Home masks for split hair

Homemade masks for split hair

Securing hair makes hair look untidy, difficult to fit and lead to deterioration of the entire hairline. The reasons for the appearance of brittle hair are many, ranging from the effects of ecology, paints and cosmetic curls, the use of hair dryers and plaques, etc. What to do - to cut off the ends of hair or to apply home restoring masks on the basis of ecologically safe ingredients? The second option requires more time, effort and diligence than the first, but the result will make you smile and enjoy beautiful lush, healthy and elastic curls.

Home mask for split hair based on egg yolk

Protein, which is contained in the egg, allows you to restore the structure of fragile strands, saturate them with vitamins and trace elements.

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Recipe for cooking

1 egg yolk to grind with 1 tbsp.l.liquid honey, add a spoonful of vegetable oil. The mask is applied to washed damp hair for 20 minutes, rinsed with fresh water without using various shampoos and balms. You can rinse the strands with herbal decoction, add 1 liter of vinegar per liter.

Masks for split ends of hair on the basis of sea-buckthorn

It is necessary to re-rub 2 tbsp.l.fresh berries of a plant and to impregnate a mix of spirit tincture of a calendula. The mixture is applied only to the ends of the hair, it is not washed off. The remains of the pulp are removed with a damp cloth. You can fix the ends in a hidden tail or make a bum. We wash off in a few days.

Home mask for split hair

Masks for split brittle hair from peach pulp

Quite unusual mask that helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and remove excess greasy strands. For its preparation you need a pulp of one ripe peach, a teaspoon of honey and 2 tbsp.l.warm milk. Lubricate the strands with a scallop. Hold for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water with shampoo.

Kefir mask against split ends of hair

Glass of yogurt warm up and add a spoonful of natural honey, before applying a little olive oil into the mixture. The resulting mass is applied to all hair, starting from the roots and ending with tips, wrapped in polyethylene film and a warm towel. Half an hour of the effect of the mask on the hair is enough, washed off with herbal decoctions.

Mask for split hair based on various oils

Take in equal proportions burdock, almond, olive oil, mix and apply to damaged hair ends 3 times a week for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and shampoo. For mechanical damages of the curls, we add egg yolk to the mask and sell the mixture until the foam forms. We rub the product into the roots, then distribute it along the entire length. Rinse off with warm water and shampoo.

Masks for dry split ends with sour cream and olive oil

Take fat sour cream, 3 tbsp.l.and mix in a blender with a spoon of olive oil. You can add a couple more drops of lemon juice. We put on the tips of hair, rinse after half an hour with warm water. Fatiness can be removed herbal decoction from chamomile, calendula, mother-and-stepmother.

Masks for split brittle hair

Onion mask for thin split ends of hair

Usually the onion mask for hair can be found in any collection of beauty recipes. Who and when it came up, is really unknown. Popular onions are used to make up the skin with vitamins, improve blood circulation, and prevent immunity disorders. This is no wonder - the vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytoncides and is very useful for health. The mask for hair from the onion makes them soft, silky, accelerates their growth, prevents loss. It helps well and is damaged after dyeing hair. There are several recipes for onion masks!

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Just want to pay attention to a small disadvantage of these procedures: all onion masks leave a specific smell on the hair. Questions with a scent are solved individually. At someone, it can be almost not expressed, because the hair is dense and not porous, someone is quite obvious. Usually it is advised not to go to the gym and swimming pool after the onion mask, but why deny yourself the pleasure? Try to prepare the water for washing and rinsing, so that the hair mask from the bow gives one benefit:

  • take 1 liter of water, and 1 lemon, squeeze the juice into the water;
  • then dilute in 1 tablespoon of milk 5 drops of rosemary essential oil;
  • first rinse lemon water with hair after shampoo;
  • then the milk-rosemary mixture is literally "tampered" with your normal hair conditioner;
  • is applied, leave for 5 minutes;
  • is washed off with plain water.

Advice : if you are not allergic to essential oils, try adding 2 drops of juniper oil and 2 drops of lemon geranium oil in flaxseed oil, which is added to the onion mask. This will not damage useful properties, but will help to defeat the smell.

