Return the old forms: how to clean the stomach and sides after giving birth

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An exciting topic, how to clean the stomach and sides after giving birth, worries almost every woman. After all, these parts of the body most of all change during pregnancy, and because of the characteristics of the female body, it is much more difficult to tidy up. But after all, I want so much that people around look not only at the cute baby in the stroller, but also at his slender mother. .. Women like to look like one hundred percent!

How the abdomen changes during pregnancy

Elastic Abdomen Probably, many had to notice that it is not always possible to lose weight after giving birth and remove the stomach. Even if you lose those extra pounds, it does not guarantee an aspen waist again. Often the stomach continues to bulge and on it is visible subcutaneous zhirok. This happens for several reasons:

  • During pregnancy, the uterus increases 500 times! It takes about a month after childbirth, before it returns to its former size.
  • A flat stomach is a good condition of the muscles of the press. These include transverse, oblique and straight muscles. Since most of the pregnancy affects direct muscles, which have to disperse, then quickly get rid of the abdomen after childbirth, it does not always work.
  • Not only muscles are stretched, but also the skin. It begins to hang "accordion" and spoils the whole appearance, so the question of how to restore elasticity to the skin of the abdomen after childbirth is as important as giving the muscles a tone.
  • The female body is arranged in such a way that there are "fat traps" in the abdomen and thighs. It is there that the body lays off the basic stores of fat, and from here he will spend it last.

Let's sum up. To remove the postpartum abdomen and sides, you need to lose excess pounds, bring the muscles and skin into tone, and how we do this now, in stages, we will disassemble.

Does the postpartum bandage help remove the stomach? There is no consensus on this, but most experts say that the bandage relaxes and even more atrophies the muscles. The same applies to the pulling laundry. If you need to look beautiful, you can put it on for a couple of hours. However, remember that both the bandage and the pulling underwear are contraindicated if there are gaps or exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

Lose weight correctly

Rarely who during weight loss adheres to a single action plan. Usually women rush from one extreme to another, which most of all harms the figure. Stability is the guarantee of a successful drop of centimeters in the waist area. Do not subject the body to severe stress, especially if you are still breastfeeding your baby.


Exercises for tightening the abdomen after childbirth should be combined with proper nutrition, otherwise you will have a wonderful press, but under a layer of fat. To prevent this from happening, take note of several rules:

  • Boca after childbirth remove from the diet extra calories in the form of sweets, bakery products, white rice, potatoes and fats;
  • go to the protein-vegetable food. Use lean meat or fish, and vegetables - raw or steamed;
  • the daily salt norm is 4 g - this is one teaspoon. Excess of salt leads to a fluid retention in the body, the body becomes puffy and heavy;
  • a person of medium build needs at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. If you drink less, the metabolism slows down, and the process of losing weight goes slowly;
  • to adjust the metabolism to the desired rhythm of work, reduce portions, but increase the number of meals. You need to eat five times a day. Do not starve yourself for noon. This is a very useful advice on how to clean the belly after giving birth to a nursing mother, because it is during this period that one wants to eat something;
  • do not put strict taboos, otherwise there is a higher risk of falling off and nakushatsya any harm. If you really want to eat a piece of pizza or cake, then do it. The main thing is to stop in time.

Calorie and weight loss

The biggest mistake in losing weight is to dramatically and significantly reduce the calorie content of foods. If you are interested in how to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth, then you absolutely can not do it, because metabolism with daily consumption of less than 1200-1300 calories slows down, and fats are not burned. In this case, there is a risk of rapid weight gain, as soon as you start eating the habitual way.

The body is in a stressful state and begins to store fats. First of all, where? That's right, on your stomach. So you need to count calories. But - do not overdo it. Quickly lost kilograms are also returned quickly.

Physical activity

Get rid of cellulite Everyone knows that sport is almost the most important recipe for bringing your abdomen in order after childbirth. But most women ignore the exercises that help to do this, and give preference to those that have almost no effect on the condition of the abdomen. Do you think that in order for it to be flat, you need to rock the press? Then you treat this majority.

For flat press respond not straight muscles, but obliques. If after the delivery you have a stomach left, then remove it will help exercises such as "pump" and "bar".The first exercise can be performed as early as the second day after birth, after consulting with a doctor. It is done this way: while you are lying on your back, bulge your belly, and then, after making a deep exhalation, strongly pull it in and hold it for a few seconds. Relax and repeat all over again. To begin with, there will be enough 8-10 repetitions.

When you get stronger, the exercise "pump" must be performed, standing on all fours. To it is added another "bar".It is necessary for him to lie on his stomach and lean his forearms on the floor. Tear off the chest and stomach from the surface. The floor should touch only the forearms and toes of the feet. Hold in this position for at least 30 seconds. Then gradually increase the time to three minutes. Plastic surgery of the abdomen after childbirth will not be necessary if you will conscientiously perform these two exercises.

You can attach to them still running on the spot with high legs lifting, squats, resting against the wall, and the usual exercises on the press in the form of twists lying on the floor.

Exercises for weight loss. Reminder

Exercises for weight loss

Returning the tone to the skin

The question of how to restore the skin on the abdomen after childbirth is equally important, because if it has sagged, it looks completely unesthetic. Cope with this problem can be with the help of regular massage and scrubs. The same measures help if the skin has stretch marks.

Massage can be performed daily during showering or immediately after the shower. Movements should be directed in a circle. You can use scrub not more than 2-3 times a week. Anyone with slightly large particles will do. The most favorite among women is peeling using natural ground coffee and honey.

Moisturizing the skin is another important step in removing the stretched abdomen after childbirth. A sufficient amount of moisture in skin cells helps to increase its elasticity and more rapid recovery.

Video. How to remove stretch marks after birth

Here we are and talked about how to remove the postnatal abdomen at home, and made sure.that it is possible for any woman. To resort to plastic surgery costs or stands only in that case when you already all have tried, but nothing helps or assists. In most cases, you can do without it.

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Published: 09-04-2016