Coconut oil: hair mask for hair loss

Coconut oil: hair mask from falling out

Coconut oil itself was used by Cleopatra as a cosmetic for hair care. And this product of natural origin truly deserves respect and love from the female half of the world's population, as it is truly capable of doing miracles.

Coconut oil: properties of

Coconut oil has a unique ability to retain protein in the hair structure, which is a kind of building material for it. And when washing your head, especially often, this very protein is simply washed out, resulting in damaged and brittle hair prone to loss.

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Hair loss mask with coconut oil also nourishes and moisturizes curls, giving them a natural shine and a healthy appearance. But most importantly, the use of this miracle product allows you to create an invisible film on the scalp, which prevents swelling and damage to the hair during washing. But it is during the washing of the head that we often notice that our curls fall out in a very large amount. As a result of long-term use of masks based on coconut oil, the hair is completely transformed after a month. They become strong and resilient, and gain strength for independent confrontation with external irritant factors.

Coconut oil: Properties

Application of coconut oil for hair at home

Hair mask with coconut oil can be used by absolutely anyone. Especially it is suitable for people with dry and brittle hair, which need special care. Coconut oil can be used in its pure form. It is simply rubbed into the scalp with massage movements, and after a couple of hours washed off with warm water using shampoo.

In case the hair is badly damaged, you can use this mask: a couple tablespoons of coconut oil should be heated in a water bath and mix it with the pulp of a whole banana and a tablespoon of fatty sour cream. The mixture should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair, and after 30 - 40 minutes, rinse under running warm water. If you want to know how else you can prepare masks from coconut oil, you can watch the following video clips, in which the whole process of preparing therapeutic masks based on coconut oil is described step by step:

Video about the ways of using coconut oil

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