How to tighten the skin after losing weight - the finishing touches of perfection

How to tighten the skin after losing weight - the finishing touches of the

perfection As you know, beauty requires sacrifice. And these sacrifices, at times, are quite substantial. In pursuit of a beautiful figure, women will try a variety of ways: they sit on diets, engage in gyms, run for jogging, go hungry and even use various diet pills, but the result does not always meet expectations. And the blame for this is stretched, sagging and flabby skin, which does not have time to contract with rapid weight loss. How to be in this situation, because hard work should be rewarded? To achieve the desired result, any process of losing weight must end with a set of procedures aimed at eliminating excess skin by pulling it up.

Master class: how to tighten the skin after losing weight?

Tone of saggy skin can be restored in several ways, which can be applied expediently in a complex. Sports fans can resort to strength training, in which the muscles fill with blood, opening access to the skin for beneficial substances and collagen.

The modern beauty industry also opens up wide possibilities for the care of flabby skin. To restore the elasticity of the skin, methods such as wrapping, massage, scrubs and peelings are used. It is worth noting that all the above salon manipulations require significant financial costs. While similar procedures performed at home are an excellent alternative to salon skin regeneration. The main thing is to know how to conduct them correctly.

Let's consider in more detail ways to quickly tighten the skin after losing weight.

how to tighten the skin after losing weight

Balanced nutrition

An efficient way to combat saggy skin is properly organized nutrition. To bring the skin into the form, the diet should contain products that promote their elasticity and elasticity. The daily menu should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, saturating the body with all the necessary nutrients.

How is the use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates reflected on the condition of the skin?
The palm of superiority among products that provide beauty to the skin, occupy protein products. A vegetable or animal protein is responsible for skin tone. Animal proteins contained in meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish and seafood should be only a third of their total consumption. While vegetable proteins( legumes, nuts, cereals and some vegetables) should cover the rest of the need for this substance. A balanced diet should include 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
Fats also help increase the elasticity of saggy skin, but they should be predominantly plant-based. To give elasticity to the skin, a woman's diet must contain at least 30 grams of vegetable oil.

Carbohydrates are responsible for saturation of the body with energy, however not all carbohydrates are useful in losing weight. The basis of the diet should be complex carbohydrates, contained in cereals, vegetables, pasta from coarse wheat varieties and bread from wholemeal flour. Simple carbohydrates are recommended to be obtained from fruits, dried fruits and honey. To produce collagen in the body, you need to eat foods such as fish, lean meat, sea kale, vegetables, fruits and greens.

Balanced diet

Water - the whole head

The human body needs water, and loose and stretched skin - especially. To fill the skin cells do not necessarily swim in the pool or lie in a bath, just enough to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day, in addition to all the other drinks and liquid foods that are present in the daily diet. Sufficient use of purified water will preserve the health and youth of the skin, as well as ensure its rapid recovery after losing weight.

Cosmetic Attack of

To effectively tighten the skin of the abdomen after losing weight, special cosmetic procedures allow. Contrast shower, wraps, scrubs, self-massage, ice wipes, peelings - all these procedures can be carried out not only in the salon, but also at home. Providing blood flow to the skin, and saturating it with oxygen and nutrients, such manipulations make the skin more elastic, beautiful and elastic.
Contrast shower involves the alternation of hot and cold water during bathing, while it is recommended to use a hard loofah and ice, wiping which becomes the final stage of the procedure.

Scrubs made from various natural ingredients perfectly exfoliate dead skin and stimulate the renewal of its cells. The most effective remedy for flabby skin is a scrub of coffee with olive oil or sour cream, eliminating cornified skin, and a beautiful nourishing skin.

cosmetology procedures

No less effective for problem zones and self-massage, allowing you to effortlessly tighten the skin of the face, abdomen and other areas of the body after losing weight. One of the most common methods of self-massage is pinch massage, held in a relaxed lying position.

As for wrapping, it is recommended to use components such as honey, vinegar, red pepper, clay or olive oil in order to tighten the skin. To stimulate the production of its own collagen in the skin, it is advisable to use rose oil, laminaria and mummies. When applying any composition to the skin, it is necessary to wrap the corresponding area with a food film and a warm cloth and stay in this state for at least half an hour, after which the mixture should be washed off under a contrast shower.

Carrying out the above simple procedures will allow you to bring the figure to perfection in the shortest possible time.

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