Safe protein diet for pregnant women

Safe protein diet for pregnant women

During the gestation of a child, the future mother should be careful about food, especially when the weight increases dramatically and there are difficulties in moving. Nutritionists are very scrupulous about giving out diets, it's probably a special diet for 9 months, than any system of losing weight. The healthier the mother, the better the baby feels in the womb, so why not create a comfortable and effective environment for his growth.

What in itself conceals a protein diet for pregnant women? What rules and features does it contain?

First, there are no restrictions on nutrition, the child should receive a full complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are contained in many foods, even very high in calories. The daily dose of protein does not exceed 120 g, this is quite enough to normalize the weight and not to stock up with extra pounds.

First of all, you need to keep enough dairy products in the diet, preferably low fat content and without preservatives and sweeteners. Maybe home production, it would be very useful and profitable. Milk is not worth taking, enough two glasses a day, a slice of cheese, cottage cheese and eggs should be in the everyday menu, starting from the first semester of pregnancy. Calcium, magnesium, which are so rich in these products, are very necessary for a small organism.

Seafood and fish are useful for the future mom, because such proteins are well absorbed by the digestive system. Cooking fish products need only a couple, so there is a large number of vitamins, which pass from mother to child. Choosing seafood, you must carefully read the etiquette, strictly observe the expiration dates, and with the slightest suspicion of stale appearance it is better to refrain from their admission.

From the diet it is necessary to completely exclude tasty, but absolutely useless and even harmful products, cakes, cakes, fresh white bread, chocolate, sugar, in exchange it is better to eat fruits and drink natural juices.

You need to eat small portions 4-5 times a day, so the saturation of the organism is faster, there is no feeling of hunger and the desire to eat sweets and cookies.

diet for pregnant women - a glass of kefir

Before going to bed, you need to drink a glass of yogurt and eat a few spoons of cottage cheese.

A salt-free protein diet is great for those who suffer with swelling, because difficult to remove fluid from the body creates swelling of the legs and hands, and salt, as is known, is the primary cause of water retention in the body of any person.

future moms should say NO :

  • spicy and savory
  • ketchup and mayonnaise
  • concentrates, semi-finished products and even home preservation
  • all seasonings and spices
  • habits
  • bakery products
  • sweet drinks, cocktails
  • fried foods
  • different kinds of fungi
  • ice cream, condensed milk
  • strong tea or coffee
  • to fatty dairy products
  • certain types of herbal infusions that can cause undesirable consequences, this is a touchhawthorn, thyme, wormwood, etc.

Only fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably ripened naturally, a lot of greenery, do not forget about the pharmacy vitamin complex, which is so necessary to maintain the proper functioning of all organs of the mother and child.

Diet for pregnant women for weight loss according to each trimester

Diet for pregnant women for weight loss according to each trimester of bearing a child

The first trimester is very serious and promising, the woman just found out about such wonderful news, and the first question - what to do? How to balance nutrition, so that the fetus develops correctly, and vitamins and trace elements are enough for two.

Diet for pregnant women 1 trimester implies a reduction in the amount of high-calorie food, remove all harmful products from the diet, emphasis is placed on the quality of the substances consumed. Proteins and vitamins, this is the main "building material" for the bones and tissues of the future baby.

  • More fruits, juices
  • Vegetables and greens.

And also:

  • Sea fish
  • Fatty cottage cheese
  • Whole bread
  • Buckwheat groats
  • Nuts.

Minor physical activities, slow walking, swimming, jogging are permissible.

Diet for pregnant women second trimester

Diet for pregnant women of the 2nd trimester is characterized by an increase in the calorie content of foods, but this should not be done at the expense of sweet. And to drive in a diet a lot of vegetable fats. Even advised in a raw form to drink two tablespoons of butter per day, but here to use sour cream, cream is not recommended.

Do not forget about the use of vitamins of natural natural origin, carrots, legumes, fruits, oven, eggs, meat, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese milk.

NO to products with a high cholesterol content:

  • Sausages
  • Salo
  • Caviar
  • Baking
  • Butter( vegetable can be).

