Diet 6 petals for weight loss - a fundamentally new approach to losing weight

The diet of 6 petals for weight loss is a fundamentally new approach to losing weight

Is it possible to lose weight by 800 grams per day, while losing fat deposits, and not just water, as often happens with many methods of weight loss? It turns out that it is possible and helps in this diet 6 petals of Anna Johanson.

Essence of the diet of 6 petals

Anna Johansson is a Swedish nutritionist who developed a unique technique for fast and effective weight loss, which, subsequently, is not returned if elementary norms of proper nutrition are observed.

At first glance, the diet of the six petals of Anna Johanson can seem very simple. After all, it is based on the principle of using products of one group in each of six days. For example, in one day you can eat only vegetables, in another only meat, etc. However, the sequence of the use of certain products plays a leading role in the process of destruction of fatty tissues, stimulation of metabolism and excretion of decay products from the body. Thus, the maximum effect on reducing fat reserves depends on compliance with the rules of the system.

The psychological basis of the diet

Among many nutritionists and ordinary users, the Johansson diet is called "6 petals".This is due to its psychological component, which is formed as a result of visual perception of the image of a flower of six petals, on each of which the daily menu is painted. Such a picture is hung on the refrigerator and at the end of each day the petal comes off. This system is aimed at creating a positive motivation for the slimming during the whole process of losing weight, as well as the desire to achieve the goal, increasing as you approach the end of the course. This increases self-discipline, and the probability of disruption is virtually eliminated.

The diet menu 6 petals

Menu diet 6 sandblings

As already mentioned above, in each of the 6 days of the diet should eat certain foods.

The first day of

On this day it is recommended to eat any kind of fish in boiled, baked or steam form. You can not fry it. It is allowed to add spices to the dishes, a little salt and greens. Also useful is the use of ears.

The second day of

This day's diet should be made up only of vegetables. They can be eaten raw, cook salads, stew. It is allowed to add spicy condiments to ready meals. Natural vegetable juices can also be cooked and eaten. However, canned and marinated products should be excluded.

Third day

On the third day you should eat exclusively meat of a bird, preferably chicken. To do this, the fillets are separated and cooked for steaming, boiled or baked. It is still worth abandoning fried foods. You can add a small amount of spices, herbs and salt to the meat. Not bad to eat and a portion of chicken broth.


For this day, dishes based on a variety of cereals are recommended. It can be all kinds of porridge, bread from bran, bread. Drink can only be kvass or water.

Fifth day of

On the fifth day, all milk and sour-milk products with a low fat content are allowed. It can be milk, fermented milk, yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese. At the end of the diet, such a diet is very useful in terms of the content of substances necessary for the body, and in terms of maintaining a normal mood due to a balanced composition.

The sixth day of

This day is the final and its menu should compose unsweetened fruits. They can be prepared in the form of salads, purees and juices.

Reviews about the diet of 6 petals Anna Juhanson

Everyone who tried Anna Juhanson's diet notes the ease of its flow and loss of weight for every day at least 800 g. There are no special difficulties in organizing the course and everyone can use the technique if they do not haveserious health problems. Many people who lose weight in the future often use a diet for weight correction.

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