Honey massage for weight loss

Honey massage for weight loss

Everyone has long known that honey has miraculous properties. It is used in almost all areas of healing, as well as for cosmetic procedures.

Advantages of honey massage for weight loss

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. Discharges excess fluid from the body
  3. Cleaves the subcutaneous fat
  4. Returns the body to youth
  5. Makes the skin velvety and supple
  6. Excellent prevention of colds
  7. Normalizes the water-salt balance in the body
  8. The deposit of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Correctly choose honey for massage

When doing massage at home, you need to anticipate in advance which of the many types of honey we will use.

Cosmetologists advise a fresh, primary, which has not yet had time to be sugared and has a liquid consistency.

Excellent fit lime, buckwheat, meadow, floral. But if you do not have honey of this year, then choose precisely candied jars, which proves the naturalness and the primacy of the product.

Technology of massaging for slimming at home

The duration of the course is 10 sessions, which can be conducted in one day.

  1. Warm up the body. You can do warm-ups, intense exercises or run a few laps around the house. Next, take a warm shower with a natural scrub, rub the problem areas of the skin, speeding up blood circulation.
  2. We prepare the composition for honey massage. We take 3 tbsp.l.honey and reheat in a water bath to 35 degrees. A few drops of lemon essential oil will be very handy.
    Technology of massages for slimming at home
  3. Now proceed to honey massage of problem areas of the skin. To do this, we put honey on the body and by patting the movements of the hands "drive" honey into the interior, until a white foamy liquid forms. We allocate 10 minutes for each part of the body. Wet places are covered with a wet towel, we carefully follow this procedure in the abdominal area.
  4. After the end of the session, we wash off honey under a warm shower and lubricate the body with a moisturizing cream.

Advices of cosmetologists

It is desirable to do such procedures before going to bed, after a shower we drink a cup of green tea, wrapped in a warm towel and rest.

Honey massage brings beauty and health to the whole body, absolutely painless and harmless. If you certainly do not have allergic reactions to honey.

I would like to remind you that only in combination with dietary nutrition and regular exercise will get the desired result.

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