Diet Larissa Valley for fast weight loss

Diet Larissa Valley for fast weight loss

Popular singer Larisa Dolina during most of her career was very fluffy, while the excess weight was at least 20 kilograms. Her sharp weight loss has generated quite a few different rumors. There were also suggestions about the serious illness of the singer and about the plastic surgery. However, the secret of such a quick finding of a slim figure was quite simple. The star of show business opened the secret of its rapid weight loss and thanks to this kefir diet Larisa Dolina helped many of her followers successfully get rid of hated kilograms.

A bit of history

The diet of the diet used by the Valley was developed by Dr. Saikin quite a long time ago. The singer just followed his recommendations. The impressive result achieved by the pop diva quickly made the diet famous. Even more significant popularity was acquired by kefir diet Dolina after several years from the moment of her weight loss, since the parameters of the star remained practically unchanged.

Larisa Dolina promoted the popularization of the use of kefir for weight loss, sharing all the subtleties of its use. Kefir diet for weight loss from Larisa Dolina has several variations, so that it is possible to choose the most suitable way to get rid of excess weight in each case.

Kefir diet from the Valley: method № 1

The diet of Larissa Dolina

The first variant of losing weight with the help of the diet of Larissa Dolina allows you to lose about seven kilograms of excess weight within one week. During the continuation of the diet, the diet should be designed so that the last meal is no later than six in the evening. Every day, small portions should drink 0.5 liters of low-fat kefir( 1% fat content).All other ingredients, intended for each specific day, must be divided into several parts.

The dietary menu consists of seven days:

Day Amount of food( kefir +. ..)
potatoes boiled potatoes( 5pcs)
low fat sour cream( 1 st)
curd with low fat content( 200 gr)
boiled chicken without salt( 0.5 kg)
unsweetened apples or carrots( 3-4 pcs) or crescent( 300 g)
kefir with low fat content( 0.5 l)
non-carbonated water(1l)

Kefir diet from the Valley: method No. 2

Diet Larissa Valley for fast weight loss

Another type of kefir dietsValley lasts fourteen days. At the same time, the first seven dietary days contribute to the loss of two to five extra pounds. During the second week, it is lost from two to four kilograms. As in the previous version, daily, except for the sixth day, 0.5 liters of kefir is drunk. Additional food, divided into equal portions, must be taken according to a strict schedule - six meals per day with an interval of about two hours. Seven-day consumption of products looks like this:

Day Amount of food( kefir +. ..)
. .. unsalted baked potatoes( 4-5 pieces)
. .. curd with low fat content( 400gr)
. .. any fresh fruit, excluding bananas and grapes( 400 g)
. .. boiled chicken without salt( 400gr)
. .. fresh fruit( 400 g)
. .. still water( 1.5 l)
. .. fresh fruit( 400 g)

This version of the kefir diet is specialin a break between two weeks of diet. In the interim period, you should eat in the usual way and do not limit your diet. This allows you to consolidate the results achieved in the first half of the diet. Kilograms, recruited during the break, easily and irrevocably leave during the second week of the diet.

Before using this type of kefir diet, the body should be prepared. The day before is recommended to spend a fasting day. A few days before the start of the diet you need to daily cleanse the intestines, which consists of eating before each meal 50 ml infusion of herbs. As components, chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort are used. The herbal collection is poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted.

It should also be noted that throughout the entire diet, the amount of boiled water drunk per day should not exceed 500 ml.

Kefir Diet from the Valley: Method No. 3

Diet Larissa Valley for fast weight loss

Another version where the kefir diet for losing weight from Larisa Dolina can be used is to prohibit food after six o'clock in the evening and to consume only certain types of foods. During the diet, approximately nine kilograms of excess weight is lost.

Just like in the previous versions, an unchanged amount of kefir is consumed during the day - 0.5 liters, and all other food is eaten in several receptions. The diet menu of the seven-day diet consists of the following components:

Day Number of food( kefir +. ..)
. .. dried fruit( 300 g) + still water( 1l)
. .. potatoes in uniform( 10 pcs.) + Still water( 1L))
. .. unsweetened apples( 10pcs) + still water( 1l)
. .. boiled chicken without salt( 1kg) + still water( 1l)
. .. curd( 400gr) + still water( 1l)
. .. sour cream( 4st) + still water( 1l)
. .. non-carbonated water( 1L)

To consolidate the obtained results on the eighth day, you should drink mineral water without gas total volume of two liters, with no other food can not be consumed.

Leaving the kefir diet and returning to the familiar diet

Despite the short duration of the kefir diet, it is rather complicated and the way out of it requires a gradual return to the daily diet. It is desirable to reduce the usual portions 1.5 times. And it is better to cook food for a couple.

In the early days you can eat low-fat soups and vegetable salads. Next, the daily menu should be supplemented with meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. At the same time, you should minimize the consumption of fats, sweets, spicy foods and alcohol.

In order to lose weight in the future, you must follow certain rules:

  • drink at least two liters of water a day;
  • continue to drink kefir regularly;
  • must include fruits and vegetables in the daily menu;
  • half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of water or green tea to improve digestion;
  • periodically engage in sports and take walks in the fresh air.

Contraindications to losing weight on kefir

Like any diet, weight loss with the use of yogurt has its contraindications:

  1. It is absolutely not recommended to use kefir for weight loss to people with diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  2. This method of losing weight should not be used if the body is weakened by colds.
  3. In the presence of chronic diseases before the onset of kefir diet should consult with a doctor for its appropriateness.
  4. It is absolutely forbidden to lose weight on kefir diet to women during pregnancy and lactation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the kefir diet

Diet Larissa Valley for fast weight loss

Among the merits of the kefir diet of Larissa Dolina, one should note the absence of hunger, as food is often taken in small portions, which contributes to its full absorption. Also a significant plus is the speed of the diet, as the intestines are cleaned gently and quickly. With accurate compliance with all the requirements of the diet for the day you can lose up to a kilogram of excess body weight.

The disadvantage of losing weight with kefir is the limited diet. In addition, too fast weight loss can cause health problems, so do not consume the kefir diet too often. Due to the lack of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the diet, skin and hair can deteriorate, so it is recommended to take multivitamin complexes throughout the diet. Since the menu of kefir diet contains a very small amount of liquid, in some cases, dehydration of the body may occur. Therefore, you should not start a diet in the hot season.

Diet Larisa Dolina has a variety of reviews. According to experts, this weight loss is ineffective and too harsh. However, people who used this method of losing weight, enthusiastically celebrate its effectiveness and long-term effect.

All diet options are based on the combination of carbohydrates and proteins, while the consumption of salt and fats is strictly limited. Initially, such food is slightly more difficult to tolerate, but with each subsequent session, dietary restrictions are perceived by the body all the easier. If necessary, the diet can be repeated at intervals of 1-2 weeks, although, according to professional dieticians, a second course of kefir diet should be carried out no earlier than six months. In any case, before starting weight loss it is advisable to consult an experienced nutritionist. As an alternative, you can watch videos with reviews of people using kefir diet Larisa Dolina.

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