Diet Rimma Moisenko - a simple way to lose weight

Diet of Rimma Moisenko - a simple way to lose weight

On the Internet today you can find a lot of methods of losing weight. And, how to make the right choice and give preference to one?

In order not to encounter any side effects and additional weight gain after the end of any weight loss course, we suggest that you pay attention to the diet of Rimma Moisenko.

Principles of the diet of Rimma Moysenko

Turning to the history of the diet, it should be noted that Rimma Moisenko herself is a practicing dietician with a long record of work. In this technique, she outlined the main approaches to proper nutrition for problem-free weight loss, weight maintenance and a gradual transition to a nutrition system that is natural to the body, and has the ability to improve and rejuvenate it.

I must say that all approaches in this system can be called classical for dietetics, and therefore effective.

  1. The diet should start on Monday, preferably on the waning moon, in a relatively quiet psychologically and in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Before the course requires a ten-day preparation with the restriction of the amount of fast carbohydrates( sweet, flour), alcohol, pickles, smoked products, fish, meat, coffee.
  3. During preparation( detoxification of the body), one should eat 2 fruits and dishes from cereals, vegetable food and broth daily, and drink 2 liters of pure water, herbal decoctions and teas.
  4. Next, there is a 2-week cycle of a diet called "I grow thin," when the daily calorie intake drops by 300-600 kcal from the norm and meals are carried out according to the scheme: up to 700 g of vegetables, 100 g of meat or fish, up to 200 g of fruits or berries, 100 g porridge and 100 grams of cottage cheese. At this time, slowly eat up to 250 grams of food at a time. The power mode should be fractional.
  5. The third period "I do not get better".It can be long. It is important to comply with all the rules of the previous stage and control the caloric content on the principle of "intake should equal consumption," the admission of your favorite dishes once a week and the organization of 2 times a week of fasting days.

Diet of Rimma Moisenko


Regarding the Moisenko diet, the opinions of specialists and users agree in a positive evaluation of all principles and its high effectiveness. Many choose it as a system of further nutrition for themselves and their families.

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Video about the author's diet Moisenko