How to increase breast size at home?

How to increase breast size at home?

Female breasts are considered one of the most beautiful and attention-grabbing parts of the body. In this regard, many of them are interested in the question of how to increase its size. Currently, there are many methods that allow you to get a breast of the desired size.
One such method is plastic surgery, but it has its negative side. First, such operations are quite expensive and such a woman can not afford such a woman, and secondly, unfortunately, such operations sometimes do not go very well, hence, this is a certain risk to the health and beauty of the girl.

However, surgical intervention is not the only chance to become more attractive. Today, there are many ways to increase the size of bust folk methods at home.

How to increase breasts at home?

There is an opinion that if you include bread crusts in your menu, then after a few months you can see that the chest has increased slightly.

The same result can be obtained by using hops. To do this, you need to purchase this herbal product in a pharmacy, pour water and boil on a water bath for about half an hour. After that, the solution should cool down, you can take it 2-3 times a day for 0.5 cup.

Another method is compresses. In this case, you need to constantly make compresses using geranium oil and ylang-ylang, but it must be hot. At the same time, a cold compress is prepared in parallel by dissolving sea salt. After this, you should simply alternate these two compresses about ten times. After carrying out such procedures it is necessary to use a special composition for the braces.

A good remedy is almond oil. In it it is necessary to add about 10 drops of ylang-ylang oil and 10 drops of geranium oil and after washing to rub the breast with the mask obtained.

How to increase breasts at home?

There is another way to increase your breasts, but taking it is pretty bad for your health. This product is beer. Note that the breast will increase in this case, because it includes hops. The amount needed for admission for one day is 2 sheets, but it must be remembered that such a method will necessarily affect the health of the girl and her figure in general.

Products that promote breast augmentation

The size of a woman's breast is affected by a variety of products, taking those at home can to some extent make the breasts larger. Below is a short list of products that should be used for breast augmentation.

The first product, of course, is cabbage. However, we note that with the age of a woman this vegetable becomes less effective. But if you regularly include cabbage in your diet from a young age, the girl in the future will become the owner of a voluminous bust.

Eating green apples also leads to a bulky bust. However, in this case, preference should be given to harder varieties.

Another useful tool in this case is the use of dairy products. Namely, sour cream, cottage cheese, whole cow milk are useful.

Fish is a dietary product that allows you to control your weight, and at the same time promotes breast growth. Consumption in a moderate amount of red wine, if it is natural, semi-sweet or dry, can also increase the breast. However, it is better to buy such a product from southern manufacturers.

How to increase the breast folk remedies?

There are a lot of folk methods that have been tested already by many generations of women. Such methods work, but you need to have patience and always use them.

For breast augmentation, you need to take a cotton swab with iodine and do a reticulum. Such procedures are done on the entire surface of the breast with the exception of nipples. In this case, the applied lines must be straight and not interrupt.

How to increase the breast folk remedies

The essence of this method is that iodine can draw blood to a specific place, in this case the blood will flow to the chest, gradually contributing to its increase. This will change the shape of the chest.

You can also eat a lot. If a girl does not have problems with being overweight, and she is not afraid to get better, you just need to eat a lot, and the food should be nourishing and fat. However, this method is less relevant due to the fact that today all of the female half of humanity is simply obsessed with diets and losing weight.

There are many physical exercises, and to achieve the desired result, such exercises should be done correctly and regularly.

The contrast shower is also able to increase the bust of the girl. To do this, you just need to direct the shower from the bottom up, while changing the temperature of the water. This procedure should be done every day for a couple of minutes.

Effective breast augmentation with folk remedies occurs when using:

  • essential oils, rubbing them with massage movements into the chest area;
  • compresses from the oil of geranium, dissolved in the composition even further sea salt;
  • almond oil for skin elasticity.

Some more interesting ways to increase the breast at home

  1. Take a little hops and pour it with water, boil in a water bath for about 10 minutes, then cool and drink 100 ml three times a day.
  2. A good option for breast augmentation is bread crusts, which should be eaten every day. Here you need to be pointed, so as not to increase other forms of your body.
  3. Regular consumption of strawberry leaf tea will also give a positive result.
  4. If you grind the roots of the angelica and take every laziness with water, the effect will be immediate.
  5. Fennel grind into powder and eat one spoon 2 times a day.
  6. In equal parts take the herb oregano, licorice root, hop cones, grind and mix, consuming 70 ml per day, then within 2-3 weeks the breast will increase noticeably.
  7. Take a share of tincture of ginseng root and two parts of water, mix and lubricate the breast with a solution.

All recipes should be used wisely, in addition to folk methods to regularly massage the area of ​​the chest, perform simple exercises, to strengthen the muscles of this part of the body.

Popular exercises

Folk remedies for breast growth will be especially effective in conjunction with gymnastics for the chest. Quite often apply exercises - palm compressions. Fold the palms in front of you, while the elbows need to be held at the chest level. At the expense of "one-two-three" we strongly press our palms against each other and drop hands. Such an exercise should be done 10-15 times each day.

Popular Exercises

No less effective is the occupation - stretching fingers. When the fingers are collected, the elbows become at the chest level. Now you need to try to spread your arms around. Frequency of exercises - 10 times per one run.

Masks that promote breast enlargement at home

Currently, there are several ways to use masks to increase breast size. For example, you can use an apple mask. To make it, take apples, cabbage and add a spoonful of honey. Further, a breast massage is done, after which the resulting mask is applied.

Cocoa butter can also be used at home. Such a product is able not only to make the girl's breasts more attractive and more spacious, but also to provide the skin with vitamins that will rejuvenate it.

According to some data, if you use this oil regularly, then the breast can increase by half. At the same time, apply cocoa butter to the underarm area, just below the chest and between them.


It should be remembered that the result with the use of folk methods will have to wait a long time, and some products can lead to various diseases and unpleasant consequences, such as weight gain. Finally a little advice: love yourself the way you are, and others will love you too!

Now you know exactly how to increase the breast at home using folk remedies. Use recipes for health and take care of your beauty! All the best to you!

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