Mesotherapy for weight loss

Mesotherapy for weight loss

What just does not agree with the weak half of humanity, in order to prolong its beauty and youth.

Today mesotherapy for weight loss has passed from the status of novelties to the tried and trusted method.

What is this procedure?

Mesotherapy is based on the introduction into the inner layers of the skin of medicinal and vitaminized preparations that interact with skin cells and are able to influence various processes in the epidermis.

This therapy is used mainly for cosmetic purposes, aimed at spilling the youthful skin, returning them to their former beauty and freshness, serves as an excellent therapeutic and preventive remedy.

The principle of the mesotherapy of injections for weight loss

The cosmetologist individually, according to the area of ​​influence and the existing problem, is a therapeutic cocktail for injection. These are:

  • Medicines;
  • Homeopathic preparations;
  • Vitamins;
  • Amino acids.

Such a complex of useful substances has a number of positive properties:

  • Destroys fat cells;
  • Normalizes metabolic processes at the level of epidermal cells;
  • Accelerates blood circulation and improves microcirculation;
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • Discharges excess fluid from the body;
  • Skin is saturated with useful vitamins and microelements.


For each problem there is a different composition, so you need to immediately decide what to choose, lose weight or get rid of cellulite. If a woman wants to achieve the results of both options, then first you need to take weight loss therapy, and then take up the recovery of the skin in problem areas.

Caution: can not undergo mesotherapy if there is increased stress and exercise in order to lose weight.

The effectiveness of the procedure

It should be noted that mesotherapy injections for weight loss are not appointed in order to lose a huge amount of kilograms. This is wrong and inefficient. And besides it's expensive and painful. Such a procedure will be useful as a preventive or supported means for correcting the figure. It is also a great way to eliminate cellulite at certain points of the body, buttocks, thigh, abdomen, around the knees, etc.

For a more lasting result, experts recommend combining this procedure with massage, as well as various types of wraps.

Mesotherapy course

The number of procedures and their frequency are set individually, for example, the following figures: mesotherapy in the fight against cellulite is carried out every 6-10 days, and the number of sessions is 10-16 times.

Mesotherapy procedure

Underwater stones and contraindications for mesotherapy

This procedure is a serious intervention in the body, its effectiveness can be compared with plastic surgery. Accordingly, it is often impossible to conduct it at will.

The list of contraindications is rather long, which takes into account:

  • Disease of the cholelithic system;
  • Lipid metabolism disorder;
  • Oncology;
  • All stages of diabetes;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Inflammatory processes of all body systems;
  • Blood clotting disorder;
  • Friability and brittleness of joints;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding of a child.

One should also take into account the client's fear of injections, in this case, therapy is not recommended.

When carrying out mesotherapy, complications, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​injection administration are possible.

It is important to pay attention to such symptoms, for more rapid treatment to a specialist and removal of unpleasant consequences. It can be:

  • Itching;
  • Edema;
  • Painful sensations;
  • Hematomas.

Such symptoms are not uncommon, especially they are pronounced in the process of significant splitting of the fat cover.

Caution: , take care of the liver. Especially it concerns those cases when the patient carries out this procedure for weight loss of the abdomen. By-product fat in this case is forced to process the liver, which is not always ready for such a heap. So it turns out: the development of inflammation of this vital organ.

Mesotherapy for weight loss

The opinion of dieticians

The best way to lose weight is to adjust the natural processes in the body and not to conduct such interference in natural processes.

What could be more useful:

  1. Balanced power;
  2. I Do Sports;
  3. Carrying out a relaxing self-massage;
  4. Different types of cosmetology procedure - wraps.

It will be both useful and effective, and most importantly painless and inexpensive.

As for mesotherapy, these sessions will only benefit if they are conducted by experienced specialists in the country's leading clinics. And with an unauthorized appointment of such a kind of therapy is fraught with health, because it is important, first and foremost, to exclude all contraindications, to conduct a complete examination of all organs, and only then proceed to this kind of weight loss.

And again, if during this procedure the patient does not follow the diet, maintain a fixed lifestyle and rely only on such injections, then a miracle will not happen. All the destroyed fat for 10-16 sessions of mesotherapy will return very soon, possibly even in large volumes, and time and money will be wasted.

User reviews

Correction of the figure with the help of mesotherapy

As already noted, wait for supernatural wonders is not worth it, 10 kg will not evaporate, but adjust the figure and reduce the waist by several centimeters is possible.

Katerina from B. has tried mesotherapy on her own health.

" So I lose weight and failed, who came up with these fake procedures, just pulled out of my money, and the kilograms remained in place. So I advise you to better hold several courses of massage or wrapping, it will be much more useful and effective than . "

Lyudmila from the city of M. enthusiastic about the result.

« And I like this procedure came up perfectly. Yes, it was not particularly pleasant, but tolerable. Has thrown off for 13 procedures of 7 kg. Two years have passed, and the results have not changed. I think that everything depends on the master and the patient. If you eat properly and lead an active lifestyle, then no pounds will spoil you the ideal parameters of the figure . "

Veronica and the city of P. tells his story.

« You are probably very surprised, but I did this procedure at home. Yes, I had to spend a lot on various devices for mesotherapy, this is a special device for injections, cream, antiseptic liquid and much more. In the pharmacy everything is sold without prescriptions. Maybe the price was high, but still in the cabin I would give two or three times more.

My sister is a medic, so she also spent weight loss sessions for my body. Inflammatory processes were not observed, there were no skin diseases.

For three weeks I lost 12 kg, and this despite the fact that I did not sit on a protein diet and lead an active lifestyle.

The procedure is completely painless, considering that you are not afraid of injections.

The result is kept for six months, let's see how it will be. Impressions are only positive, there are no complaints about the procedure . "

Take care of your health and strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. Do not conduct experiments with your body. Love yourself and be always in perfect bodily and spiritual form!

Video mesotherapy procedures - figure correction

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