Can I recover from potatoes?

Can I recover from potatoes?

"Eh, potatoes, potatoes! What honor do you have? There would be no potatoes, there would be nothing to eat! "- a well-known expression that we have heard many times from the lips of our grandparents.

And in truth, this amazing vegetable took up most of the pages of any book about healthy food. Humanity is so used to living with potatoes that it is not possible to exclude it from the diet. Around and you can hear potatoes fried, boiled, stewed, baked, fried, in Selianski, mashed potatoes and so on ad infinitum.

Potatoes are a useful product. It is mainly used in medicine, cooking, and cosmetology. Rich in the content of a huge amount of vitamin( C, B, B2, B6, PP, K, E), carotene, iodine, starch, folic acid, carotene and iron.

Useful properties include:

  • removes excess water from the body and promotes the cleavage of salts;
  • retains 80% of useful substances and vitamins during heat treatment;
  • due to the large amount of potassium, it is advised to eat hypertensive people, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases;
  • high caloric value, based on the fact that the composition of a large content of carbohydrates;
  • is useful for people suffering from high acidity.

Despite all the useful properties, it is very caloric: 77 calories comes in 100 grams of product. Two factors were revealed, why they grow fat from potatoes.

why grow fat from the potatoes.


Fried potato french fries, which is cooked using a considerable amount of sunflower oil. Fried food is very rich in free fats and carbohydrates, which in combination are very well absorbed by the body. Depending on the presence of animal fat, there is complete or minimal digestion. With full assimilation, the maximum deposition of fats is not just under the skin, but also on the internal organs! This can cause various diseases: disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, SS disease, and oncological pathology.

Excessive use of carbohydrates. Potato tubers are rich in carbohydrates. In the process of digestion carbohydrates, getting into the intestines, split into glucose and then into the blood, where they cause an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. Glucose is not a complex carbohydrate, which is quickly processed and releases energy for the body's work. If this energy has not been used in full, then all the remaining glucose will be deposited in fatty deposits. In order not to allow this, a person should consume not more than 100 grams of this product per day. We rarely follow the rules. In the main portion is 300, and even 500 grams. Though 300 grams of potatoes contain 48 grams of carbohydrates, then 500 grams of 80!It is enough to eat another bun, cake or candy and the rate is exceeded. And we will unwittingly accumulate fat in the body.

Diet on potatoes

Nutritionists recommend eating potatoes in cooked form. From boiled potatoes do not get better. In general, you can recover from fried potatoes. Especially if it is cooked in uniforms. There are many potato diets that are very easy to follow because of their economy and practicality. Let us give an example of one of them.


It is calculated 3-5 days. Reset to 1 kg per day. Meals:

  • breakfast - 1 cup skim milk;
  • lunch - mashed potatoes in water without salt( salt can only be a drop);
  • dinner - 250 grams of salad( potatoes, boiled egg, seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and a little oil).

You can use the diet only once a month and not more than 5 days.

Potatoes, as a separate product, do not cause any damage to the body if it is used properly. You need to help your body with proper nutrition. He is accustomed to process a large number of products, and all the excess fats to stock up. In order not to grow fat from a potato, it is necessary to observe the norm of the use of carbohydrates, to properly prepare the dish in order to preserve the maximum of useful properties.

Video about the benefits and harm of potatoes