Urticaria during pregnancy: drive this "butterfly" off

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  • Why urticaria on the abdomen
    • Lyrical digression: the story of our reader
  • Medicine and urticaria
    • Types of urticaria. Illustration
    • Prevention of urticaria in pregnant and nursing
    • How to behave properly
    • Folk recipes from urticaria in pregnant women
  • Urticaria. Video

Urticaria during pregnancy delivers the future mum a lot of trouble: itches, spoils beauty, scares. To the future of the baby, urticaria is not dangerous, but a woman exhausts a fair share of nerves. Fortunately, urticaria is curable. Do not rush to run to the pharmacy, try to get by with folk methods.

Why hives on the abdomen

Hives in Pregnancy Hives during pregnancy begins on the abdomen, then passes to the buttocks, hips, chest and face. Urticaria spreads gradually. The rash, as it were, "crawls" and begins with a small innocuous speck - several tiny pimples localized in one place. It takes 2-3 weeks, and the rash goes on the attack. Spots begin to increase, they become larger. The result is a continuous pimply crust that so itches that even prevents sleep, and if it is scratched, it starts to hurt.

Why should you go to the doctor? The fact is that other diseases are masked for urticaria: measles, rubella, herpes, chicken pox. The future mummy should be reassured by the doctor, not the Internet.

Lyrical digression: the story of our reader

. .. Our reader told us a funny and at the same time sad event. She was sick with hives for the first time. The woman went to the therapist to find out what kind of specialist she should go to next.

The therapist, an experienced elderly lady, looked and answered: "Chickenpox. So what, that hurt in childhood? Now chickenpox is sick twice. But if you are not sure, I will ask the pediatrician for advice. "

A pediatrician, an elderly experienced man, came from the next building( the hospital is small).He looked and said: "Symptoms of scabies."The woman was surprised: "How? On the abdomen, scabies? And the hands are absolutely clean at the same time? "-" Yes, now this scabies begins with the abdomen. "After many twists and turns, already in the dermatologist's office, it turned out that it was a common urticaria. Which was confirmed by the treatment. A week later the woman fully recovered. True, the stains came a few more weeks.

Medicine and urticaria

Belly in urticaria It is very important for a pregnant woman that treatment be prescribed correctly. Be sure to visit your gynecologist so that he again looks at the appointment of a dermatologist. But if there was hives with breastfeeding, additionally consult a pediatrician.

Treatment is prescribed after visual inspection. Sometimes an additional examination is required: a general blood test, biochemistry, smears from the mucous membranes, urine for testing for hormones.

Never cure yourself, do not obey the advice of your girlfriends, even if she did not have anything after these medications. Few people know that, for example, diphenhydramine causes the tone of the uterus. And terfenandin prevents the fetus from gaining weight.


The most common treatment for urticaria in pregnant women is based on the elimination of the cause-irritant.

. .. In the story over which we laughed and were sad, the usual oranges and lemons, which generously decorated the New Year's table, were to blame. It turns out that the fruit in supermarkets is treated with a special substance that prolongs the period of their storage. This substance caused urticaria in our reader. And not only her, but even her little son.

Types of urticaria. Illustration

Types of urticaria

Prevention of urticaria in pregnant and nursing

Unfortunately, pregnancy interferes with immunity, so the body of the future mother is prone to allergies. That's why doctors recommend to treat potential allergens with caution. The most dangerous products are those that are unusual for us at the genetic level: citrus, persimmon, another exotic. Luckily in our region there are many amazing local delicacies: berries, fruits, vegetables.

To harmful products include preservatives, food additives, salt. .. It's not so sad, if you recall that now any delicacy can be cooked at home: from sweet condensed milk to a fragrant sausage.

Here is a more complete list of products that should be completely abandoned when hives:

  • sugar and all sweets( even biscuits and buns), honey;
  • chicken meat, pork;
  • sausage products;
  • canned food;
  • all red or pink vegetables and fruits;
  • seafood and fish;
  • milk, sweet cheese.

Also applies to the treatment of urticaria in a nursing mother. Limit yourself because the baby gets potentially dangerous substances with milk.

Babe can be prone to allergies, if during pregnancy you were nervous, took medicines, hormones, it was difficult to give birth. Or if the family has allergies - this is a very serious premise.

How to behave correctly

"What should you eat if you can not do anything?" - you ask. Here are the goodies that will save you from hunger:

  • Clean belly cereals, cereals;
  • low-fat( !) Lactic acid products;
  • beef;
  • "rustic" bread;
  • all vegetables and fruits, except those that are not;
  • very useful baked sugar-free apples, pears;
  • light green or black tea;Dill and onion.

From this set you can prepare a royal feast!

Try to drink one and a half liters of clean water. Tea water does not count, because it is diuretic.

Sometimes take activated charcoal, filter.

Bathing with urticaria is prohibited. Wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics.

Folk recipes from urticaria in pregnant women

Folk treatment of urticaria during pregnancy is based on herbs.

Antipruritic and anti-inflammatory ointment

Pass through the garlick one garlic head. Pour a glass of water and cook over low heat until the water evaporates twice. Pour a glass of hot olive oil and a few bees of beeswax to make the ointment thick. Rinse the components well. Let it cool down. Store the ointment in the refrigerator. Lubricate itching plaque several times a day and once more at night.

Soothing mint tea

Brew 2 tablespoons of mint in half a glass of boiling water. Allow to stand for one hour. Strain and take 50 ml three times a day.

Soda from itching and inflammation

Dip your finger into the water, then into baking soda and massage the itching plaque. Folk doctors promise that in 10 minutes the itching and burning will disappear, and the plaques will begin to fade.

Bring to a boil 0.5 liters of water and put a teaspoon into it with a slide of soda. Be careful, boiling water with soda strongly boils and can escape from the pan. Cool the soda water and wipe the plaques several times a day.

Hives. Video

Pregnancy and urticaria "get along" is especially difficult. After all, itchy skin makes a woman nervous, and choosing a treatment is difficult. One of the most dangerous manifestations of hives is Quincke's edema, during which even choking may occur. If suddenly you notice that it becomes difficult for you to breathe, the lower jaw, lips, throat and tongue swell, immediately contact the nearest hospital, call all bells.

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Published: 22-09-2015