Delicious diet

Tasty diet

If you could lose weight while lying on the couch, eating roast lamb in a bite with white bread and washing down the whole thing with red wine, fitness centers around the world would be on the verge of ruin, and the notion of healthy nutrition would radically change. Nevertheless, until a person learns to lose weight from eating fatty meat, which means that nutritionists around the world continue to practice writing new diets. Another innovative solution is a very delicious diet. She allows you to practically not change your diet and at the same time lose kilograms.

What can and what can not be

And again in disgrace were the damned fats and carbohydrates! The realities are as follows: to sit on a delicious diet, they need to be excluded from the diet to the maximum, and special attention should be paid to the use of proteins. The essence of the diet is reduced to the use of exclusively natural products. Buns, sweets, half-finished products, fatty meat, any spicy food is now allowed only in pictures.

You can not arrange a rest from the diet on Sundays - a week's effort will come to naught if you start pulling everything that's bad in your mouth. Do not be tempted to persuade friends to eat cake for the company - in your case, one cake will not stop. Of course, do not forget about the need to drink 2 liters of water a day, without trying to replace it with juices, soda or alcohol.

What can and can not be done with a delicious diet

Fans of chewing meat for the night will enjoy the rare opportunity to eat chicken and fish, but basically have to chew vegetables and fruits. The delicious diet is calculated for 3 days, then you can make a short respite and continue the struggle for the coveted weight category. If after a month you will feel normal, then your body will be able to endure any abuse, and after restoring a couple of weeks, you can return to the diet again.

Drawing up the menu

The main precept of a delicious protein diet says that you need to get the protein to the maximum, where possible. You should understand that it is impossible to solve this problem with boiled eggs alone, and even lean chicken, fish and cottage cheese. The second commandment is to observe the measure in everything, and then there is a tiny chance that pants from the last collection will get on you.

Day one.

  • Breakfast - two soft-boiled eggs with green tea.
  • Lunch - a glass of tomato juice, a vegetable salad with olive oil and a slice of black bread.
  • Dinner - vegetable broth, fruit.

Day two.

  • Breakfast - low-fat yogurt or kefir.
  • Lunch - baked fish with celery, green tea with honey.
  • Dinner - one egg and fruit.

The third day.

  • Breakfast - a piece of cheese, one egg, several carrots.
  • Lunch - lean chicken( 150 g.), Cabbage salad.
  • Dinner - curd, low-fat yogurt.

This menu is approximate, but in general, a delicious diet is built precisely on this principle. It should be noted that only three meals are indicated in the menu. If between them or for the night you overpower the hunger, keep in mind that a snack "in a fast way" can be an apple or a glass of kefir, and not accidentally came under the arm of smoked sausage. Take the habit of drinking a glass of water before eating - this will protect against overeating.

To help the starving

To help the hungry

There's no point in hiding: lovers of food will be difficult at first. People who are used to eating fats and carbohydrates are mistrustful of the statement that protein foods can be tasty. Spend a couple of hours searching for delicious recipes for a diet, and you will realize that not only fatty foods can bring pleasure.

Protein salad. Boil soft-boiled two eggs. Add to them 100 gr.boiled chicken fillet and squid.

Curd omelette. Mix two egg whites with 100 grams.cottage cheese, water and greens. Place in the oven and bake until cooked.

Ragout with chicken. Put out the chicken pieces, add cabbage and water to it. After ten minutes, add the finely chopped tomatoes, peppers and beans to the pan. Continue to simmer for 20 minutes.

These delicious dishes for a diet do not require culinary talent and special products, and their taste is able to pleasantly surprise those who think that on the chops and dumplings the light came together with a wedge.

Additional reserves

Additional reserves of

When people leave a foolish venture to lose weight only with the help of diets, the number of those suffering from excess weight will drop sharply. Somehow having grown thin, before them there will be other problem - too much superfluous skin! I would like to advise you to gain weight again and then the problem with flabby skin will be resolved, and then register in a fitness club and start losing weight correctly.

Even sitting on a delicious diet should not forget about physical activity. If laziness is a quality that is from birth in your DNA, go correct your genotype to the gym. As an option - to study at home or go for a run in the morning. If the sport is not in any way included in your plans, then the dreams of a slender, tightened body will remain on the pages of glossy magazines. And remember, it's not the girls from the cover who have too much photoshop, it's too big a refrigerator and too much free time.

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