Red pepper for nails - strengthening masks

Red pepper for nails - strengthening masks

Who would have thought that red pepper would help to cope with the problem of brittleness and delamination of nails, as well as give them a "second wind", forcing to grow faster and healthier.

Pepper for nails

There are many masks, the main component of which is pepper.

Recipe # 1.

We take 1 tsp.moisturizing cream and mix with a spoon of red pepper powder, add 10 drops of water and a spoonful of citric acid. The composition is heated and used in a warm form. We apply to cleaned nails from varnish and other contaminants. We impose a thick layer, wrap our hands with polyethylene film, on top - with a towel.

After 15-20 minutes wash off with warm water, lubricate with moisturizing cream.
Precisely so you can perform procedures based on alcohol tincture with butter and cream. Such a mask will help restore the skin of the hands and the structure of the nails for several sessions. Especially suitable for those cases where you need to look perfect, and time is not enough!

Red pepper for nails

  1. Improves blood circulation.
  2. Stimulates epidermal cells.
  3. Performs regeneration of the epidermis.
  4. Saturates nails with vitamins and minerals, makes them stronger and stronger.
  5. Eliminates yellow coating and bleaches the nail plate, especially when the mask contains lemon juice and olive oil.

Mask of red pepper

Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, egg yolk and red powder, one spoonful. The mixture should be mixed thoroughly and applied to the nails. It is advisable to use the entire composition at once, but it is not recommended to leave it for the next time, all the nutrients will disappear.

Strengthening nails with red pepper

Strengthening nails with red pepper

For strengthening, you need to add a pinch of pepper to your everyday hand cream and massage the nail plate with light strokes. You can use this compound every day.

Red ground pepper for nails. Advice

It is not advisable to use a lot of pepper, you can only get redness and thinning of the skin. Be careful!

Black pepper for nails

Similarly, you can use masks of black pepper, adding to the composition of various products, butter, sour cream, egg, honey, vegetables. Apply a lot on the nails for 10 minutes.


Katerina, 30 years old.

I'm here, how much I live, but I learned about such masks quite recently. I want to say that the effect they give is lightning, of course, a little pinch, but beauty requires sacrifices!

Video with recipes for nail masks