Chamomile for weight loss: chamomile tea for weight loss

Chamomile Chamomile: Chamomile Tea for Weight Loss

Camomile is the most popular among herbs that have a curative effect on the body. The broth prepared from it has spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, analgesic, antibacterial, astringent, hemostatic and choleretic properties. And this makes it possible to use it for the treatment of various diseases, including the nervous system and the genital tract.

But few people know that this plant is used to reduce weight. Of course, chamomile for weight loss does not allow you to quickly lose weight, but if you take it strictly according to the instructions, it is possible to throw 2 - 3 kg per month.

You can learn more about the properties of this plant from the following video:

How does chamomile help you lose weight?

Chamomile, as already mentioned earlier, is an excellent remedy for many diseases. It normalizes the digestive system, facilitating the easy and rapid assimilation of food, and also removes toxins from the body, which lead to accumulation of excess weight. Cleansing the body of harmful substances occurs naturally, gently and painlessly.

How to take chamomile for weight loss?

Chamomile for slimming should be taken in conjunction with other herbs: thistle, mint, diets and exercises, which will speed up the process of metabolism and, accordingly, to rapid weight loss.

Their chamomiles prepare decoctions, which are then taken internally. And you can prepare them according to the following recipes:

How to take chamomile for weight loss

  • mix 1 tbsp.l.chamomile with 250 ml of water and on a water bath bring the mixture to a boil and say another 15 minutes. After the broth cools down, strain it and add to it half a lemon juice and take this drink 1/2 cup in the morning, afternoon and evening half an hour before a meal;
  • for the preparation of this decoction you will need an herbal collection, which consists of 1 tbsp.l.chamomile, 1 tbsp.l.sen, 1 tbsp.l.dill, 1 tbsp.l. Leonurus, 1,5 st.l.berries cranberries, 1.5 tbsp.l.dog rose, 2 tbsp.l.herbs of oregano, 2 tbsp.l.leaves peppermint, 1/2 st.l.turns, 1/2 st.l.kelp, 1/2 st.l.dandelion, 1/2 st.l.calendula, 1/2 st.l.millennium. These herbs need to be mixed among themselves and take from this herbal collection 1 tbsp.l. It should be poured with one glass of steep boiling water and let it brew for 8 hours. It is better to cook it at night. Then strain the broth and drink it instead of tea 3 times a day for 1/2 cup before meals.

Drink these broths should not take more than a month, then you need to take a break in 2 weeks. You can not exceed these standards and take them during pregnancy and lactation. Losing weight should be gentle and safe for your health!