Hyaluronic acid for eyelids

Hyaluronic Acid for the Eyes

Every person perceives the world through the organs of sight and touch. Healthy eyes and eyelids are a guarantee of good vision and a full perception of this world. We devote little time and attention to our eyes and eyelids. And it would be worthwhile to be more attentive to your health! After all, often all noticed how abruptly appear under the eyes of dark circles, small wrinkles and swollen eyelids. The eyelids are very delicate and thin skin, which often reflects all the troubles experienced, nervous shocks and water balance disorders.

Specialists in the field of cosmetology and medicine argue that water scarcity is the main cause of aging. Since around the eyes the amount of subcutaneous fatty layer is minimal, the metabolic processes pass very quickly and are very noticeable. With minimal loss of elasticity, the skin of the eyelids reacts with a spiderweb of wrinkles, this is real even at a young age.

Hyaluronic acid for eyelid youth

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component that is a part of all life on the planet. It is part of the entire human body. Acid is a very important component of the skin, which helps restore soft tissue, improve skin color and moisturize it.

The main functions of hyaluronic acid:

  • forms a protective and durable film;
  • retains moisture in the cells, does not violate gas exchange;
  • smooths wrinkles;
  • promotes exfoliation of coarse skin;
  • moisturizes dry skin;
  • makes the skin more elastic and velvety;
  • assists in the assimilation of other components of cosmetics;
  • heals wounds without scars and scars from acne.

In modern cosmetology, hyaluronic acid can be found in any beauty salon. Any representative of the beautiful half of the population can make themselves injections, but not everyone will decide on such an act. But you can easily purchase a variety of products based on acid in any store or pharmacy in the form:

  • tonics;
  • lipstick;
  • gel for eyelids;
  • mask;
  • serum;
  • foundation and others.

Hyaluronic acid for eyelid youth

Important! Carefully check the contents! Hyaluronic acid should be at a minimum.

Features of preparations with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is very necessary for problems that cause regular edema of the eyelids, stretched skin with dark circles under the eyes, with stagnant phenomena in the capillaries and hernia of the eyelids.

It should be noted that it is up to the cosmetologist to decide whether to take hyaluronic acid or not. Strictly forbidden to independently use funds to restore the skin around the eyelids. The doctor, having analyzed the situation, taking into account all sorts of side effects, taking into account the susceptibility of the body, will determine the type of cosmetic for use. It can be a lotion, and cream, and cream gel, and mask, and foundation, and so on.

Hyaluronic acid-based preparations

The hyaluronic acid-based eyelid mask keeps the skin more taut and elastic. It covers it with a protective film, slows the aging process, softens the skin, removes harmful toxins.

The tonal cream is the most common remedy among girls, which has a soothing agent, it smooths the skin's relief and masks fine wrinkles.

Eye cream with hyaluronic acid creates the most wonderful effect, and the most important is long-lasting. He corrects in a second all the troubles on the skin, removes puffiness, removes dark circles and swelling of the eyelids.

Against the backdrop of all these pluses, hyaluronic acid has a small disadvantage - it's addictive to this component. With the constant use of acid, the body becomes accustomed and ceases to produce it independently. Therefore, it is necessary to use it periodically, for example, once every six months.


There are also many contraindications to the use of cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid. Rarely, but meticulously found funds based on acid of animal origin. This kind of acid is especially allergenic. Although it is practically not used in production, but do not forget about the possible risk and carefully check the composition of the drug.

Personal intolerance of components is a frequent contraindication, as a result of which rashes, itching, burns and others appear.

Biosynthetic acid can cause a number of complications that lead to a number of diseases( AIDS, pneumonia, avian influenza, diabetes, sclerosis, chlamydia, other viruses that damage the immune system).

Bright contraindications have hypersensitivity, inflammations on the skin areas that have been treated, pregnancy, the period of breastfeeding.

Preparations based on hyaluronic acid

Side effects of

Most girls do not pay attention to warnings and contraindications. With improper use of cosmetics, side effects often appear, namely:

  • swelling;
  • redness;
  • hematoma;
  • swelling;
  • itching and others.

In order to reduce the risk of side effects, it is necessary before the procedure( if you intend to do injections) to consult with a doctor-cosmetologist. Be sure to tell the whole truth about your body. Cosmetologists can advise special institutions in which you can make the procedure. Make sure that the institution has a medical license.

Reviews of beautiful ladies

Julia, 36 years old. "Hello everyone! I decided to share with you my success in using hyaluronic acid. I am a journalist. I often interview all celebrities. My youth has long passed, and wrinkles became bigger and bigger. I made myself an injection. The procedure is a little painful, but the result did not make me wait. The next morning, the whole cobweb of wrinkles disappeared without a trace. I do three injections a year. I have enough. And so I correct the cream-tonic. I recommend to everyone!»

Snejana, 28 years old. "Kind time of the day! Personally, I did not dare to inject, but I bought an eye cream based on hyaluronic acid. I used three days and I had red spots. Has addressed to the doctor. I was hypersensitive to this component. Do not self-medicate, but better consult with your doctor, so as not to repeat my mistakes. "

Take care of your health and enjoy the delights of modern medicine!

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