Goji berries are good and bad

Berries of goji benefit and harm

European scientists have proved that goji berries arrived from high Tibet:

  • can strengthen immunity,
  • help in fighting depression,
  • to stabilize the heart,
  • can rejuvenate your body.

If you still doubt the inclusion of berries in your daily diet, the Canadian scientist Dr. Mindell has named exactly 33 reasons why it is worth eating this product on a daily basis. In these reasons, you can find and such pressing problems as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, general malaise against a background of a weak immune system. Let's look, do goji berries do good or harm? Do Goji berries benefit and harm? Why "Yes"

The fruits of this plant are called longevity berries, and this is due to the fact that goji have a strong antioxidant effect, protect the body from premature aging. Using every day the permissible dose of fruits of the common tree, that is, goji, the system of vital activity of the body is updated:

  • memory improves;
  • increases sexual possibilities;
  • cells of the epidermis are updated faster, wrinkles disappear;
  • smoothes the "orange peel" on the problem areas of the body;
  • cleanses the intestines, removes harmful toxins and toxins;
  • protects the liver from the effects of fat deposits.

Goji berries

The benefits of goji berries in anemia have been proved, the iron values ​​in this product are several times higher than the benefits of spinach, beef liver, apples, buckwheat and other sources of this mineral.

A huge amount of beta-carotene provides good eyesight for the admirer of the berries of the tree, it is possible to state with certainty: the one who has the goji fruit does not wear glasses!

Among other things, the fruits of dairy are recommended for people who have problems with kidneys and liver, people with diabetes, hypertensives, mentally unbalanced people, and all those who care about their own health and want to live a long and full life.

Benefits of Goji berries for weight loss?

Yes, goji is not a panacea, and not a headache pill that helps after 5 minutes. To learn a foreign language you need time. To lose weight - too. Dietitians around the world have proved that the process of losing weight with goji berries is actively going on thanks to the burning of fats, the normalization of metabolism and health improvement at the cellular level.

Goji stimulates the whole body to lose weight. But we must always remember the calories. Last 5 years, nutritionists analyze the practice of losing weight of different people, including positive and negative reviews on the Internet. It turns out an interesting dependence on the very desire of people to lose weight.

Taking care of proper nutrition, performing physical exercises, and taking goji, people lose 5-7 kg in the first month, 3-5 kg ​​in the second month, and 2-3 kg in the third month. Then the process of losing weight stops, because a person gets his optimal weight.

Correctly eating and eating goji, but without physical exertion, the dynamics is as follows: 4-5 kg ​​in the first month, 2-3 kg in the second, and 2-3 in the third month. This is a wonderful result, especially if you consider that the digestive system was improved and the intestinal microflora was normalized.

The Benefits of Goji Berries for Weight Loss

Why "no"

Healing properties of goji berries often push people to ill-considered actions, and in fact a small overdose of this product can cause insomnia, diarrhea, an allergic rash, possibly nausea and vomiting. And this means that before eating the fruit of the tree, it is necessary to pay attention to a few simple rules.

It is necessary: ​​

  • to consult a doctor;
  • does not exceed the allowable dose;
  • do not mix the product with other ingredients;
  • does not eat berries raw, but rather dried or boiled;
  • carefully study the instructions for the use of goji fruits;
  • does not experiment with the daily rate.

Otherwise, instead of health-improving action, you can get the opposite effect!

Your health is in your hands!

  1. Be in good shape!
  2. Do not be discouraged!
  3. Feel a rush of strength and energy!
  4. Enjoy life!
  5. Rejuvenate vital organs!
  6. Increase immunity!
  7. Improving the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, eyesight, cardiovascular system will help healing goji berry!

Take care of yourself!

It depends on you how you will take the fruits of goji and when. To goji were for good or for nothing! But one is certain for sure, no such sensible person will let pass such a storehouse of vitamins and minerals past oneself. The earlier this useful berry gets to your house, the healthier you and your family will be.

Yagoda has become available in the markets of Ukraine and Russia and far abroad, distributed every day in huge quantities. And if you have not heard anything about this wonderful plant, then look around and imagine how to improve your health after taking in eating such a complex of micronutrients and polysaccharides.

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Goji berries