Slimming with activated charcoal

Weight loss with activated charcoal

"I want to do nothing and get a lot of money for it. .." Perhaps, only one desire can bypass the popularity of the previous "epic": "I want to eat and not get fat, or even better - lose weight."Nutritionists( and more often - pseudo nutritionists) have been trying for quite some time to "vtyuhat" people from all over the world various miracle cures that need to eat, drink, dissolve, rub into the left armpit, etc., so that the extra pounds magically melted away. However, in fact, all these ingenious inventions, at best, are absolutely useless chalk tablets or ointments for the notorious vaseline. However, we will talk today about a very specific drug, which every person knows who has tasted slightly "fatigued" from a long standing on a shelf of mushrooms - about activated carbon.

Slimming with activated charcoal

How does this even help?

Before starting the story of how to drink activated carbon for weight loss, it is worth making a small digression, designed to help understand the very principle of the action of this type of coal. If you do not go into the terms and technology of manufacturing these tablets, the essence boils down to a simple fact: activated charcoal perfectly absorbs the liquid and very swell at the same time while swelling. Naturally, if you have a medical education, now you restrain yourself from wanting to crush the table behind which you are sitting, but you will agree - if you explain the principle very simply, we said it right.

Now think a little bit in the other direction - what happens when you eat? It is logical to assume that food gets into the stomach and very quickly( if not greatly distracted by chewing) it fills. It is this fact that makes us feel satiated. On the other hand, when our stomach is empty, the brain perfectly understands that such omission needs to be quickly corrected and sends into our consciousness a feeling of hunger.

It turns out a certain dilemma: to lose weight, as you know, you need less heat. .. "eat a lot."To eat less, you do not need to be hungry, but to be hungry - you need to eat "before the blade", which leads us to the beginning of a chain of logical reasoning. And it is this vicious circle that can break activated carbon! Lose weight with activated charcoal is quite feasible for most people, you eat a few pills, wash them down with water, the pills swell, filling your stomach, and you, in turn, feel like a full person.

How many tablets should I drink?

So, we have outlined in general terms how coal helps to lose weight. .. How to take? Very simple. Dosage for weight loss is similar to that recommended for poisoning - one tablet for every 10 kilograms of weight. But they only need to be not on the principle of "Shovel of coal in the furnace and forward", but according to one of the two methods, which are given below.

Option first : it is necessary to eat a handful of coal before each meal, accompanying the tablets with a full glass of water. Naturally, there is no need to pave the way for each sandwich, but before breakfast, lunch and dinner, be kind enough to take a nook of the corner.

Option of the second : for a day you need to eat 10 tablets of coal( regardless of the mass of your body), evenly distributing them by the number of meals. For example, for three meals a formula will be 3 + 3 + 4, and for a five-time 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2.

White or black?

White or black?

We did not accidentally decide to recall white activated carbon immediately after mentioning the dosage. The fact is that this new drug has, albeit a similar, but extremely intensified( in comparison with the black fellow) action. Accordingly, taking 10 tablets of white activated carbon at a time, you will create so many problems that excess weight will seem like a trivial trifle.

White activated carbon( which, by the way, and not coal at all) should be taken for a simpler, but no less effective scheme: 1-2 tablets before each large meal. Start with one tablet, and after a week increase the number to two.

Remember that using white coal for weight loss, you do not significantly increase the efficiency of the process. Its only advantage over black: you need to eat fewer pills at a time.

Disadvantages of the


As you probably know, slimming with coal has a number of pitfalls, otherwise it would cost 50 times more expensive in pharmacies, and only slender people would flutter around the streets.

The whole thing is that activated charcoal does not give you the opportunity to eat a handful of pills, calmly sit down to fill your stomach with several kilograms of fatty meat. Despite the fact that many sites in the style of "How to lose a centner in one night" promise that thanks to their magic technique, a couple of packs of activated charcoal and your money, you will begin to melt like a popsicle in a frying pan, you will not be able to lose weight only thanks to activated charcoal.

Contrary to popular belief all the same pseudo nutritionists, activated charcoal DO NOT burn fats. Its only useful property - you will eat a little less than usual, without experiencing the pangs of hunger. That's all! There is coal for weight loss and hope that only because of this you can lose weight - it's ridiculous.

What you need to do to make coal really help to lose weight

What should be done to ensure that coal really helped to lose weight?

So, you and I have already realized that by eating activated charcoal and continuing to "live according to the old schedule" you will not achieve any result. In addition, do not hope that somewhere there is some special "activated carbon for weight loss" - these tablets are ordinary absorbents and nothing supernatural is expected from them. So what do you do?

First, try to choose a healthy diet. It is in this matter that coal can provide an indispensable service - by reducing the amount of food, but adding coal to the diet, you can significantly reduce the degree of discomfort experienced by slimming people due to a feeling of eternal hunger.

Secondly, go in for sports in any of its manifestations. Try to walk a little more, register for fitness, in a word, do everything possible to ensure that the calories that have been earned in the last few years find the right way - they are put in motion, and not postponed in the sides "for a rainy day," which is unlikely to ever come.

And what others say

And what do others say?

Naturally, if you decide to try something new, even if it's activated charcoal for weight loss, the feedback can greatly facilitate your task, because thanks to them you will know what to expect.

Reviews, as a rule, are of two types: positive and negative. Let's look at the causes of each of these types:

Negative feedback. As a rule, they are left by people who expected some kind of miracle from activated charcoal. Eat a pill, grab a shish kebab, top "finish off" the cake and, lying on the couch in front of the TV, wait for your forms to make all anorexichek in the district enviously lead themselves to fainting. As we have already said, coal only helps( !!!) reduce the number of "incoming" calories in order to achieve a certain success, it is necessary somewhere to put those that have already accumulated in the body over the past few years gluttony. And it is precisely to ensure this "outflow" that the authors of negative reviews forget.

Positive feedback. They leave much more conscious people who understand: there are no easy ways. These people are actively combating excess weight: they are trying to reduce calorie intake, lead an active lifestyle, and activated charcoal for them is just an assistant, capable in some way to alleviate this struggle.

Slimming with activated charcoal


Finally, do not forget that any drug, even such harmless as activated charcoal, has its contraindications. In particular, if you are experiencing digestive problems, it is strongly recommended not to use activated carbon - at best you will experience a certain imbalance between how many products you have and. .. how many are coming out. In neglected cases, the use of coal during digestive problems can result in a pleasant and very strong sleep on the surgeon's table.

In a word, be careful, be reasonable and do not cherish illusions. A beautiful figure is worth the effort and without them you "do not shine".Finally a few videos, in support of these words:

Video about activated charcoal

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