fragile bulbs. To protect strands from loss and fragility, I often apply a mask for hair mayonnaise and egg. Before dyeing the hair in the first place, and also do rinse with herbs of sage and chamomile with each washing of the head. I'm proud of my velvet, elastic and elastic curls, and all because I'm not lazy 2-3 times a week to carry out full-fledged cosmetic procedures to strengthen and restore hair bulbs. What you want, every 30 minutes of the session will give you healthy, silky and elastic curls. The main thing is to choose the recipe for the masochka correctly for your type and structure of hair, and act boldly. Be healthy!

Video with prescription of mayonnaise hair mask