Diets of Hollywood stars - how grow thin Hollywood stars?

Diets of Hollywood stars - how grow thin Hollywood stars?

From the exterior of Hollywood stars depends not only on their overall well-being, but also on their career. For most movie stars, a great figure is the key to success. In the maintenance of harmony, the initial place is occupied by a variety of diets. In this case, the diets of Hollywood stars are very diverse and almost every Hollywood star has its own recipe for weight loss.

Diet of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's Diet

Angelina Jolie's preference is given to the soup diet. Star diet consists of vegetable soup, which saturates the body with useful vitamins and healthy fiber.

Consumption of soup can be combined with vegetable salads, dressed with olive oil, cold okroshka or beetroot, green apples. Losing weight Jolie passes without harm to the body.

Diet Sharon Stone

Diet Sharon Stone

Always young and irresistible Sharon Stone is losing weight on the basis of the glycemic index. Her favorite diet is the "multi-colored" diet from Rick Gallup. The basis of the diet of Ston are low-calorie foods of green color, which also have the property to reduce cravings for food. As a treat Sharon uses products of yellow color. But there is no red color on the superstar's table at all, as it provokes an increase in appetite.

The Demi Moore Diet

Diet Demi Moore

The large children's movie star Demi Moore maintain a magnificent appearance helps the "raw" diet. Diet diet allows the use of only those products that have not undergone heat treatment, that is, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, low-fat dairy products. As a consumable liquid, the star uses ordinary water or fresh fruit juices.

Diet Julia Roberts

The famous "beauty" Roberts grows thin on a fish diet, the basis of which is salmon. Boiled or steamed salmon is supplemented with a small amount of vegetable salads, unsweetened fruits, porridges on water and green tea. This diet allows not only to lose weight, but also to improve the external state of the skin due to the content of fatty acids in fish. In addition to Julia Roberts, "fish" weight loss is preferred by Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham.

Diet Jennifer Aniston

Diet Jennifer Aniston

The addiction to fullness that Jennifer Aniston does not hide makes her exclude from the daily diet white bread, potatoes, white rice and sugar, peeled cereals. The basis of nutrition Aniston is dairy products, vegetables and still water.

Among other things, Jennifer applies the "zonal" diet of Barry Sears. The principle of this diet is in the division by zones of all consumed food. One meal should consist of 40% of complex carbohydrates, 30% of healthy fats and 30% of proteins.

Diet Jessica Simpson

The main secret of harmony of Jessica Simpson is a balanced diet. The basis of the diet of the star is made up of vegetables in combination with protein cocktails. Sweets, half-finished products and fast food are completely excluded. The abundance of fiber, protein and vitamins at low calorie and allow Jessica to look great.

Miranda Kerr Diet

Miranda Kerr Diet

"Face" of the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Company Miranda Kerr supports her figure with the help of a diet based on the blood group. This dietary method, invented by J. d'Adamo, asserts that people with the first blood group should mainly eat meat, the second group of blood, on the contrary, presupposes giving up meat; for people with a third blood group, the basis of nutrition should be dairy products,the fourth blood group is a mixture of selected foods.

Diet Uma Thurman

Unusual diet Uma Thurman will like sweet tooth. The nutrition of the actress consists of fruit ice cream, bitter chocolate and low-fat puddings. This diet allows the star to quickly lose extra pounds. According to nutritionists, this delicious diet can be useful only if it lasts no more than five days and portions of food do not cause overeating.

Diet Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Diet

Weight loss supermodel Adriana Lima is based on fractional nutrition. Lima eats 5-6 times a day and in breaks between meals it drinks a lot of clean water without gas. At the same time, Adriana completely excludes alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, semi-finished products and flour products from her diet.

Diets of Hollywood stars help them to put their body in order. But besides that there are some secrets of everyday eating. For example, Beyonce resorts to extreme weight loss based on lemon and maple juices and pepper water. Cameron Diaz completely refuses to use "white" products - white bread, rice, pasta, cookies. Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz start the morning with a mandatory breakfast. In any case, like ordinary people, movie stars choose a diet based on the characteristics of their body and the desired result.

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