Mask of plum for the face of all skin types

Plum mask for the face of all skin types

Plum is a fruit that is available to us, unfortunately, only in the summer, so you should not miss the chance to use it for cosmetic purposes, as it contains a huge amount of various minerals and acids,which have a positive effect on every cell of the skin.

How do facial mask masks work?

Plum masks can solve many cosmetic problems, among them:

  • pigment spots;
  • acne and black dots;
  • dryness and excessive fat content;
  • wrinkles.

How do facial mask masks work?

These are the magic properties of this small fruit. And all because it contains substances such as:

  • niacin, returning the skin a healthy and fresh appearance;
  • organic acids and vitamin C, restoring collagen fibers and smoothing wrinkles;
  • potassium, restoring the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • folic acid, which protects our skin against UV rays.

Also in the plums contain vitamins of various groups and minerals that return the skin a natural radiance and enable the activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level, which is also very good. Therefore, the mask of plum for the face should be used by every woman, without exception. Only such a seasonal cosmetic product can energize the skin for the rest of the year.

Mask from the plum: how to cook?

The easiest way to make a mask from a plum is to take a few fruits, extract a bone from them, peel off and chop the pulp to a puree state. After applying the resulting slurry to the face and leave for a quarter of an hour for exposure. It is recommended to wash such a mask with warm milk, not with water. So the skin is better moistened and clarified.

Mask from the plum: how to cook?

And you can take the plum pulp and mix it with honey. If the skin is oily, then in the mask you can add lemon juice and whipped egg whites. If the skin is dry, you can add a few drops of olive oil and egg yolk.

All ingredients are selected solely based on the characteristics of the skin. Plum masks can be prepared with the addition of sour cream and yogurt, yeast and cucumber, etc. The main thing is that the added ingredients are suitable for your skin type and do not cause allergies.

Video with plum mask for normal skin