Monodiet for weight loss: varieties and features

Monodiettes for losing weight: varieties and features of

In childhood, each of us dreamed: "I grow up and will only eat what I like. I'll eat only ice cream or just tangerines. "Unfortunately, over the years it comes to everyone's understanding that the excess of ice cream will soon start sore throat, rather than you will feel saturation, and it costs a couple of days to eat only citrus fruits, and you will look, to put it mildly, very unhealthy. However, after all, there is something rational in this desire, which is concealed in each of us since childhood, and that's exactly what we will talk about.

How does it work?

As many people know, there are a number of techniques that allow you to lose weight or improve your well-being by reducing the variety of daily diets. Such techniques are called "mono-diet", and have basically the following principle: for some time you plan your diet around one product. In addition to the fact that such a diet allows your body to feel full, reducing the amount of calories consumed, in most cases, the products are selected in such a way that in addition to the desire to lose weight, you could have on the body a number of positive effects.

To date, it can be stated with certainty: mono-diet is an effective and sparing way to give your body the desired shape, and also to strengthen your health. Nevertheless, not all mono-diets are equally useful( or rather, not useful for everyone), therefore a number of descriptions of the most popular and effective ones are offered below.

Monodietta from cucumbers

Monodieta from cucumbers

Cucumber mono-diet is recommended for people who aspire not only to lose extra pounds, but also to cleanse the digestive tract. Since these vegetables mostly consist of water, you will not be able to get from them an excessive amount of calories, so you can eat cucumbers in any amount.

During the cucumber mono-diet, a small amount of simple spices - salt and pepper - is allowed. In addition, to have snacks were more satisfying, you can eat cucumbers in the form of a salad with olive oil, eating it with a small amount of black bread. If it is a question of breakfast, bread and butter can be replaced with a spoonful of low-fat sour cream, and after dinner you can diversify your life with your favorite fruit.

Monodieta with chocolate

Monodiet with chocolate

Perhaps, it is this diet that this article owes its introduction. Despite the fact that chocolate is a sweet, it does not contain substances that can damage the figure or teeth. Naturally, in this case we are talking about black chocolate, devoid of various fillers, and not about an energy bar.

However, it is worth considering that such a monodiet for weight loss can not last more than three days and is extremely uncommon to people with cardiovascular diseases - the fact is that you drink coffee during the whole diet, you will have coffee.

So, your breakfast should consist of 50 grams of chocolate, supplemented with a mug of coffee( you can add low-fat milk).A few hours later, you need to make another break, however, you can brighten it only with a cup of coffee. The lunch menu is similar to what you ate for breakfast - 50 grams of chocolate plus coffee.

Snack and dinner can be brightened up with 25 grams of chocolate, all washed with the same cup of coffee.

Mono-diet on kefir

Monodieta on yogurt

If you need the toughest mono-diet, then it's kefir mono-diet. Comments from the "naturalists" say that it is a little easier to endure it than simply starve for several days in a row. However, nutritionists do not recommend to arrange a three-day "swim in kefir", and do one-day kefir days once a week. By the way, so that the stomach does not get weaned from solid food, and you do not suffer from excessive monotony, daily it is allowed to eat up to a half a kilo of fresh fruits or vegetables.

Monodieta Margarita Queen

To date, Monogyrita Margarita Queen holds the palm tree immediately on several points:

  1. This diet is extremely popular;
  2. Its effectiveness is proved by numerous reviews;
  3. It's not as trivial as most other diets.

On our site there is already a separate article on this diet, so we will not go deep into its description. Let's just say that this diet is a whole series of three consecutive mono-diets, each of which has its own characteristics, purpose, and also the order.

Monodiet on rice

Monodiet on rice

To date, rice is the most popular product for mono-diets. The fact is that it does not contain the substances enveloping the stomach and is capable of absorbing harmful substances contained in your digestive tract. Unfortunately, this diet has one weighty minus, which, however, is easily corrected - a rice mono-diet "washes out" not only harmful substances, but also a number of useful, in particular, potassium. To make up for the amount of this substance, accompany the eating of rice porridge by eating bananas - they are one of the best sources of potassium available to an ordinary man in the street.

Negative qualities of mono-diet

In addition to the fact that a mono-diet can be a rather debilitating process, it creates a significant contribution to reducing the stress-resistance of the body. Do not resort to mono-diets without proper consultation, in addition, if you are sick or just do not feel as good as you would like, put the test on monodiets for a later time - during illnesses and ailments your body is already experiencing a strongstress, and exclusion from the diet of most foods can significantly worsen health.

It is worth saying a few words about the duration of the mono-diet. Despite the fact that many users of the World Wide Web are actively looking for mono-diets for a week or even for 10 days, do not forget that any diet is aimed not so much at losing weight as on improving metabolism. If you take too long to mock your own body, he will not just tolerate it - a lingering mono-diet can lead to health problems or even lead to the opposite result - after the diet you will gain even more weight than you had before it started.

Each mono-diet can last no more than three days. The only exception is the diet of the Queen, which, in fact, consists of three consecutive mono-diets, each of which compensates for the shortage of substances that were not received in the previous stage.

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