Meat diet for weight loss as a quick way to lose weight

Meals 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day
breakfast 50 grams of ham with lettuce leaves and one egg plus a cup of coffee. 100 grams omelet with tomato and pepper salad( 100 g), a cup of coffee. 50 grams of top-quality boiled sausage with one tomato and one egg plus coffee two boiled sausages with cucumber salad with butter, onions and greens plus a cup of coffee fried or boiled trout( 150 g) with lemon juice and greens plus a glass of freshly prepared juice
1st snack one sausage( 50 g) one sausage and a cup boar brew 100 g vegetable salad one egg any salad
lunch pork roast or baked 150 g with vegetable salad of cucumbers and greens, a cup of green tea ov150 grams plus green tea roast beef or baked 150 g with vegetable salad from cabbage, onion and greens, a cup of green tea roast beef or baked 150 g with vegetable salad from cabbage, onion and greens, a cup of green tea poultry meat in any form 150 g with vegetable salad from cabbage, tomatoes, onions and greens, green tea
1st afternoon snack cheese( 30 g) and milk 100-150 g any salad glass of milk glass of milk cheese(50 g)
dinner any fish 150 g with vegetable salad, a cup of greenth teaspoon poultry 150 g with cucumber, green tea poultry 150 g with lettuce and lemon, green tea poultry 150 g with lettuce and lemon, green tea two eggs, lettuce and lemon and vegetable ragout withbroccoli, green tea
Food intake Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
breakfast a piece of boiled pork( 100 g) with lemon juice and herbs plus a glass of brothfrom rose hips two sausages with any salad plus a cup of coffee boiled beef( 100 g) with 2 volumesplus a cup of coffee boiled poultry meat( 150 g) with cucumber plus a cup of rose hips broth two sausages with salad from tomatoes, greens and onions plus a cup of coffee
1st afternoon snack ham sandwich( 60 g) one egg sandwichwith sausage( 60 g) sausage with cheese( 20 g) glass of milk
dinner lean fish in any form 150 g with 2 tomatoes and greens, green tea veal in any form 150 g with cucumbers and herbs, green tea lean fish in any form 150 g with vegetable stew( 100 g), a cup of black tea bakered fish 150 g with lettuce, herbs and 2 cucumbers, green tea baked beef 150 g with vegetable stew, green tea
2nd tea-time one egg glass of milk egg cheese( 30 g) and egg cheese(20 g) and egg
dinner beef with cheese, a glass of freshly prepared juice baked red fish 150 g with lettuce, greens and boiled broccoli, a glass of unsweetened juice chicken meat 100 g with cabbage and greens salad, a glass of milk pork(100 g) with vegetable stew and greens, juicefish( 150 g) with tomato and cucumber salad, rose hips broth

Meat diet for weight loss as a quick way to lose weight

What kind of diets are not created to prevent a person from avoiding psychological and physical discomfort during weight loss, and using their favorite foods. Meat Diet is also no exception and was created by nutritionists for lovers of such a serious component of nutrition, like meat. But not only the taste and nutritional priorities of a huge number of people on the whole planet are taken into account in this weight loss technique. Important is the ability of this product to affect the physiological, as well as biochemical processes in the body.

The whole truth about meat

Several generations of scientists have been arguing about the benefits and harms of meat for human health. A lot of theories are created on this topic, each of which proves its point of view. And I must say that all of them recently agree on the following:

  • meat contains two essential amino acids necessary for the full restoration and functioning of the human body;
  • proteins of meat is a building material for cells, organs and tissues;
  • the use of meat should necessarily enter a food allowance;
  • meat has a low calorie content( 40? 60 kcal per 100 g of product);
  • in the splitting and assimilation of meat, the body spends a significant amount of energy, so that there is never any obesity due to its use;
  • prolonged consumption of meat in large quantities( over 0.5 kg) can lead to the development or exacerbation of pancreatic diseases.

Principles of the meat diet

The principles of the meat diet

Based on this knowledge, the basis of the meat diet for weight loss is based on the following principles:

  • per day can eat up to 500 grams of any meat in five receptions;
  • can be drunk before or 30 minutes after the main meal;
  • the use of meat dishes is important to combine with vegetable salads or raw whole vegetables, so as not to harm the work of the intestines and the digestive system as a whole;
  • meat should not be stewed for a long time;
  • is best to bake, boil or fry meat;
  • should not conduct a meat diet for more than 10 days;
  • the last meal should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • is excluded from the diet of alcohol and fast carbohydrate foods, berries;
  • for cooking dishes is used olive oil.

The main groups of allowed and prohibited products

When carrying out a meat diet, you can eat meat contained in products such as:

  • veal, beef, pork, lamb, horse, rabbit;
  • chicken, turkey, ducklings, etc.;
  • sausages, sausages, sausages, ham.

Also valuable animal protein is found in fish, milk and eggs. They are also included in the diet of the diet.

In addition to the meat component, the menu includes almost all vegetables except carrots, potatoes and corn.

Vegetables with meat diet

You can not use:

  • cereals;
  • bakery products;
  • baking, candy and confectionery;
  • sugar and sugar substitutes;
  • sour-milk products;
  • sweet juices and drinks;
  • sweet fruit.

Meat diet for 10 days

The most effective for weight loss is a course of meat diet lasting 10 days. During this period, you can get rid of 6 extra pounds and at the same time it is quite varied and satisfying to eat. The lack of hunger during the diet is associated with the ability of protein meat to digest for a long time in the digestive tract. The same effect is also enjoyed by raw vegetables due to the high content of fiber and fiber in them.

Meat Diet Menu

There are no clear rules for compiling a daily diet in this diet. You can replace products and use available in your particular case, following the above principles.

As an example, the following power scheme is recommended, as shown in the table:

Reviews of the meat diet

Reviews of the meat diet

With respect to the meat diet, the reviews of those who took advantage of it in the majority are positive. Usually note:

  • the process of losing weight is easy, both in psychological and in physical sense;
  • during the course of the course develops the habit of being saturated with a small amount of food;
  • the achieved results are preserved for a long time provided that the correct and rational nutrition is continued.

Among the minuses are:

  • feeling of heaviness in the stomach towards the end of the diet course;
  • decreased mood due to restrictions in the use of sweet and flour.

According to experts in the field of nutrition, the meat diet is effective and can be used by healthy people at intervals of once every three months.

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