Standard hypocholesterolemic diet

Standard hypocholesterolemic diet

The standard hypocholesterolemic diet is used to lower cholesterol, it is useful to people, both overweight and normal.

Basic principles of dietary nutrition

The diet was developed by physicians who used a scientific approach to the problem of high cholesterol in the body of every person. Thanks to the balanced menu, the hypocholesteremic diet stabilizes the lipid metabolism, strengthens the nails and hair, and leads the skin in order.

Principles of eating a hypocholesterolemic diet are based on several recommendations:

  • should include in the diet vegetables and fruits;
  • to spend unloading days;
  • to eat at the same time;
  • dinner 3 hours before bedtime;
  • chewing thoroughly and slowly;
  • minimum use of salt and other condiments;
  • cook steamed food, without adding oil;
  • regularly enter into the diet of fermented milk products;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Standard hypocholesterolemic diet - approximate menu for one day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal or buckwheat on water with honey, baked apples and cinnamon. A glass of skimmed milk, a toast with honey.
  • Second breakfast: any vegetables and freshly squeezed juice.
  • Lunch: boiled rice with chicken breast, vegetable salad, a glass of kefir. You can also make vegetable soup, eat a slice of rye bread with a piece of low-fat cheese.
  • For dinner bake fish in foil, vegetables to choose from, turkey with buckwheat and light salad may be an alternative.
  • Before going to bed a glass of water or low-fat kefir. You can eat one green apple.

Standard hypocholesterolemic diet - an approximate menu for one day

Recommended for this diet to increase the consumption of fish, seafood, poultry, fruits, berries, vegetables and cereals.

Once a week, spend unloading days on one of the fruits or vegetables. Food can be taken up to 4 times a day, preferably in small portions.


Concerning pregnant, breast-feeding, with cancer, to persons under 18 years old, and also to those who have problems with the kidneys.

Weight loss results

The hypocholesterolemic diet is aimed at the treatment and normalization of the functioning of all human organs, and not in the fight against excess weight. It performs medical functions and is shown to almost all people.

Reviews of the hypocholesterolemic diet

Maria Petrovna, 50 years old.

When I ran into the issue of high cholesterol in the blood, I decided to start adhering to special dietary rules in addition to the medications, in order to restore my body. In this case I was helped by a hypocholesterolemic diet that normalized my rate. And in general, I began to feel much better and more comfortable. My diet included sour-milk products, chicken dishes, turkeys, vegetable salads, smoothies, steamed fish, stewed vegetables, eggs, cereals with dried fruits. I discovered many interesting dishes that I had not eaten before. This helped me to diversify the diet and make it more useful and nutritious. In addition to solving the issue of cholesterol, I also lost 5 kg in 4 weeks. I was surprised by the results of the hypocholesterolemic diet, so I will be happy to stick to the basics of her nutrition.

Viktor Ivanovich, 38 years old.

This diet helped me with obesity, when there was a serious question about excessive weight gain. Weight gradually began to decline after the first week of diet, my nutritionist painted me a detailed menu, which I have been following for several years. Of course, I change and improve some moments, but in general I like everything. Overweight problem solved! I'm happy! As if he was born again. And cholesterol returned to normal, which proves the positive effect of the hypocholesterolemic diet on the body of every person.

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