Mask of cucumber for the face: discover the secrets of youth

Mask of cucumber for the face: discover the secrets of youth

Cucumber is a vegetable known all over, rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a number of unique properties, due to which it was used for the preparation of various cosmetic products and not only at home, but also in industrial production.

Cucumber impact on the skin

Cucumber has a huge number of different micro and macro elements. But this is not the case, since such a rich composition can boast almost every vegetable and fruit. The peculiarity of the cucumber is that its pH is similar to the pH of the human skin, which contributes to improving the perception of all these beneficial substances by the skin. And this feature is not possessed by any other vegetable.

But, of course, speaking of the benefits of cucumber, we can not say about its composition. It contains a lot of B vitamins, which have soothing, regenerating, cleansing and rejuvenating effects.

And its constituent minerals and organic acids contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the cells, improving blood circulation and rapid healing of wounds on the skin surface.

But apart from all this, the microelements that make up the complex contribute to the development of its own collagenous frame, due to which we can safely say that this vegetable is the most affordable anti-aging agent.

In general, the benefits of using a cucumber for the skin are very large. The absence of irritating and aggressive substances in its composition makes it possible to use it every day, even to maintain the beauty and youth of the skin around the eyes!

Face masks from cucumber for the face

The simplest mask of cucumber is prepared as follows: the vegetable should be washed under running water, cut into slices of 2 - 3 mm thick and put them on a cleaned face. That the cucumber did not fall off, it is necessary to cover the person with a napkin on which there are slits for eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Recipes of masks from a cucumber for the face

This mask requires complete relaxation from the person. So lie on the couch or bed and lie down for about half an hour. Then remove the napkin and cucumber slices from the face, and pat the skin with a soft cloth to remove excess liquid.

If you have oily skin prone to rash, you can use a cucumber lotion, which is very easy to prepare at home. To do this, take the cucumber and grate it. Then pour vodka( it should be 4 times more than cucumber) and put it in a dark place, tightly closing the lid with a container, in which the lotion was prepared. After two weeks, the tincture must be filtered and it can be used for its intended purpose. Cucumber lotion needs to rub the skin every day. Keep it in the refrigerator.

You can also prepare cucumber ice cubes, which will also be an excellent cosmetic for every woman. First, they eliminate bags and bruises under the eyes, making the look more expressive and rested. Secondly, it disinfects the skin, preventing the appearance of acne and acne. And thirdly, such ice has a narrowing and rejuvenating effect.

It is prepared as follows: grate cucumber( 1 or 2 pieces), squeeze juice out of it and pour it into ice molds. Put in the freezer and wait for their complete freezing( this will take 5 to 10 hours).It is also necessary to wipe each such ice cubes daily. They can be used as holders of dry skin, and fatty.

Cucumber face mask at home can be prepared from the following ingredients:

  • cucumber;
  • honey.

Recipes of masks from a cucumber for the face

First you need to grind the cucumber. You will need only ½ of this beautiful green vegetable. To grind it, you can use a small grater, and you can blender, so the mass will be more homogeneous. Mix the resulting cucumber slurry with a full teaspoon of natural honey and apply the mixture for half an hour to the skin of the face.

Honey must be taken liquid. If you have only candied at home, it's okay. Melt it in a water bath, but be careful not to heat honey over 40 ° C, otherwise all its useful properties will evaporate.

This mask has a rejuvenating effect. But this does not mean that it can not be used by young girls. This mask of cucumber and honey perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy color and radiance.

Apply the cucumber to the skin of the face regularly and you will notice how your appearance will change after 1 - 2 months. You will become younger and fresh, which, naturally, will not remain unnoticed by surrounding people!

Video with cucumber masks for the face

Video with a cucumber mask