Also exclude pickles and citrus fruits in order to avoid allergic reactions.

You can once a week to spend unloading days on kefir or green apples.

Less fluid and NO alcohol.

Diet for pregnant women The third trimester

The diet is completely changing, the pregnancy diet for the 3rd trimester is very strict and contains many restrictions. Basic rules for feeding the future mummy:

  • Minimal caloric content of food
  • Increase in intake of food up to 7 times
  • Add dried fruits steamed in boiling water
  • Minimum liquid, up to 1 liter, including soups and drinks
  • The amount of table salt should not exceed 5 grams per day
  • Concentrated meat and fish broths to exclude from food, only steamed fish in the morning
  • Cooking food only on vegetable oil
  • We arrange unloading days several times a week.

Strictly control the weight, this affects the ease of the process of the child's appearance.

Diets for pregnant women with swelling and constipation

Diets for a pregnant woman with swelling and constipation

Diets for a pregnant woman with swelling

Swelling occurs due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body, and the enlarging uterus squeezes the blood vessels.

In order to avoid serious consequences, it is necessary to limit the amount of salt used, it is possible to abandon it altogether. Cook the food only for a couple or cook, and also refrain from your favorite home preserves.

Drinking fluid, according to recent studies, does not affect the increase in swelling of tissues, so you need to drink at least 1 liter a day and do not listen to anyone, what would not you say pediatricians and dear grandmother.

Diets for pregnant women with constipation

Constipation is a sign of improper operation of the digestive tract, some product is not digested as expected. Most likely in nutrition there is a small amount of fiber. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to introduce into the diet pumpkin, beetroot, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, dried fruits steamed in water. Yoghurt and low-fat milk, yogurt also helps. A glass for the night and no problems with the stool.

During constipation, you can not eat white bread, chocolate, semolina, strong tea and other products that cause discomfort and malfunction of the intestinal tract in the future mummy.

Dietitian's advice Svetlana Fus

"Dear future and real moms, on your careful attitude to food depends on the health of the kids. Honestly, I do not see any difficulties and obstacles to take in one day to abandon all the harmful substances that we are used to stuffing ourselves and our family. Healthy food gives joy, pleasure, comfort, a good mood, and also plays a role in the budgetary sphere.

Do not believe someone who says that vegetarians are very fastidious to food and spend much more money than meat eaters. It is not so, everything is known in comparison. Get a notebook, draw a table of useful products, perhaps calculate their caloric content and watch the results. You will not only lose weight, you will normalize metabolic processes, it will become easier to breathe and even live.

And what about the pregnant woman, when the future health of a small crumb completely depends on it. You see how serious it all is. And do not be tempted by a chocolate bar or delicious aromatic cake. When you clearly understand that from him there is no rent, so why is it there. Be reasonable. Health to you and your children! "

Recommendations of nutritionist Rimma Moiseenko

" I, the mother of two adult sons, and the grandmother of three grandchildren. For several decades I have been dealing with the problem of excess weight and developing my own effective methods of eliminating it. I released a number of books that describe in detail all my hypotheses and arguments about overweight.

I think that every woman can be slim and fit, so in the early years, you need to give time to proper diet planning and a balanced diet. Then it will be easy, without changing habits, to endure a baby, do not suffer from the problem of the appearance of extra pounds after pregnancy, to be always young and attractive. But it depends on the food and the outer shell of a person, eyes, skin, hair, nails, chest, priest. Yes, yes, and this is only the beginning of my research.

During pregnancy, the intake of plant natural vitamins, trace elements is important first of all, why should you stuff yourself with pharmaceuticals when nature has given us so many fruits and vegetables.

Dear moms, do not torment yourself with questions about excess weight, as soon as you stop to think about it, where this problem will go. All processes in the body begin from the subconscious, well, then you only decide how to dispose of them.

Do not make mistakes in youth and there will be no sadness in old age! »

Diet for pregnant women is a balanced system of healthy nutrition for mother and future child.

Easy for you childbirth and a beautiful, touching inspiring period of motherhood!