Therapeutic diet for type 2 diabetes mellitus

Therapeutic diet for diabetes mellitus type 2

All diabetics know perfectly well that sugar, sweet pastries, flour and fried foods are contraindicated. And to learn more and more in detail, I advise you to read this article.

The diet for type 2 diabetes mellitus helps the body cope with the digestion of food, better absorption of sugar and the absence of fat cells.

The fact is that when the digestive system can not cope with the volume of carbohydrates that the person who has been ill receives during meals, the cells respond more slowly to insulin sensitivity, and as a consequence, the blood sugar level rises.

Going to a limited diet for type 2 diabetics Switching to a limited diet for type 2 diabetics

We start to slowly remove from the diet products with a high level of carbohydrates. First, we release the kitchen table from cookies, sweets, cakes, sweet rolls, put instead of muffins, sliced ​​fresh vegetables and fruits, various berries.

If you really want a sweet, then you need to limit the daily ration of carbohydrate products, instead of bread, potatoes, eat a piece of cake.

For an approximate control over the level of utility of the products, one should proceed in this way.

During the meal, we divide the plate into four parts, fill half with vegetables and fruits, in the third part we put the proteins, and the fourth part - the starchy carbohydrates.

Approximate dietary menu for diabetes mellitus for a week

When proteins and carbohydrates are combined with a small amount of vegetable fats, the level of sugar in the blood remains stable. Thus, it is possible to maintain the desired indicator for a long time and worries about the relapse of the disease.

Drinks should be taken before meals, preferably 1-20 minutes. It is forbidden to have carbonated and sweet compotes, milk-and-milk products, tea, simple and mineral water, domestic juices without sugar and preservatives are allowed.

Instead of bread, put the oatmeal in the cutlets, cook the long grainy dark rice.

There are numerous recipes, like with vegetables and fruits, make wonderful side dishes and snacks. If you do not like raw vegetables, then you can bake them, boil, put out, bake on the grill.

Experiment during cooking, add your zest to the ration, eat slowly, chew on each piece, think about something pleasant, listen to your favorite music, tune yourself to a positive mood.

The diet of a patient with diabetes should last a lifetime, the body will not forgive indulgences and violations, the basic rules.

We eat often, regularly, we keep a special diary, where we note all the pros and cons of your current diet.

Do not forget about physical exercises, which are also necessary, like diet, to avoid subsequent deplorable results.

Sample diet menu for the week

Breakfast: fried eggs with quail eggs and asparagus

Second breakfast: salad with squid, green apples and walnuts

Lunch: beetroot and baked eggplant with garnet

Snack: avocado, nuts

Dinner: salmon steak with radish sauce

Before going to bed: a glass of low-fat kefir or green tea.

Approximate dietary menu for diabetes mellitus for week 2

The menu should be tasty and useful, you can perfectly manage without the sweet and flour, eating vegetables, fruits, seafood, walnuts, greens.

Today, the diet for diabetics is very versatile and interesting. You do not have to sit on some apples and complain about your wretched life.

Everyone has the right to make their diet unique and satisfying, without harm to health and internal organs.

It is important to monitor the weight, not allowing it to increase.

It should be noted that there are many diets for diabetics today, but they all boil down to reducing the level of carbohydrate foods in the diet of the sick.

Still staying in the hospital on examination, of course, you will write out a universal diet for diabetes № 9, to create the necessary conditions for the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. The nutrition system will depend on the results of the patient's tests, overall health, degree of activity and personal needs of the person.

If diabetes is accompanied by a kidney disease, then you should reduce the intake of protein foods in the diet to neither overload the organs.

Chemical composition and energy value of diet number 9

Proteins 100 g, fats 70-80 g( of which 25 g of vegetable), carbohydrates 300 g mainly due to complex, simple carbohydrates exclude or sharply limit;caloricity of 2300 kcal;nicotinic acid 18 mg, ascorbic acid 100 mg;sodium 3.7 g, potassium 4 g, calcium 0.8 g, phosphorus 1.3 g, iron 15 mg. A free liquid of 1,5 l.

Such a diet is an excellent solution with a sharp increase in weight and a tendency to obesity.

Only you choose which diet for diabetes is the most effective, because your health is in your hands.

Recommendations of dieticians and user advice on the effectiveness and value of diets for diabetics

If you have found a type 2 diabetes diet is simply necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the internal organs.

  • The first thing that should be done, flatly abandon the harmful products, sweet, flour, fried, canned, fatty and salty. According to the table of digestion of carbohydrates it is necessary to plan an everyday diet.
  • Eat often and in small portions, combining exercise with a light snack. Vegetables and fruits should always be present on the diabetic table.
  • When choosing juices, one should be careful, it is better to make them at home, controlling the amount of sugar and pulp in their basis.
  • Do not overeat, do not saturate the body with carbohydrates and fats.
  • Monitor the amount of protein and plant foods.
  • More to walk in the fresh air, think about the favorable. Try to avoid the stressful situations that can aggravate the course of the disease.
  • In addition, introduce vitamin complexes and medications.

Diabetes is not a sentence, but a change in the process of cooking and eating food! If you follow the strict instructions of the doctor and follow the daily diet, you can fully live your whole life and not remember about this disease.

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