Pea masks for the face: open secret of clean skin

Pea masks for the face: open the secret of pure skin

Peas for the face as a cosmetic means are used by women very rarely. And all because it requires preliminary preparation, and quite a long time. However, if everyone knew about what magic properties he possesses, he would not be exchanged for any other means.

A pea mask at the same time:

  • removes irritation from the skin;
  • dissolves the foci of inflammation, thereby eliminating pimples and acne;
  • clarify and smooth the tone of the face;
  • hide the first signs of skin aging.

In addition, they also nourish and moisturize the skin, dividing the soft and velvety. Therefore, do not neglect pea masks, and it is better to spend a little time preparing them and enjoying their effectiveness.

How to make facial masks from peas?

To prepare masks from peas, you must first prepare the main ingredient. Use canned peas in no case it is impossible. It contains preservatives that can adversely affect the skin condition.

How to make facial masks from peas?

If you use regular fresh green peas, then no manipulation with it should not be. It is enough just to mash it with a fork. Well, if you use dry peas, it should be soaked for several hours in warm water, and after boiling. Or to grind to a powdery state in a coffee grinder( dry).

Peas can be used in pure form( except powder), applying it evenly to the skin of the face, and after a quarter of an hour, removing by means of a wet wipe.

And dry chopped peas should be mixed with various oils( for example, olive) or fermented milk products( kefir or natural yoghurt).Such masks are great for normal and dry skin types.

And in the case of a fat type of skin, peas should be mixed with ingredients that have a drying effect. For example, egg whites or lemon juice. Such masks should be applied to the face for a maximum of 15 minutes, and after washing off with cool water.

The latest options for cooking masks have a constricting and drying effect, so immediately after the procedures, the skin needs to be treated with cream.

Video with prescription mask from pea