How to remove the riding breach

How to remove the breeches

Question: "How to remove the breeches?" Does not belong to the category of unsolvable. The so-called problem zones are not a curse at all, it's just that a complex individual approach, combined with adequate self-esteem, is needed to defeat them. There are millions of very slender girls who consider the minimal fat layer to be the real drawback. In reality, "riding breeches" are real fatty "pillows" from the outside of the thigh, and not 3 mm of skin, which are visible only to their owners. This is important - those who do not have problem zones in fact, will never be removed by fitness, or through diets, and health can be spoiled. And those who have to choose a suitable strategy for themselves.

How to remove breeches on hips with the help of diet

The truth is that diets that are spread in social networks as "special diets for burning fat on hips" have no advantages compared to other low-calorie or medium-calorie nutrition systems. So if they do not fit or do not like, you can organize the reduction of calories by any available means.

Approaches to diet should vary, depending on the initial state of the body.

The area of ​​breeches: how to remove if the fat layer is not large

If the BMI is normal, there is no excess weight for medical indicators, but the fat layer is noticeably visible throughout the body, you can lose weight quickly, only losing a part of the muscles. Therefore, a variety of ways to "remove riding breeches in a week" is better not to practice, the appearance of this will not improve too much.

Here we must clearly decide for ourselves that in priority - getting rid of breeches, or maintaining a healthy kind of "top" of the body. On whatever strict diet a person does not sit, fat will go all over the body, and it will be more visible on the hands, chest and face. Losing muscle, we lose elasticity, because in the end you can get a thin and flabby body, and not what they like to post on social networks in pictures with motivation. The output is simple - artificially slow down the rate of weight loss, do not set yourself the goal of dumping more than 500 g per week. Ideal for this purpose is a Mediterranean diet - you can 2 servings of cereal or bread a day, 2-3 servings of fish or low-fat meat, 1-2 servings of fruit, a couple of spoons of vegetable oil, and plenty of fresh vegetables. For the needs of the diet, a serving of porridge - 100 grams in boiled form, a portion of meat / fish - 120 grams. If very hungry, or the weight goes off swiftly, you can drop it more slowly by simply increasing the portion of cereals from whole grains by another 100 g.

How to remove the breeches if the apparent fat is almost absent

If the fat layer is almost absent, and the riding breeches are clearly allocated,the fact that it is not possible to completely "degrease" by healthy methods. Then you need to visit an endocrinologist and gynecologist to assess the possible risks of losing weight with a low-carb diet. And only after that, if the body allows, try softly to dry.

How to remove the riding breach

Important : what will be given below is an example of a diet for a girl weighing 70 kg, and not some dogma that needs to be copied.

The diet should be started by cutting carbohydrates to 2 g per day for 1 kg of body weight, raising the proteins to 2 g per day for the same parameters, and leaving the fat at a level from 0, 5 g to 1 g per kilogram of body weight per day.

Total, we get - 140 g of proteins in pure form, the same number of grams of carbohydrates, and, for example, 45 g of fat. Caloric value is 1525 kcal. Many who have previously lost weight on low-calorie diets, it seems that there will be too much food. But this approach is justified. It will help to keep the muscles, and do not turn the arms and shoulders into bones, covered with skin.

And those who do sports seriously( heavy basic exercises, or training in split 5-6 times a week) will need more fat, calorie needs to be raised precisely by bringing them to 1 g per day. In general, athletes will need to add to the sample diet eggs with yolks, nuts and fatty fish. The approximate ration for a day may look like this:

  • Breakfast : coffee with milk, a cup of cottage cheese, 200 grams, 2-3 rice loaves, berries
  • Snack : apple and yogurt with high protein content
  • Lunch : buckwheat, rice, or pulses, fish or meat, vegetable salad
  • Snack : protein shake or just curd with kefir
  • Dinner : seafood or fish with green vegetables.

We dress salads with vegetable oil.

With such a diet you need to engage in fitness, but too zealous, for example, to carry out 2 workouts a day, it is meaningless.

Exercises to remove the breeches

There are no special movements to eliminate problem zones in nature. You need to build your training so that they allow you to consume a maximum of energy. For women, this means training your legs every day of strength, that is, three times a week. Try the following movements:

  • Squat with a swing on the block. Fasten the handle of the lower block to the ankle. Stand up so that the cable stretches out, and is behind your back. Go down into the squat, trying to keep the natural deflection in the lower back, and lower the buttocks as far down as possible. On exhalation straighten out, transfer the weight to the supporting leg, and take the opposite in the swing, leading the thigh to the parallel with the floor. Perform 10 to 25 repetitions on each side, use 3-4 sets of exercise.
  • "Pistol" with a hold. Attach the TRX hinges to the pedestal, or wrap a long rope, dog leash or any convenient rope around the vertical support. Grab your hands tightly. Transfer weight to the right leg, pull the left forward. Gradually drop into a full squat, and straighten up, exclude "jumps", help yourself with your hands, but not much. This is a very difficult exercise, do as many replays as you can, but try to do an equal amount;
  • Finish any training with mahami in the sides "for burning".Set the timer so that the signal sounds after 45 and 15 seconds. Perform flies in the standing position, for a long period, rest for 15 seconds, and continue with the same foot until a muscle failure occurs, that is, it will be impossible to continue to repeat. Then "go" to the other side, and work on the same principle. This will help to work out all types of muscle fibers and burn extra calories.

We remove riding breeches for a week

We remove the breeches for the week: how is it possible

Yes, and it happens. This can be "turned over" if the unsightly appearance of the thighs is attached not so much fat deposits, as accumulated under the skin of the water. To get rid of it, you need:

  • every other day to visit a regular or infrared sauna, it's better if after a weight training;
  • reduce the intake of salt to a minimum - the body is enough for the proper functioning of 5 g of salt, and they should limit their diet. This means cooking food without salt, and adding it to taste;
  • to exclude heavy leg training during this week, leave only something tonic, for example, running, swimming, rollers or any other similar activity.

How to remove the breeches reviews

Irina, 24 years old

How many myself I remember, was complete. At school everyone was called, and I tried to correct the situation while sitting on diets. I was particularly upset by my hips. When I lost weight on a diet, it is true, it did not get better - my hands, chest, cheeks, back went away, and even the fifth point became flat, but not a riding breeches. As a result, I went to a fitness club for women and there I got acquainted with strength training. Gradually doing and observing the Mediterranean diet on a regular basis, I cleaned my riding breeches and changed my clothes size from 48 "down" to 44. It was not fast, it took almost a year, but now I do not see any "ears" where they do notit should be.

Kira, 42 years old

Fat accumulates on the hips during the second pregnancy. After the first child, the volume of the pelvis slightly increased, but not critical. After the second began to carry. Probably, because I tried to work on nights in the decree, and ate a lot. I tried everything - clay slimming wraps, homemade masks on the hips, but until I began to study at home with dumbbells and an expander, the fat did not go away despite the diet. Do not listen that after 40 can not lose weight, I was able to remove the hips in just 6 months! At the same time eating porridge, meat, fish, and even fruits sometimes.

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