Vegan diet for weight loss

Vegan diet for weight loss

What is it? The most cruel form of vegetarianism. The vegan diet implies the exclusion from the diet of all products of the animal world. The philosophy of the current justifies such dietary rules in that animals are kept in captivity and forced to give milk, fur, fat and other products.

Vegan slimming system

Adhering to the basics of nutrition, it should be understood that the Vegen diet is very meager, it lacks a lot of nutritional elements, vitamin and microelements. Their deficiency often leads to anemia, excessive nervous disorders. During the diet, you need to carefully monitor your health, be sure to use vitamin supplements.

The menu of the vegan diet

The diet can include beans and various cereals, fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, dairy soy products. Under strict prohibition are all kinds of fish, meat, poultry, sour-milk drinks, eggs, coffee, fast food and sweet products.

For breakfast, you can make a deruny, a salad of vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice, green tea without sweets. At the second breakfast, a mixture of dried fruits, or freshly squeezed juices.

Menu of the vegan diet

Lunch: lean soup from a color crop, juice. For dinner, stuffed cabbage rolls without meat, vegetable salad and infusion of herbs are made.

Positive aspects of the technique:

  • For a week, weight loss is 5 to 7 kg.
  • The body is effectively cleared of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.
  • Improves skin condition, reduces pigmentation, and clears the face of acne.
  • Eliminates the severity in the stomach, it becomes even "easier to breathe".

Negative aspects of nutrition:

  • The vegan diet for weight loss causes deficiency of necessary components, which are catastrophically needed for the full development of each organ.
  • Food, especially exotic fruits, require increased financial costs, which not everyone can lose weight by pocket.
  • The absence of proteins in the body can very quickly lead to the withering and aging of the entire human body.

Vegan Diet Jennifer Lopez

The 22-day vegan diet of a famous celebrity helps her maintain her figure in excellent condition, most importantly, do not sit on her for more than a week and try to diversify the menu with a variety of types of fruits and vegetables.

Reviews and results of the vegan diet

The effectiveness of the diet is quite high, but here it is very difficult to sustain all the basics of such nutrition. You can, of course, prepare in advance for this process, exclude meat from the ration and try to replace it with dishes from vegetables. But anyway, the reviews of female representatives in most cases are positive.

Reviews and results of a vegan diet

But doctors do not recommend to follow such rules of the vegan diet often, so that the vitamin deficiency does not appear in a negative way on the state of human organs.

Attention: diversify the diet and add more useful products to it with nuts, berries, seeds, a large number of cereals, greens. To eat it is necessary at the first desire, to drink up to 3 liters of liquid a day.

The vegan diet is suitable for people of any age, however, it is better to avoid such a shortage of food for pregnant and lactating women. And also should take into account the individual characteristics of each organism when eating a huge amount of plant foods.

This is such an amazing and original system of losing weight in vegan! If you are ready to share their life principles, then such a nutrition system will bring you only positive emotions and wonderful results!

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