Onion mask for strengthening hair

Onion mask for strengthening hair

A simple onion mask for strengthening hair with essential oils is devoid of the smell of the "main ingredient".You can do it 1 time in 4-5 days, for 1-2 months.

For cooking, take:

  • by drop of rosemary oil, rose, juniper, lavender and sage, dissolve it in 1 tablespoon of castor oil;
  • 1 egg, it must be shaken, together with the oil base;
  • 1 tablespoon of onion juice, gently pour and mix;
  • is followed by the usual procedure for applying under the film, the mask lasts for about an hour

Important : Before the procedure, make sure that you are not allergic to essential oils. To do this, apply a little drop on the wrist, around the wrist fold. Wait a few hours. If itching, burning and soreness is not, then you can safely use them in the composition of therapeutic masks.

When using onions together with mustard powder, do not hold the mixture on your head for more than 15 minutes, this mask strongly warms the scalp! Do not use it if you are intolerant of thermal procedures, inflammatory processes of any nature or allergic reactions.

Advice for professionals on the use of effective masks for split hair

Advice from professionals on the use of effective masks for split hair

  1. Masks are applied to the hair before washing.
  2. The course is from 4 to 8 procedures.
  3. Break 2 weeks and, if necessary, continue treatment.
  4. It will be more effective, ate the mask alternating, so as not to cause addiction and a decrease in effectiveness.
  5. Before the procedure, you should carefully comb the hair with a thick comb, especially the tips of the strands.
  6. After applying the mask, you can again comb the curls.
  7. Be sure to cover your head with a special hat and a warm towel.
  8. The exposure time of the formulation is no more than 30 minutes.
  9. The mask is washed off with water at room temperature, acidified with lemon.
  10. It is not recommended to use shampoos and other stores.
  11. Natural masks are very useful for hair of any length and condition, for prevention it is possible to carry out similar cosmetic procedures twice a month. This will be enough to prevent the emergence of brittle and falling strands.

Ways of applying the mixture on hair

The mask is applied from the roots of the hair with massage movements, then spreads along the entire length with a thick comb, and the tips are lubricated with a thick layer. It is desirable to perform this procedure several times, so that all the hair is perfectly soaked and filled with the necessary minerals and trace elements.

Methods of applying the mixture on hair

Masks for the restoration of split hair: reviews and recommendations!

Sasha, 20 years old

I make onion masks for long split hair for several years, in autumn and spring. I have my curly long hair, and I paint them with henna, for strengthening. So, I tried everything so that the mask did not smell. The Schisandra oil helped the rinse water. And I can also suggest this - take 2-3 tablespoons of decolored henna( not white, and discolored - powder to strengthen hair), mix with a glass of yogurt, and apply to the hair after washing the onion mask. The smell disappears instantly, and if you still drip a few drops of essential oils into the herbal decoction for rinsing, you can still calm the nervous system, relieve fatigue and renew your strength for new "accomplishments" in beauty and health. Be happy!

Rita, 28 years old

I tried a lot of masks to strengthen hair, but the tips did not like to become elastic and elastic. But this is a real problem, especially when the hair is short and there's nowhere to cut them. Whichever hairstyle she did, but the cutting ends of her hair spoiled the whole look. So I started for home improvement, started with masks on the basis of burdock and olive oil, then began to introduce more honey and onion. I tried a lot, I can not say for sure which helped me, but after three months I forgot what the cutting ends were, I began to make different hairstyles, and my colleagues and friends do not get tired of making me nice compliments. So, if there is an incentive and desire, then the result will necessarily be positive!

Cosmetologists advise

  • To protect their hair from unfavorable weather conditions, wear a hat, do not over-heat and overheat the scalp.
  • Use combs with natural materials, less synthetics and plastic. A wooden thick scallop is best.
  • Choose the styling products according to your hair type.
  • Provide nourishing and moisturizing cosmetic procedures.
  • Try to exclude the effect on the hair of chemicals and electrical appliances.
  • Wash your head in warm running water, use herbal infusion for rinsing.
  • Use a smaller number of hair dryers and curlers, protect your hair from over-drying and mechanical damage.
  • Haircut is also necessary, for ennobling and healing hair. On the rising moon you can self-cut the split ends.

Take care of your braid and stay healthy!

Video with recipes for masks for split hair

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