Skin Care

Owners of clean and healthy skin of the face always attract attention. Unfortunately, most women do not know how to properly care for the skin of the face. Many do not understand what cosmetics are suitable for them, and which are strictly contraindicated, from this in the future serious problems arise, and in some cases even skin diseases.

Skin Care
Do not rush to start taking care of your skin. First, consult a specialist and find out what type of skin you have and what is suitable for it. The skin of the face is of several types: normal, dry, oily, combined. And, you must agree that periodically applying moisturizing cream to the "fat" skin by nature, you thereby cause irreparable harm to it.

If you do not have enough money to get expert advice, then carefully examine your skin and determine its type yourself.

Types of facial skin

Symptoms of normal skin type

  • skin healthy at first glance;
  • has a matte shade;
  • on the skin there are no stains and rashes of various kinds;
  • there are no black dots and almost no visible pores;
  • to the touch the skin is smooth with enough moisture;
  • on the skin do not act surplus grease lubricant.

Signs of a fatty skin type: the skin of the face on the appearance seems rough and "dirty".This is due to excessive fatty grease, which gradually draws dust particles to itself. The pores are gradually clogged, which causes their expansion, as well as leads to various skin diseases and acne.

Dry type skin appears to be healthy until it starts to appear before the wrinkle time. Dry skin "constantly suffers" from changes in the external environment. It begins to peeling and even microcracks from heat and wind. Over time, the skin becomes unpleasantly yellow.

However, most people have a combined skin type. The skin is of a mixed type from the uneven appearance of fatty grease, which entails various effects in certain areas.

combination skin type
Do not assume that the type of facial skin is preserved for life. From external factors constantly affecting the skin with it, there are significant changes. Similarly, changes in the facial skin occur from the characteristics of the profession. Normal skin type will lose its properties from constant frosts and winds, from strong sunshine, from lack of oxygen, etc.

Facial skin care

Do not forget that the skin has properties to stretch, which means that it is counter-indicative to movements with physical force( rubbing, pressing, pressing, etc.).Any remedy applied to the skin of the face should not contain components that are contraindicated to your skin type. Means should be applied smoothly with light movements, previously rastervev on the palms.

For any type of skin should be constantly looked after. Facial skin care includes the following actions: cleansing, nutrition and protection.

. Follow your skin regularly, avoid contamination. Before going to bed and after sleep, always rinse your face, especially with a "fatty" type of skin, cool water. Washing clears the skin and makes it more resistant to external factors.

Hard water before washing it is desirable to soften with a soda food or boil it before.

To give the skin a healthy appearance, "feed" it with various masks, preferably home-made products based on natural products.

Do not forget that the emotional state greatly changes the health of the skin. Do not worry about trifles, get enough sleep and spend more time in the air.
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