Lose weight 1 kg per day!

Lose weight 1 kg per day!

Just one extra kilogram in weight can contribute to the fact that any clothes will not look the way you would like. It is natural to get rid of it. But what if we are talking about a solemn event or some other important event that will happen tomorrow? It is necessary to lose weight urgently and in just one day. How? That's about this and talk.

Diet how to lose 1 kg

If you want to lose 1 kg per day, then the most correct decision will be to make a decision about carrying out a fasting day. Such measures are usually carried out, either on vegetables or on liquids.

And the most effective of them is the application of both. That is, follow the beet-kefir diet. We want to note immediately that it has a powerful laxative effect, so we recommend that you spend the day at home.

To comply with this diet, you need to prepare a special cocktail of beets and kefir. Boil without salt one medium-sized beet, grate it on a fine grater or scroll through a meat grinder, and then mix with one liter of kefir.

The resulting cocktail should be divided into 6 equal parts and taken at the same time intervals instead of food. You can not eat anything else! Even regular tea without sugar can reduce the effectiveness of the diet.

In the intervals between cocktail receptions, you need to drink mineral water in unlimited quantities.

In just one day you will be able to lose in weight from 1 to 3 kg! However, this weight loss is associated with cleaning the intestines, and not with the fatty layer leaving. But if you need to lose weight urgently, then you can use this method. Moreover, such a loss in weight strongly affects the abdomen. It becomes much smaller.

Diet how to lose 1 kg


If the above method did not please you, and you still are still wondering how to reset 1 kg in just one day, then you can use the following method. Take a food film, wrap her body and actively exercise for an hour or two by physical exercises. Run on the spot, jump on the rope, etc.

During the load you will sweat, but at the same time you will lose excess fluid and kilograms. Only now you should refrain from drinking for a while, otherwise lost in this way kilograms instantly return.

You can use another way - 12 hours to ski. This will burn one kilogram of fat under the condition of lack of nutrition. It's unlikely that you will like this way. But if you have the willpower and patience, then why not use it?

Diuretics and laxatives

Very desperate people often resort to the use of diuretics and laxatives. This method, of course, is not safe, but still effective. The first easily help to get rid of excess fluid, the second from the stool.
Only now the lost kilograms quickly return, it is only to drink water or eat.

In fact, you can lose weight per kilogram per day only visually, cleansing the intestines and getting rid of excess fluid. But the fat remains in place. You can lose about 200 - 300 grams in weight, provided that if you go hungry all day or exhaust yourself with physical exertion.

Total it turns out to throw off one kilogram of pure fat, you have to spend on it from 2 to 4 days. Otherwise, you can not get rid of one extra gram, well, unless you resort to the help of a plastic surgeon.

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