Myths and reality about losing weight on the carrot diet

Myths and reality about losing weight on the carrot diet

Can I lose weight with carrots? Classical Soviet dietology gives an unambiguous answer that carrots are not a product that should be worth a big bet, starting with the fight against excess weight. But it concerns more of boiled carrots, since its glycemic index is really very high and reaches 80 units. Than it threatens? This indicator is directly related to the increase of sugar in the blood and, accordingly, the appearance of a strong appetite.

Agree, with the intention to lose weight, this turn of events is completely out of place. So, why do many modern systems of proper nutrition and newfangled diets not do without dishes from carrots and in general can carrots be on a diet? The answer to this question will be a detailed examination of the benefits and harms of the orange vegetable for the human body.

Useful properties of carrots

Useful properties of carrots

Before proceeding to the description of diets on carrots, it is necessary to divide the concepts of the use of fresh and boiled product.

  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which contributes to the improvement of skin color and condition, its regeneration and improvement of metabolic processes in it. Due to this during the diet, stretch marks and sagging of the skin are not formed. In addition, this vitamin is a vitamin of growth, which is very important in childhood. For adults, this function is manifested in improving the condition of bones and muscles. But it is worth remembering that vitamin A is fat-soluble and its benefits are several times higher when extinguishing and frying a vegetable with butter. You can eat raw carrots and in the form of salads with fatty supplements, but the assimilation of the vitamin will still be much lower.
  • Carrots have a large number of dietary fiber that have a good effect on intestinal motility, contributing to its healthy and regular cleansing of leftovers and accumulated slags. But here, too, everything is not easy. After all, raw carrots are an aggressive food and people with pancreatic diseases, its use in significant amounts threatens with complications. When cooking or another method of heat treatment, this harmful property disappears.
  • In its raw form, carrots have a low glycemic index and low caloric value. That gives grounds to use it in different diets. In the case of the prepared product, as mentioned above, the glycemic index rises sharply. To minimize these indicators and to make full use of useful, boiled, stewed or fried carrots, they are used in conjunction with products with low glycemic index. In general, a balanced dish is obtained, which has a huge benefit for overall health and for getting rid of excess kilograms in particular.

Thus, it can be concluded that both boiled carrots for weight loss and raw are useful products if you know all the subtleties of their "behavior" in different states. In such cases, you can safely include it in your daily and dietary diet.

Variants of carrot diets

Variants of carrot diets

Having decided to lose weight with carrots, you can resort to several options for diets.

  1. Fast mono-diet

    Before its beginning it is necessary to estimate well a condition of the health, in particular digestive system. Because during the diet will be a significant burden on all its organs due to the need to digest a large amount of vegetables. In this diet, carrots are used in raw form. It is held for three days, for which you can lose 3-4 kg.

    The menu of the diet on carrots

    The basis of the menu is a slimming salad from carrots - 500 g and kefir - 1 l. Which are divided into five receptions. During the day you can drink up to 3 cups of green tea and at least 2 liters of water without gases.

    Carrot salad is prepared according to the following recipe:

    • shreds carrots 100 grams on a large grater;
    • is added a teaspoon of olive oil or 2 teaspoons of sour cream;
    • is added ½ teaspoon of lemon juice;
    • salad is infused for at least an hour in order for the fat-soluble vitamins to pass into the mixture and become available for digestion.

    You can cook several servings at once for one day and store in the refrigerator. This diet refers to the category of emergency, when you want to quickly get the result. After the diet is necessary for 5-7 days little by little to introduce into the diet of other foods, gradually increasing the overall caloric content of the menu. If these rules are observed, the result is fixed.

  2. Diet on Korean carrots

    Due to the fact that the Korean carrot salad perfectly reduces appetite, has few calories and is an affordable dish, a Korean carrot diet also appeared. It should be conducted within seven to ten days. It is worth noting that the salt is allowed only in the preparation of Korean salad and then in minimal quantities. In other dishes, it should be completely absent.


    The principle of the diet is that during the entire period of weight loss, 300 g of Korean carrots are consumed every day with any protein products( meat, seafood, eggs).The total calorie content of a daily diet should not exceed 1200 kcal. The distribution of food is carried out in a certain order:

    • for breakfast - green tea or coffee without sugar and 100 g of cottage cheese or protein 2 eggs;
    • for lunch - Korean carrot salad 150 g and a piece of boiled fish, meat, seafood and one glass of kefir;
    • for dinner - 150 g of Korean carrots and again any protein food plus one glass of kefir;
    • on the first and second afternoon you can eat any fruit, fruit assortment and salads in the amount of 200-250 g or nuts 20-30.

    Throughout the day, 2 liters of water are drunk.

    Recipe of Korean carrots

    Recipe for Korean carrots

    Korean diet, carrots in which is one of the main ingredients, requires proper preparation.

    500 g freshly peeled and chopped carrot on a special grater sprinkled with a pinch of salt to quickly isolate the juice and infused for 30 minutes. On a heated frying pan with butter( 30 g), roasted crust 3-4 cloves of chopped garlic and one onion. At the end of the frying, add 15 grams of table vinegar. This hot mixture is poured into a container with carrots and a little pepper is added to taste. Do not make the salad very sharp, because.its frequent and sufficiently large amount can cause irritation of the mucous organs of digestion.

    During this diet, you can lose weight by 3-6 kg.

It should be mentioned once again that the carrot diet, especially in its raw form is not suitable for everyone. A much better way is to use it after 20-30 minutes of heat treatment in combination with protein products. Such feeding systems can be used for 2 weeks, adhering to a daily caloric value of 1200 kcal.

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