Diet Agapkin - doctors about losing weight

Diet Agapkin - doctors about losing weight

As you know, not all doctors recognize the benefits of almost all diets, calling them something wrong and encouraging people to eat variedly and not limit themselves in the purchased products. On the one hand, they are right: any mono-diet is a real stress for the body, in this period, the person should be carefully monitored so that the deterioration does not occur. But there are diets in which they choose a diet that does not harm health in any way. We will talk about one of them today

Who is Sergey Agapkin?

This is a physician specializing in physiotherapy and physiotherapy. Also has a diploma of a psychologist and conducts his program about a healthy lifestyle. As you can see, this man devoted a lot of time to studying the properties of the human body and its reactions to certain conditions, so that the diet that he offers has the right to be called sufficiently effective. There are no sharp jumps in this diet, there are no incomprehensible points that can not be explained: in fact, Sergei Agapkin simply put together all those rules about which we tirelessly repeat and provided in a more popular form.

Who is Sergey Agapkin?

The main thing is the stability of

. Strangely enough, to achieve the result you will not need to empty the refrigerator leaving only greens and fat-free kefir. You will be offered a specific food system, and on how much you stick to it, your success will depend. Now the effectiveness of the diet is measured not in how much you were ill during the terrible ten days, but in how many times you broke down and stopped exercising and eating the right food. Less harmful food, more physical activity - constantly increasing the ratio, you, in time, will come to success.

Do not expect that in a week you will already boast of five missing kilograms. No, you will lose weight gradually, but after a diet you will not have to be afraid and deny yourself everything because every extra piece can return to you with such difficulty weight loss.

What should I do with such a diet?

First - eat more often. Do not give up some food intake to eat less, it can badly affect your performance. It is better to divide all the food that you want to eat a day for several( 3-5) small portions, then take time to eat each of them. Your body is a kind of engine, and so that it works stably, it should always be fueled. A little strange, but very true comparison. Do not be distracted while eating - even during force majeure, you can afford 20-30 minutes of rest.

Secondly - eat bran. A little, just to make up a supply of vitamins B and important dietary fiber. First, take a couple of teaspoons of wheat bran and gradually increase the dose, gradually reaching 10 grams at a time.

Diet Agapkina - eat bran

Prohibited products

  • Sugar.
  • Any confectionery and pastries.
  • Green tea with milk( it contains too many different substances that do not very well affect some people)
  • Fried products
  • Potatoes
  • Strong alcohol

At the same Agapkin himself does not advise making of these products a taboo - if during a noisy meal you will eatfried chicken leg or a piece of cake, then nothing terrible will happen to you.

Forget about diets "on the couch"

Some diets absolutely do not provide physical activity, but not the diet of Agapkin. Of course, no one calls you to register in the gym, but you will have to spend a few hours a week on easy classes. Agapkin himself offers two options for those who previously were not particularly friendly with the sport. Naturally, if you've done anything before, you should not throw it.

  • Water aerobics. The ideal sport for those who want to lose weight. Plus aqua aerobics is that even in a watery environment, people with very high weight can exercise without giving too much strain to the joints.
  • Yoga. Adjustment of consciousness, restoration of the body's systems, organization of the inner world - all this helps to tune in the right way, and, strangely enough, much less to think about food and diets. And when you think little about food and diets, you eat much less

However, if you do not have time to go to the pool or to practice yoga, find a bicycle to go to the supermarket for groceries or just go for a quick walk. You can not run - even fast walking provides a sufficient load on the muscles, which allows you to lose weight even more effectively.

Yoga classes - Sergey Agapkin

Classes should be held regularly, preferably at the same time, so that you are accustomed to such a way of life and after that you could not give it up. Do not delay training, especially if you did not even go to fitness before: an hour a day a couple of times a week - this is what you need. And in any case, do not take the touted additives that help to lose weight. As a rule, they do not work, and for health, the constant intake of such tablets is not a very good option. Such pills simply increase the intensity of the liver and kidneys - in such a "tense environment" it is simply impossible to improve the metabolism.

Example of the Agapkin menu for the day

  • Breakfast: omelette with vegetables( 2 eggs can be replaced with low-fat chicken breast).
  • Second breakfast: a glass of sour-milk product( eg kefir, cottage cheese or yogurt), pear or small apple
  • Lunch: meat or fish( not fried in oil), boiled or stewed vegetables( can be replaced with vegetable soup)
  • Snack: the same as the second breakfast
  • Dinner: fish with vegetables. If you are not very hungry, you can eat cottage cheese and vegetables.

Example of Agapkin

A couple of tips at last

  • Before you start the diet of Agapkin( however, like any other), visit a nutritionist. Ask if the diseases from your medical chart are contraindications to changing your diet. Be sure to listen to what he says to you - there are many diseases, in which you absolutely can not go on a diet.
  • Buy a multivark or steamer - in it you can cook a variety of delicious and healthy dishes without adding oil.
  • Do not arrange for unloading days, even if you broke and ate something that there was no need. Remember - the weight will be a little delayed, and then it will go down again.

Video about Sergey Agapkin's diet

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