Strengthening of nails at home. The best recipes

Strengthening of nails at home. The best recipes

If you constantly break and break nails, then you need to make every effort to strengthen them. Of course, you can turn to modern means( varnishes, gels, etc.) for help, but they all require financial costs, and besides they contain chemicals that do not have the best effect on the structure of the nail plates. There are numerous recipes for strengthening the nails at home, which absolutely do not require any cost and at the same time give the best result.

But before talking about how to strengthen your nails, you should say a couple of words why they break and crack.

The most common causes of nail brittleness

If your nails break and break, then you first need to pay attention to food. Perhaps it does not provide your body with the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for its functioning.

Most often, nails break and break due to a lack of calcium in the body. In view of this, it is necessary to increase the use of dairy and fermented milk products, which contain quite a lot of this element. If you do not like dairy products, then you should buy special products with calcium content. For example, Calcium D3 Nycomed. This drug is able to provide the body with not only the daily requirement of calcium, but also vitamin D, which is necessary for better assimilation of this mineral.

In addition, you should pay attention to the varnishes that you use. Cheap lacquer coatings contain harmful substances that disruptively affect the nails. Therefore, it is better to abandon their use.

The most common causes of brittle nails

The cause of increased fragility of nails can be frequent contact of nail plates with aggressive substances that are part of household detergents. Remember, when doing homework, you should always put on your hands household gloves! They will protect not only your nails, but also the skin of hands, which also needs careful care.

Quite often the fragility of nails is caused by the presence of certain diseases. Therefore, if you do not see the reason why the nail plates can constantly break off and break down, contact your doctor and go for a pathology examination. After all, you can strengthen the nails only after you eliminate the cause of their increased brittleness and foliation.

The simplest nail enhancement recipes

Home nail enhancement recipes are very simple. You will not need to run to the stores and purchase anything. You can use all the tools that you have at your fingertips.


Surely you have iodine in your home medicine chest, which not only can be used to warm up the skin and disinfect them, but also to strengthen the nails. Iodine has a warming effect, which makes it possible to achieve better microcirculation at the fingertips. As a result, the nails will receive more nutrients through blood than usual, and their condition will improve much.

It's easy to use iodine. You need to remove the nail polish and use a cotton swab to apply iodine on them. After that, you do not need to rinse. During the night iodine will completely absorb into the nails, leaving no traces. It is best to perform this procedure every day. But it should be noted that over time, the nails can turn yellow.


If your fridge has lemon, you can also use it to improve the condition of your marigolds. You do not need to cook anything! Just cut a thick slice from the lemon and stick its fingernails into its pulp for a quarter of an hour. Performing this procedure should be done daily, after a week you will be able to evaluate the first results.

In addition, you can squeeze and scrap the juice and just rub it into the nails. This will also give a good strengthening effect. But remember that there is acid in the lemon. And if you have wound on the skin around the nails, then this tool can not be used.


Olive oil

Almost all homemade masks recipes for strengthening nails include the use of olive oil. This tool is really unique. It not only strengthens the nail plates, but also nourishes, moisturizes and stimulates their growth. So why not use it in its purest form?

Apply the massage oil on the fingernails and skin of the hands, and in order not to stain everything around, place thin gloves on top and go to bed. In the morning, remove the gloves and wash your hands. After 4-5 procedures, your nails will become much stronger and will get a healthy appearance, and the skin on your hands will become soft and silky, like the baby.


Grapes contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain metabolic processes in the nail plates. Use grapes can be the same as lemon - rub his juice or attach the flesh of the grapes to the nails.

If you have grape seed oil at home, you can also use it. Use it according to the same scheme as olive oil. Believe me, the result will not keep you waiting long.

Sea salt for strengthening the nails at home

If you have sea salt at home, then you can make a nail tray out of it. Sea salt strengthens and stimulates the growth of nail plates, besides it has an antifungal effect, so the periodic use of salt trays is very useful.

To prepare such a bath, take a shallow bowl, which is then poured around a liter of warm water and stir in it a gram of 20-30 sea salt. As a result, you will get a healing solution, in which you need to lower the tips of your fingers for a while( see your feelings, nails should be properly steamed off).After that, dry your hands and treat your nails with some kind of oil.

To improve the efficiency of the procedure, a little lemon juice can be added to the saline solution. If you have not found sea salt in your home, then use ordinary table salt. She certainly should be. Dilute 2 tsp.salt in warm water and add to it a few drops of iodine. The effect will be practically the same as the use of sea salt.

Glycerin for strengthening the nails

This product is also available in the home medicine cabinet for almost everyone. However, it is rarely deservedly used in cosmetology. Glycerin contains substances that stimulate regenerative processes. Its use will allow you to quickly restore your nails and strengthen them.

And it's also very easy to use. It is necessary to put glycerin in a small amount on the nails, put cotton gloves on your hands and walk around for about an hour. Then remove the gloves and rinse your hands under cool water.

Glycerin for strengthening of nails

Vitamin B1

Quite often, the increased fragility of nails is observed in case of deficiency of vitamin B1.He is involved in the process of blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, its regular replenishment in the body is very important.

If you have an ampoule of vitamin B1 in your medicine cabinet, then you can use it to hold a medicinal bath. Take a shallow container, pour a liter of warm water into it, add vitamin B1 and squeeze a little lemon juice into the resulting solution. Put your hands in water and hold them in it for 10-15 minutes. This bath will have a beneficial effect not only on the condition of your nails, but also on the skin.

Curd for strengthening nails

Curd is a natural source of calcium, which is so necessary for nails to strengthen them. Apply it to the nails, and on top of the hands put on cotton gloves. Leave the mask on all night, and in the morning, wash your hands under running water. It should be noted that you need to use a good fatty cottage cheese, not a store. If the cottage cheese is dry and badly applied to the nails, it can be mixed with any vegetable oil or egg yolk.


Speaking about the strengthening of nails at home with folk remedies, of course, we can not say about the benefits of herbs. They exert a strengthening effect on the nail plates, and also protect them from inflammation and prevent foliation.

You can use any herbs - chamomile, oak bark, juniper, etc. Of these, you need to prepare a decoction, which then will serve as a bath. It is prepared very simply - it takes 1 tbsp.raw materials, poured a glass of boiling water, infused for about half an hour and filtered.

All these recipes have one major advantage - they do not contain chemicals and are completely safe for health. And most importantly, their application will not affect your budget in any way, and your nails will certainly thank you for them!

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