Cleansing enema - the oldest way to cleanse the body

Cleansing with enema - the oldest way to purify the body

The ancients of the Ancient World used an enema to treat many diseases. This is one of the most ancient ways to cleanse the body. The purification of the enema has not lost its urgency at the present time.

The use of enemas for cleansing the intestines and the body

Cleansing with the enema of the large intestine - the procedure is quite effective and easily applicable at home. In addition to cleansing the body, the use of enemas can significantly improve the overall well-being of a person and save a few extra pounds.

The main purpose of this purification is to remove stool stones, toxins and toxins that can not be removed by yourself. It is the contamination of the body that is often the cause of the disturbed metabolism and the appearance of excess weight.

Features of cleansing enema for weight loss

When using any type of enema, it is desirable to use water at a temperature of about 22 degrees, so as not to burn the large intestine from the inside and not chill it. One session requires 1-2 liters of fluid, depending on the physique of a person.

Cleanses for bowel cleansing are recommended to be applied 1-2 times during the year, in autumn and in spring. Sometimes, when cleaning the intestine, side effects may occur in the form of abdominal pains, diarrhea, constipation, and so on. In such cases, you can slightly reduce the amount of liquid used or replace its composition.

Technique for the application of the enema

For self-staging of enemas, the adaptation is mainly called the Esmarch mug. It is similar to a conventional rubber heating pad, but there is a small hole in the bottom and in addition a rubber thin hose and a special tip are used. Before the first use, it is advisable to boil the tip for several minutes, and wash the hose and hot water bottle with very hot soapy water, then you can wash the device with antibacterial or household soap. Two similar methods are used to establish a cleansing enema.

Technique of using enema

Method the first

  1. On the bed or couch lay an oilcloth, at the level of the pelvis.
  2. Near the bed, put an empty basin or a bucket and lower the end of the oilcloth into it in case of uncontrolled water escape from the intestine.
  3. A mug of Esmara with a poured solution( 1.5-2 liters) is fixed at a height of 1-1.5 meters and lubricate the tip with vegetable oil or oily baby cream.
  4. Release air from the Esmar mug, that is, unscrew the tip a little, wait for the water to flow and turn it back.
  5. Lie on your left side and press your legs to your stomach.
  6. Use a light rotation to insert the tip into the rectum.
  7. Open a bit of the tap on the device for entering the intestine of water.
  8. With intolerable urges to emptying the intestine, reduce the water pressure to a minimum and stroke the stomach in a circular motion.
  9. Wait until there is very little water left in the Esmarch mug, close the cock and remove the tip.
  10. Try to keep water inside at least 10-15 minutes.

Method of the second

  1. Prepare a mug of Esmarch and fill it with a cleaning solution.
  2. Pour a little warm water on the bottom of the tub.
  3. Stand on the tub on all fours to insert the tip into the rectum.
  4. Slightly opening the tap of Esmarch's mug introduces water into the intestines.
  5. By entering approximately 7/8 of the total volume of liquid, close the tap and remove the tip.
  6. 10-15 minutes to keep water inside.

Types of cleansing enemas

Cleansing enema is useful for the body even when using ordinary warm water. To increase the effectiveness of cleansing, enemas with various supplements can be used.

Beet cushion

Peel and finely chop 0.5 kg of raw beet, pour 1 l of boiling water. After 30-40 minutes strain and cool to 20-22 degrees. Duration of 5-12 procedures. Beet cure helps with chronic constipation, dysbiosis, normalizes peristalsis of the intestine. Due to mild effects it can be used in the treatment of children.

Beet enema

Cleansing herb

You can use as a solution for enemas broths of medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, calendula, yarrow, plantain. Indications for use is increased flatulence, can be used as a weak astringent. After the administration of the solution, it is necessary to lie on the right side to improve the absorption of the liquid.

Herbal enema

Honey enema

In 1,5-2 liters of warm boiled water dissolve a tablespoon of honey with the addition of a tablespoon of lemon juice. Hold the liquid in the intestine for 10-15 minutes. Honey enema displays toxins well.

Honey enema

Coffee enema

Three tablespoons of natural ground coffee pour into boiling water and cook over low heat for 12 minutes. Then drain and cool. It is used to stimulate the mucosa of the large intestine, get rid of excess toxins, to improve the adrenal glands, liver and gallbladder. Coffee enema is not recommended for people with increased nervous excitability.

Coffee enema

Slimming enema

In addition to cleansing the body, enemas are often used in the fight against excess weight. Basically, they are used as an additional tool in combination with a diet. As an independent tool for weight loss is often used soda enema.

Enema with soda after the first procedures can save 2-3 kilograms. In the process of using a soda solution for cleaning, the body gets rid of the accumulated slag for years. Soda removes harmful substances from the body, resulting in improved cell performance and increased absorption of nutrients. In addition, the work of the intestine is normalized and metabolism improves. As a result, the body is cleared of excess fat reserves.

For the preparation of soda enema, 20-30 g of soda is dissolved in 0.8 liters of water and heated to 38-42 degrees. Before staging an enema with soda it is desirable to clean the intestines. To do this, you must first put an enema of pure water with a temperature of 22 degrees 2 liters, to improve the effect, you can add a little salt.

After setting the enema out of the water with salt, immediately empty the intestine, inject the soda solution and hold the liquid inside for about half an hour. After clearing the intestine, rinse it again with a two-liter aqueous enema. If the body reacts too strongly to the application of soda, then in the next session should reduce the amount of soda used.

Slimming Enema Soda

Cleansing soda enema for weight loss is applied at intervals of one day and consists of 5 procedures. At this time it is desirable to limit the use of heavy food, the ideal diet will be vegetables and fruits.

Regardless of the type of enema used, it should be remembered that any cleansing enema is only part of the body's recovery process. After cleansing, it is recommended that you observe proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Video on how to properly make an enema

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