Unloading days for weight loss on cucumbers

Unloading days for weight loss on cucumbers

Cucumber preventive nutrition system is the most effective, in 100 g of vegetable contains 20 Kcal, claimed among show stars of business, the cucumber diet of Xenia Borodina uses a special polarity.

Cucumbers are a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  • Potassium, normalizes the functioning of the circulatory system
  • Alkaline salts help neutralize dangerous acids for the body
  • Iodine helps to digest food
  • Fiber regulates the digestive system
  • Vegetables have an excellent diuretic and laxative properties that help to cleanse the intestines from harmful substances and normalize the water-salt balance.

A traditional and efficient day of relieving cucumbers

  • You need to stock up 2 kg of fresh cucumbers, but canned and pickled will be less useful and effective in the system of losing weight.

During the day, you need to eat fresh cucumbers without salt, with a peel. Required abundant drink.2 liters per day. The result is minus 800-900 g per day.

  • Unloading day on cucumber salad means the following recipe: 200 g celery, 1 kg cucumber, a bunch of greens, all mixed, season with lemon juice and kefir low fat.

We eat salad throughout the day, there may be laxative effect or upset of the stool, but it will help to clear the bowels faster, and in a few days everything will recover. This kefir-cucumber diet will help quickly remove excess kilograms from the problem areas.

  • The cucumber drink is no less nutritious and is excellent for a day of unloading. The norm of the day is 250 ml, we grind 500 g of cucumber without skin, a little celery and lime juice on a blender.
  • If it is very difficult to carry a whole day on cucumbers, you can add 150 grams of cooked meat to the diet. The effect will be less effective, weight loss 400-500 g per day.

Traditional and efficient day of cucumber

Such unloading days can be carried out twice a week, this will help speed up the metabolic processes to normalize the deception of substances, lose excess pounds and restore the intestine.

Note. Cucumber greatly increases the level of acidity of gastric juice, so for those people who have stomach problems, gastritis, ulcers, it is contra-indicated such fasting days for weight loss.

You also need to be careful about such preventive methods for pregnant and lactating breasts. The child should receive every day all the necessary vitamins and minerals, regardless of the size of the figure and the wishes of the mother.

Unloading day on cucumbers reviews

Oksana Petrenko

"To be slim and always in a good mood, I'm helped by days off on cucumbers. A few years ago my mother told me an excellent recipe for a cucumber slimming system, after which I decided to conduct preventive methods once a week. The basis, which was fresh cucumbers and dill greens. I made salads, ate in kind, made cocktails, tried to diversify the menu of a fasting day. Minus one kilogram per day is a great result. I thank my mother for such necessary and necessary advice. Sincerely, Oxana Petrenko »


« Michael in his 32 years thoroughly thought about the healthy nutrition, the ability to clean the intestines quickly and efficiently. In this he was helped by green fresh cucumbers. At first it was hard to stay on a cucumber salad for a whole day, so you had to bring in other foods, meat, fruits, and then, when the stomach was reduced in volume, and the feeling of hunger ceased to torment your thoughts, it became much easier. Today I spend twice a week cucumber procedures, Monday and Friday, stopped consuming less alcohol, completely abandoned cigarettes and seemed to live anew. I am happy with my life and I respect myself for such an important act in my life. Now my health is in my hands, and no one can convince me otherwise! "

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